Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fun fashion tee so suiting and new hair

Haven't posted due to my health, have had a lot of tests scheduled and been going through a lot with horrible side effects. As of right now my neurologist is looking at MS. Have had many symptoms for years, around five to six but recently my vision and balance along with numbness on my left side has been scary and hard to deal with. 

Also have had the usual drama of immature stupid acting people. We all know by now if you read my blog about the issues I had with a female that led to me hiring a lawyer and having to go to court. She is persistent I will tell you that. I don't like to look at anything she does cause I don't want her to think I am stalking her lol, which she already claims but from time to time your curiosity can be peaked or she posts a comment on something I see from someone I follow or a page I follow on social media making reference to me or something I have done. Most recently saw a photo online posted by someone she seems to be clingy and weird with like she was with me, but actually making fun of a item my daughter got for me. I just had to laugh. Wanted to defend myself and even posted some old photos of a denim vest I had gotten in the spring and a cutting board I have had for years because I believe she is trying to make this girl think I am stalking or copying her now. It is all insane honestly. Have seen posts about how this girl originated the flat lay outfit posts lol, and is the original never duplicated often imitated lol. I don't know about y'all but I have done that since I started posted outfits and items I purchase and I just happen to have wood flooring. I didn't have it installed to copy her lol, and sure didn't get the idea from her didn't even know of her and still don't really know her. It's just funny, immature and narcisstic to me. 

So many women are so quick to say hey she wants to be me, she copied me, I did that first! I call BS! We have all seen things done by others and gotten an idea or inspiration. Either way wasted enough time on that subject just want to vent cause I am so over it. I blocked this new girl awhile ago when she had posted a photo or was featured on a page and I had made a comment about the photo then later saw the stalker was commenting also then looked and saw they seemed to be close, I don't trust anyone she talks to or associates with so I had blocked her and then funny not long after the stalker and this girl, I will call her the new me lol, cause she likes everything this girl does and I'm sure has bought and done a lot of the same things lol, well she blocked me cause when someone had mentioned to me that this girl had all these mean and immature hash tags and she thought it may reference me or whatever with the stalker then I wanted to take a look but was blocked. It is weird though cause when j search certain hash tags for pages I follow to like photos her photos will show on that because I have accidentally liked some so now I always have to look lol. The entire situation is a downer cause this girl doesn't even know me and 100% for sure she doesn't know this stalker girl at all or if she had any sense she wouldn't even associate with her. If she knew the lies, insane staking and things she has said she would never want to be friends with someone like that unless she also is into trying to ruin peoples lives, marriage and stalk their kids along with do everything someone else does from buying same clothes, items, doing same hobbies and flat out copying to the exact things people do. 

Anyways lol sorry I get in these venting moods and sometimes can't stop. I can't talk much about it really cause I don't want to even give her or the entire immature situation any thought but sometimes you just want to get it off your chest, especially when someone is lying about you and playing like they are the victim. So many times I want to defend myself but than I think why. I know I didn't do anything wrong, my husband and anyone who is my friend all knew and know she is not right and my lawyer is taking care of the legal stuff always for me. Better to just take ten seconds to breath then move on. 

This post wasn't to vent was to post some photos of my new hair and then a tee I wore today which is so suiting for the day and my mood. Tee was inspired by several ladies I follow on Instagram. A lot of the new tees I have gotten lately have either been something I saw on etsy or eBay or from Instagram. I follow a lot of teachers who are knot fashion and wear a lot of super cute tees along with other amazing ladies who are super stylish and know all the good shops. 
Good Vibes only tee is from Mulberry Press Co. And again seen by sweet sugar bliss scrub on IG and many other ladies I follow. Was my first purchase from Mulberry and was so in love the style and fit of this tee versus many others I have ordered just placed another order last week so more to come. 

New hair done by Deb at Rock Paper Scissors. Added some shades of blue from Pravana. One shade is from the pastels, one from the neons and the other from the vivids lines. Love it
Some of my purple and pink stayed in the front and kept a little of the dark purple underneath cause I like contrast not all one shade. 

Will have more photos of my hair soon, it is hard to capture the color with the camera.  Also have orders coming this week. Since I have been sick been online shopping and have a lot of packages coming this week. Found a cute rock, papers, scissors tee on clearance and had a discount code from Banana Republic I ordered while at the salon with my hair lady, also some cute Vigoss boyfriend cut, destroyed denim jeans from Nordstroms that were on super sale and saw my hair lady's amazing pair had to search, find and order. They are so cute. Couldn't find same exact pair but found two pairs similar. Loved the cute and look. Then ordered from Be Still & Know finally, had been trying to order a tee since months ago when I saw my friend from Sweet Sugar bliss post a photo of the tee, then also ordered some other cute ones cause they had just restocked, for months all the tees I wanted were always sold out when I went to order. Also placed another order with Mindy Mae's, Old Navy and eBay. This week will be a fun week of fashion mail, then have julep and birchbox. I canceled my daughter's Ipsy because e had enough bags after two years and then she wanted Julep so let her take over mine and I just kept my birchbox. Out of all the boxes it is my favorite has the best selection of items and since I don't wear makeup really other then some lipgloss and nail polish, I like birchbox the best.

Think I may try the bark box for my puppy Piper eventually. Enough rambling for me going to wake my hubby, who had surgery last night and is recovering at the hospital, he has been sleeping a lot this am but was up most of the night in pain. Ty again to everyone on FB and IG that has sent prayers and thoughts to him and our family. Been rough to see my best friend, love of my life and our rock laid up. He never had to have surgery so was scary but he was a champ. 

Off to spend time with him. Have a great day and will post again when it is possible. 

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  1. I love Mulberry Press Co have a mug and tee. Super cute tee and love your hair, our style and taste is so similar. I need to follow you on instagram. The blog is looking great and thank you for sharing so many brands, and tips from fashion, home decor and shopping tips. muah