Monday, March 9, 2015

Laid back week of style

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Daylight savings is not my favorite time of year. I have never been a morning person so losing a hour of sleep isn't something I ever look forward to. I do like that it is a sign that spring is amongst us and summer is right around the corner. Even though I live somewhere that the weather is basically like spring and summer all year round, I really look forward to the end of the school year. I also love when all the designers release their new spring and summer collections, I love to see what is trending for the season and all the new styles. 

This season I am excited because I really like what I have seen for fashion trends. I have to admit I am a creature of habit, and when it comes to fashion I have pretty much always liked the same styles. I have never been a fan of 80's fashion. I never liked the neon colors, stone washed denim or high wasted jeans. When those styles started to make a come back it was difficult for me to jump on board and purchase these trends. I get excited when I start to see the trends for the upcoming season and it is actually stuff I would wear or already have in my closet.

For awhile I have loved the bohemian and gypsy styles. I have lots of cute pieces in my closet from long skirts, crochet and lace pieces, printed long dresses, kimono tops, and I have a love for fringe from shoes to handbags. A lot of my jewelry is also great for this style. When I first saw articles and blog posts showing the new trends for spring I was so excited to see all the bohemian and gypsy style pieces. I have to admit that almost everything I saw I loved. Usually I will see a few styles I like or there maybe a couple new trends for the season I would wear but this season I really enjoyed everything.

 I am currently looking for a cute black fringe purse. Last summer I purchased a Lucky Brand tan leather purse at Marshall's on clearance that has fringe on the sides, then I found a cute Steve Madden small crossbody bag with fringe detail on eBay. Both are tan color,  I am currently eyeing a few black styles either leather or suede for my spring/summer wardrobe. Aldo has a super cute fringe bag that comes in a light pink almost beige color, brown and black for $60. I also have a couple I found on eBay I am keeping an eye on and if the price doesn't get out of my $100 budget I may purchase one of those.  We are going on vacation for spring break and the area we are visiting has a lot of cute shops with Native American, south western and gypsy style pieces. Maybe I will find something on vacation. Either way I don't plan to make any more purchases till after my vacation. I have a couple tee shirts I have been wanting to order and may possibly buy those. I also won a $50 gift certificate to Fashion Junkee last week. I am still trying to decide what I want. They have so many trendy tops, dresses and accessories it is hard to decide. Right now eyeing a cute crochet vest with rust and beige ruffle detail. I also love the crochet dresses, and tops they have. One has the crochet detail and then fringe on the bottom. I saw a black faux suede fringe hobo style bag that I have in my cart also for under $40. I can't get enough of this shop, it is one of my new faves. They have everything you could think of and so many different styles. Of course they have graohic tees and tanks also, we know how much I love graphic tee shirts and tanks lol. 

 I am posting today to show some outfits I wore last week. I had my procedure for migraines last week on Tuesday so I was not out and about like normal. I will admit I spent a few days in sweats, tank tops or tee shirts just taking it easy around my house. I did however have to venture out for the procedure, along with a doctors appointment on Wednesday and of course errands or picking the girls up from school, so I did manage to throw together a few cute outfits. I got a couple of new pieces in the mail from eBay and online purchases, that I had to try on and took photos of to share. I had a few comments left that some followers enjoy seeing the clothes on better than a flat lay or posting photos from websites. I am trying my best to perfect the outfit selfie and take more shots to post. I hope you enjoy my week of Instagram posts for #wiw, what I wore, and #ootd, outfit of the day.

These pieces were on repeat from last week, my new JCrew destroyed denim boyfriend jeans, with a JCrew graphic tee and my Fashion Junkee floral kimono.

Next was a shirt from one of my favorite tee shirt brands I discovered on Instagram, Be Still Clothing Co. This super cute camo tee shirt that says "Be still and know" which is from a verse in the bible, is one of the two tee shirts I ordered from them. I also have another tee that says "Jesus loves that hot mess".  I have worn this tee many times and paired it with this same cute army green sweater vest I found at Marshall's.  The jeans are the JCrew boyfriend jeans from above, which I really love. They fit amazing and are very comfortable. I could have ordered a size smaller but was not sure ordering online how they would fit. Most of my JCrew jeans are skinny fit and this size fits great in that style, but the boyfriend jeans are meant to have a looser fit. 

