Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's day

Happy St. Paddy's day my fellow Guiness lovers and those who are Irish even if just a lil' bit. I just recently was told it isn't Patty's day it's Paddy's day in a class I am taking online. Working on getting better with my grammar and spelling. Like I have said before not a professional blogger but stepping up my came. I always loved to write and was great in school and college at writing but been many years. I have honestly slacked off lol. 

Back to St. Patrick's day, I have always joked with my friends that I am Polish and that ends with ish so I can qualify for Irish. I am sure somewhere in my roots there is some Irish. My father was Polish and my mother'a family is Russian, German and French. I see the Polish genetics in myself because I feel I take more after my father than my mother but at the end of the day who knows what else we have in our blood line. It's a fun holiday to celebrate and being a ex bartender I have always enjoyed the festivities. We attend the local parade every year with the kids, then usually go to a couple local Irish pubs and bars, along with the renaissance festival. We always enjoy the themed weekends they have at the renaissance festival, we love dressing up as a pirate, wench or gypsy. My kids even love it. 

Here are a couple outfits I wore over the weekend and my basic outfit for today since I don't want to offend anyone when I pick the kids up from school lol. Enjoy and have a beer for me, cheers xoxo. 


This outfit I wore out with my hubby over the weekend to enjoy some beers and start the festivities early, they have a parade downtown and we missed the parade, but made it to join our friends for some beers. Was sad to miss the parade but mom duty came first and had to take my youngest to a birthday party. 

This top I purchased around six years ago, I am 97% sure I got this one at Spencer's in the mall. Love the lucky b@*ch caption. It's a tube style green top with ruched sides and a white bottom. It has white letters with gold foil shamrocks/clovers. I wore it with a basic white linen button down top and white linen shorts from Roxy. I also have on green shoes you can't see here. Have my green beads on and my Guiness necklace. Also wearing my Juicy Couture lucky lady necklace and Leslie Danzis clover medium hoops, in silver. I got the earrings from a online boutique. It was either Posche or Revolve. Just noticed I have on a Brighton silver bracelet with clover and lucky love written around it. 

My St. Patty's outfit for today is a Victoria Secret Pink cropped, off the shoulder tee with a white basic tank. Also wearing some American Eagle cropped jeans and green havaianas with a blinged out clover leaf I added. Again we celebrate every year so I have tons of green graphic tops with different cute sayings, green shorts, pants, skirts and dresses. Then of course lots of beads, light up rings and necklaces, bags and shoes that match. I even have body tattoos and glitter for the occasion. 

I will be partaking later today in a few Guiness beers and some Shepard's pie or potatoe soup. Be safe and enjoy the holiday everyone. ✌️❤️

I even switch my purse and wallet to green for the day. 

Above is my MK wallet and have a matching hobo style purse that can be worn cross body style or over the arm. It's smaller not as large as some of my bags like to have enough room to carry the basic stuff. Also some more beads from the many parades and a body glitter tattoo for my daughter to wear when she gets home later. I even dress her up and my oldest has lots of cute stuff as well. My hubby is Cuban and he even gets dressed up with a funny graphic tee usually and some beads. What can I say I have rubbed off on him lol. 

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