Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day to evening tee shirts

Wanted to show a quick day to evening, office to weekend, styling with a cute tee I purchased from Style Latelty. I am always wearing tee shirts and tank tops then I have fun dressing them up or down with jeans, or skirts etc. 

I think tee shirts have always been my biggest wardrobe item next to jeans and cardigans. I also have tons of sandals and flip flops because I live in south Florida. When I was in high school I was known as the jeans and tank top with flip flops girl, was always my style and when it wasn't really hot outside would be tee shirts, usually band tees. I have always been big into rock or heavy metal music. 

Below are a couple examples of how you can take the same cute basic tee with a cute saying or graphic then dress it up or down. This took me a few minutes to run in my closet and grab a couple items, I could put together much more detailed and cuter things for sure but just wanted to do something quick.

Let me know what you think. I think you will be tee obsessed like me, if you aren't already very quick. 

Girl Boss tee from Style Lately, Green military style jacket with detachable fur collar I got from American Eagle a few years ago but you can find similar styles everywhere the army military look is back in again. I have always loved camo, army green and tan along with my love for skulls and ripped jeans or studs lol. For me it is always in style. The pants I have had for a long time also they are great cargo style camo pants with an amazing fit, found them at Dillard's and are made by Fire Jeans, the back has Asian style writing where the tag would be. 

This is the same cute tee from Style Lately, paired with a cute AB blazer from Macy's, and a pencil skirt from Express. The necklace I added in to show a more dressed up, evening look. The necklace is from Kohl's and is made by Rock & Republic. 

Here is a cute side by side and keep in mind you can always take layers off to give a more casual look or add more layers like jewelry, scarf and accessorize with boots, heels and a cute bag to change it up. I didn't put a lot of time into this wanted to show that it can be next to effortless to get a cute look with a simple tee in minutes. Also with basics most of us fashion lovers have already in our closets or homes. 

Hope you enjoyed this. Be sure to check out style lately for cute tanks, tees and more. Below is another tank top I got with this tee that is super cute and says Not High Maintenance. Can't wait to wear these out and will for sure post photos here and on Instagram. 

Enjoy your week. 

Style lately, Not High Maintenance tank top

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