The purse is a army green Michael Kors bag I purchased on sale a few years ago from Macy's. It can be carried on the arm like pictured or has a longer strap to be worn crossbody. 

I got my PacSun purchase mid week which included this cute tank. I am all about Good vibes. 

I also received this cute tank by Kylie and Kendall Jenner, PacSun carries their line and I really liked the graphic on this tank. It has slits on both sides that comes up to right above the waist. 

Loving southwestern prints, they fit the gypsy vibe and I have a cute outfit planned for this muscle style tank. Want to pair it with a ombré, dip dyed maxi skirt I purchased on eBay that is pastel yellow and blue, along with a kimono scarf that can be worn as a wrap or shawl I purchased from Maurice's online. It has a fringed bottom and similar dip dyed effect in the same colors. I will post photos once i get a chance to wear it. 

I also received this baseball tee from a eBay shop I discoverd. They have a FB page and can be found at The shop is called Archaeology and they have lots of cute graphic tops.

I paired it with a pair of black jogging style sweats from Target. This tee shirt is so comfy. I ordered a large because I wanted it to fit loose and off the shoulder. The material is so light weight and soft. 

I also scooped up this white "Happy Camper" tank from the same store. Here I am wearing a pair of camo shorts from American Eagle. I ordered a large in the tank because I wasn't sure of the sizing and always prefer it to be loose fit versus tight. For future orders I will be ordering a medium to try, it is a flowy loose fit tank top but the arm holes are a little large so I have to wear another tank, sports bra or bandeau style top under it. I don't mind I enjoy layering and have a cute camo tube top I can wear along with many other solid tanks. 

Friday I wore this cute black and white top that came with my PacSun order earlier in the week. It can be worn off the shoulder and has a cute pompom style design on the bottom. 

I picked out a mid length black skirt that has a curved cut to the bottom so it appears to be longer on the sides. For shoes I selected a pair of Candie's black sandals with gold rhinestones and bling. I wore this cute gold layering necklace with a moon charm and a crystal. Added a few basic gold bangles from Charming Charlie's and my favorite black bag. The bag is the Marc Jacobs calf skin leather Wellington. Love the gold zippers and the leather is like butter with a sheen finish. I have had this bag for almost two years and for the passed year it has become my everyday bag. I change my bags out some days to match what I am wearing whether it is a certain style bag or color to go with my outfit. Some days I just decide to stick with my everyday bag, for awhile it was my black Michael Kors Astor bag. I always liked silver hardware on my bags because my wedding ring is platinum and most of my jewelry was always silver or white gold. I have started to get into rose gold and yellow gold. It's funny because many years ago when my husband purchased me a new ring I sold most of my gold jewelry only keeping a few sentimental pieces and started wearing mostly silver.  I like to accessorize and wear jewelry more now than I have in the passed. I go through phases where I accessorize like crazy then I have phases where I wear just my diamond pendant necklace, wedding ring and a watch. Most of my jewelry is silver but I do have a fair share of gold pieces now. I usually try to make sure that I match my jewelry to the hardware on my bag, but I won't lie I can not always be so OCD with matching every detail. Some days I just get dressed and go, not paying attention or laying out my outfit down to jewelry and what purse I am carrying. My purse may be black and gold while my jewelry is silver, but if I am taking my time to get dressed or if I lay out my outfit ahead of time, I will match my metal on my purse with my jewelry, and even make sure my belt, purse and shoes all match as well. 

This lovely maxi dress came towards the end of the week. I found it on eBay and had seen it online a few times for $40-60. I found this one for $20. I love the mix of solid and patterns. This dress has a solid navy blue top and has the look of a wrap style dress. The bottom of the dress is a cream and navy chevron pattern that is completed at the bottom with a floral pattern. Mixing floral with stripes or chevron is a trend I really like right now. I am passionate about interior design and one of my favorite parts about design is mixing patterns and textures to make a room pop. I enjoy doing the same with my clothes. This dress is comfortable and light weight. To give it more of my bohemian flair I wore a crochet top I purchased at TJ Maxx over the summer. 

