Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Some Selfies

Managed to catch a cold my little one had late last week and over the weekend. Hubby brought it home from work and now I guess it's making it's way through the house. Wanted to drop in and post a couple selfies I took yesterday and today. Working on getting better at my selfie pics and these didn't come out bad. Yesterday I actually took time to put on some makeup. I am getting my hair colored on Friday and can't wait, right now it's a little messy. Hoping to kick this cold fast, we leave for vacation next week and I can not wait. The mountains have been calling me and we are going finally. Haven't been since this time last year and I am looking forward to that fresh mountain air. No better place to recharge and relax. Thank you for dropping by and please feel free to comment below or on any of my posts. I love to hear from everyone. Enjoy the photos and outfit details. Xoxo, ✌️❤️

Wearing my Pebby Forevee tee I posted over the weekend. It was on repeat for Monday morning with my favorite JCrew jeans. Loving these jeans so much. They are so comfy and I adore ripped jeans. My favorite style is ripped jeans and a cute tee. 

Hair is still blue and purple, going Friday to get my color done before vacation and will be sticking with blue till the summer. I think over the summer I am going to go back to pink since I had purple last summer. We will see, I always change my mind about my color.  My color is from Pravana and I get it done at Rock Paper Scissors salon in Plantation Florida. 

Worry less and dream more, what a positive message for this Tuesday. Battling a cold so threw my hair back in a bandana and slipped on one of my favorite tee shirts from Hope for Humanity Apparel. 

Got my sweats on and my messy hair, should be wearing my sweatshirt that says I support sweatpants and messy hair lol. But I am loving the message on this cute tee. It's also very cozy. 

Hope everyone is off to a great start for the week. I am excited for St. Patty's day next week and leaving for NC the end of the week. Off to lay down and battle this head cold. Make sure to do what my shirt says above, Worry Less and Dream More. Till next time ✌️❤️


  1. You are beautiful, I have just started reading your blog recently through blog lovin' and this is the first time I think I have seen your face. I really enjoy all your posts with amazing shirts. You must have a huge section just for shirts in your closet. I really love your taste in clothes and it is nice to finally see your face. You should really post more shots like this. Love your hair, so unique. I have always wanted to color my hair purple but have never had the nerve to do it. My kids and husband would probably think I was crazy lol, not to mention my boss. Thank you for all the details on your tee shirts and clothes. My favorite part of your blog this far has been the amazing eBay finds. For some time I have wanted that bohemian necklace you posted over the weekend and finally got one this week off eBay. I had seen it online for $98 and I found one almost exact for $8. Can't wait to get it. Going to look you up on Instagram what is your user name? Thank you again and enjoy your week.

  2. That pink tee shirt is so cute! What size are you wearing? Are these tees worth the money? I have looked up the website and picked out two I love but 30.95 for a tee seems a little expensive when I can just buy a tee and cut it myself. How did it hold up being washed? Thank you for any details

    1. Thank you for your comment, I always love to hear from readers. I am wearing a size medium but could wear a small for a more fitted look. I wanted a looser fit and love it. Yes 100% they are worth every penny. I have three tops now and just ordered two more that are on their way. I am a budget conscious person and don't tend to spend a lot of money but when supporting a small business like this I have no problem, especially when the product is good quality, the shipping is free and fast and the customer service has been above and beyond. She has always answered all my questions and when your item arrives you will see the time she puts not just into the making of these tees but the packaging. The tee shirts are hand cut, if you are ordering the muscle tank or off the shoulder cut, hand screen printed, packaged and every envelope and card is hand stamped even the invoice has a hand written thank you note. My first order I could feel the love and passion she puts into her brand. Again I am always one to look for a discount or cheaper price for some trends but I always love to support the small business. This young woman is a mom and I feel like when I purchase one of her tee shirts I am helping support her business and family. I know being a entrepreneur and business minded woman how important it is to have a quality product you stand behind, the shirts are priced reasonable to me and the quality of the tees is amazing. I have washed all my tees and they look like new still. I wash all my tee shirts on cold inside out and I never dry my tees or most of my clothes in the dryer I usually hand to dry and sometimes put on light stream setting to soften or take out wrinkles. You won't be disappointed. If you find her on ig she has promotions also, I just took advantage of a buy two get twenty percent off and she has had bogo sales where you buy one get one half off also, so keep a eye open. She even has giveaways you can enter. Find her @pebbyforevee on IG. Thank you for reaching out and please feel comfortable to order I will have two more tops to post soon as mine just shipped and should arrive later this week. Have a great week and a Happy St. Patty's day. Xoxo ✌️❤️🍀

  3. The Pebby Forevee tee shirt is the best love it. Been looking all over for a tee by Pebby in pink and so happy to have found this article when googling. Going to check out some more of your posts and read your Pebby Forevee post been wanting to order a couple tees from her and wanted the pink. Thank you for sharing