Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sorry been MIA

I have been struggling with horrible migraines for the passed month. Think I have gotten things back under control thanks to my doctor and neurologist but still have some tests I am waiting on. The holidays have been amazing:). Had a great time and have been back to baking, event/party planning and did a few holiday decor jobs. I love to get back to what I love. Went to the art institute in Miami for their open house last week and am back to considering design school and event planning. I have taken courses but need to complete my degree.

I am also excited to say my holiday wreath sales went good. Etsy isn't as good as I hoped and store envy wasn't any good at all. I found that Craigslist, and local craft shows were where it was at. In my area the city has four different holiday craft events and by my house the city has a retirement and adult living community they host craft shows along with antique sales every other weekend, I sold a lot and got a lot of custom orders too;). I expanded to floral centerpieces, arrangements, holiday ornaments, and more. Then when I was baking for thanksgiving decided to make samples which helped me a lot with Christmas orders;).

I also am excited to say I got some great new polished during the past month and some other great items to sample for everyone. I had one of the prizes for my contest in fall come back the week before Christmas and am sending that out this Thursday. I am going to get settled then extend the Joby nail art contest another couple of weeks. Had three prizes and only two people entered. Please help me spread the word and by the end of this week will have the contest extended:). Sorry for the inconvenience I usually am on top of my blog and site just with the migraines then my kids holiday events had no free time till today to even update.

Excited for all that is to come in 2013! I will have contest and giveaways along with great reviews and samples of items, new baking and craft photos and ideas plus a lot more. Please stay tuned and thank you to everyone for your support. Below are some photos of polish and other things from the past months or so:). Enjoy.

Happy new year xoxo


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