I wore a pair of Tory Burch navy, patent leather sandals. I think wedges would also look very nice with this dress if you wanted to give it a evening look. This will get a lot of wear from me through the spring and summer. I love maxi dresses because they can be worn day or night and are suiting for so many occasions. I like having pieces that are versatile for day to evening wear. 

I have posted this kimono a couple of times in prior posts. I first saw this on Pinterest and in a high end catalog. I fell in love and wanted one but they were pretty expensive. In the high end catalog they were around $100 and this same one in some of the online shops I follow on IG were priced at $35-65. I always check eBay for pieces like this before purchasing anywhere else and found several sellers that had these listed from $7-16. With shipping I paid under $10. It is from China so the only bad part is it took about 4 weeks to arrive, maybe even a little longer. It was worth the wait for sure. 

For this photo I am wearing a cute silk navy blue sundress with a ruffle detail along the neck line and elastic gathered waist. I also put on my bohemian silver coin necklace I purchased on eBay. This same necklace has been found online for $60-100 and I got it for $6.99. Yes you read that right it was $6.99!  It only took two weeks to arrive and I am currently waiting for the matching bracelet. I have seen the same bracelet for $40-60 online and in stores, I paid $4. I compared my necklace in person to several I have seen in stores and it is exact. The quality is amazing, it isn't a light weight version of the higher end ones, it is very heavy duty. I wouldn't be surprised if they are the exact same as the high end stores. EBay is great for items like this. You can save a ton of money and then be able to purchase or invest in other pieces.

Over the weekend I wore my Pebby Forevee pink, "Blame it on my gypsy soul", off the shoulder tee. I tied it in the back and wore the same black mid length skirt from above. For the photo I wore a coin detailed belly dancing style skirt, or shawl and my bohemian necklace. Wanted to give that gypsy look and vibe for the photo. 

Super cute look and I can't say enough about these cute tee shirts. I have a previous post about the brand with details on the site. I am hoping to order the muscle style tank she sells later this week for summer. I don't currently own any of her muscle tanks and want to try one out to see if I like the fit. I have one crew neck tee but my favorite is the off the shoulder cut like pictured here. I have two this style. Can't wait to try the muscle cut tank.

Here is a flat lay of an outift I was going to wear Friday night but ended up staying in since my youngest and hubby both were not feeling well. I planned to wear my LeMotto brand "More karma less drama" tee, with Machine denim jeans. Machine jeans are known for being very distressed and torn, I love the look and they are stretchy so they fit amazing. I purchase my Machine Denim jeans from eBay and Love Culture online. They are very inexpensive and they really do fit amazing. Most stretchy jeans get baggy after wearing for a couple hours but these keep their shape very nicely. I had out a pair of Nine West camouflage, hyde leather heels, a leather moto style jacket with gold details, and my statement necklace from Walmart. My mom got this for me and they are currently on clearance for $5. They have tons of colors and designs. For the price you can't beat it. 

I have a previous post with more details on LeMotto and will have a upcoming post. Keep an eye out in April for that. 

This dress is a cute wrap style dress I purchased awhile back, I can't remember where I got it. Good chance it could have been from Marshall's or Dillard's. It is royal blue and green with a black tie belt. I wear a basic black tube style slip dress under this. It has a lining but since it is a wrap dress it can open up when siting or walking so I always wear a light weight slip dress under it. 

Wore a statement necklace I purchased from eBay. It is from Nordstrom's and the brand is Stephan & Co. Was only $12 with shipping and matches a lot of my clothes. Blue is my favorite color. I love all shades of the color. I had a slight obsession with navy blue for some time and now notice that my closet has a lot of blue. 

Another eBay find for me was this cute top pictured above. It's a large off the shoulder, lace detailed look, sheer top. It was only $4, it is available in different colors and patterns. I went with the black to see if I liked it before ordering more colors. I think I may order the apricot which is a cream color with a apricot floral design and brown pattern. 

