Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'd Copy Me Too tank by Lola & Darla

Woke up to a little cooler weather here in south Florida. Was in the low 70's this am and no humidity, it feels amazing out. Decided to wear a tank top since once the sun comes out it warms up, but layer with a light weight cardigan to stay warm inside the hospital and first thing this am.

Love to layer my animal prints and camo pattern vests or cardigans over cute tees and tanks. To me animal prints and camo are neutrals. I have been saying that since I was using my favorite animal prints to accent my home. Found this cute cardigan a couple years ago at Kohls and the super cute tank top with gold glitter is from Lola and Darla. They have some super cute sparkle tees and tanks, not just for the ladies but for kids too. 

Love this tank cause of situation I have been through but at the same time don't like to act as if I am someone who originated or created everything and imply everyone is copying me. I don't like when people think that everyone is copying them. I am very over  people who are full of themselves and competing with everyone, to me so petty and immature. I was drawn to this tank after someone I followed on Instagram had one and with the situation I have been through with this girl who copied and harassed me I thought it was cute for sure. I have talked to a lot of people who love this tank because they have similar story as mine. It's never cool to copy someone else's creation or imitate people. Always be true to you. You can however like things that other people have or you, as well as be inspired by other people. I myself get original ideas often but I am always looking for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram for crafts, art, fashion and home decor. One thing I learned in design classes was to spend a lot of time looking through design and architecture magazines along with browsing shops and store catalogs to get inspiration. We all do it so I think it's silly how quick people are to say, I started that trend or I originated it meanwhile people were doing it long before them and someone inspired them. This is just that mean girl and immature persons mentality 

Also paired this with a cute pair of hudson jeans I diy destroyed and added my own holes and tears. They are skinny cropped but can't really see in photo.

Enjoy and still here with my husband helping him through the day till he gets released. 

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