I like the loose fit and the style of this top. It is made of a sheer black rayon  material with a white lace look to it. I was picturing it exactly how I have it here in the photos. I have a lot of black tanks and dresses that I can wear this with and also think it would be cute over a bikini by the pool or at the beach. 

This was pretty much my laying around the house look most of the week while I was resting up after my 36 injections I received on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I had an injection to my lower back. 

This is a basic black tank and a pair of my new favorite style lounging pants, the jogging style sweats. Both items are from Target. I purchase most of my basic tank tops from Target, Walmart and Old Navy when they have sales. I have every color and also like the cami style. 

That pretty much was my week of fashion.  Since I was laid up most of the week I didn't get to get dressed up much but since I received some new stuff in the mail I did try on and dress up a few pieces to take photos. You can find most of the shops I mentioned here in the side bar saved in my favorite shops. For more details on specific eBay sellers please feel free to leave me a comment below and I can post a link for the necklace, dress, kimono and black lace detailed top along with any other items you may have seen on my blog. Have a great week and can't wait to share more outfit photos and deals later this week. Don't forget to enter my contest to win a $25 Target giftcard. Deadline for entry is March 15 so you have plenty of time to enter still. Details are in a prior post and can be found on my Instagram page. Xoxo, ✌️❤️


  1. I love everything! You have the cutest tee shirts EVA! So many cute styles and graphics or quotes I love them all. Pebby Forevee rocks and love how you dressed up this tee, saw it on Instagram and clicked on your page, love your fashion photos and photography of all the flowers, nature etc. amazing you have a beautiful Instagram feed. I had to follow you. I am obsessed with fashion and also love tee shirts. Just wanted to leave a quick message to show some love. Your blog is fun and love ALL the photos and information on finding amazing items for less on eBay. I wanted that same kimono and saw it on IG from a couple different shops for a lot more. Going to check eBay later. Keep posting your amazing photos and finds. Have a great week. You rock!

  2. Shannon

    Bless you girl you are so sweet and just made my night with your kind comment. Thank you so much and I appreciate the support along with all your Instagram love as well. You rock too! I love the Pebby Forevee tee shirts and planning to order a muscle tank this week. Been wanting to try one out for summer think it would be so cute wirh cut off shorts and my bikini for a beach day. Hope you have a great week and I am so happy you enjoyed my post. I am not the best writer but keep in mind I post spontaneous and when I feel inspired. I will be sitting outback or maybe in the car line waiting for my kids and will write whatever comes to mind. I have gotten better about proof reading but even after poofing several times my iPhone has a mind of it's own and frankly can not spell either lol because it will still change the words after I fix them. Happened four times with this post and had to rewrite parts so I could get it to keep the words how I meant them to be lol. Also I am going to get the selfie stick from walmart because my iPhone take grainy front photos and I can't seem to get taking photos with the actual camera on back down unless someone else takes the shot for me and don't have anyone to do that always. Anyways off to bed, your message made my night and I appreciate it so much. Everyone's kindness and support truly means more to me then any of you will ever know. After being bullied and talked badly about I really love the kindess and positivity. For awhile my self esteem suffered from these mean girls and sometimes I still take a beating when I am supportive and kind to others and see these mean people getting attention I truly feel they don't deserve while I don't seem to get the same kind of attention but you know what it is what it is and I am who I am if someone doesn't like that or it isn't good enough then maybe I need to try to learn not to always be so kind and supportive to those who don't seem to be kind or supportive back. I am a little over being walked on or going unnoticed. Bless you and have a great night. Xoxo💋

  3. Love how you styled this Pebby Forevee tee was excited when I saw she posted same tee with necklace thinking it was you but was amazed to see your style copied by someone else and they got credit for it! Amazing can't believe she wouldn't have reposted your shot or if the photo didn't fit her ig she could have asked you to take a few more shots crazy to post a copycat! Sorry you have to have people do this to you. Your style is great and great style will always be imitated. Continue to style your tees and post your amazing ootd styles