Saturday, December 1, 2012

Julep December Box

I got my Julep Maven December box. Got the It Girl box and love the design your own ring that came with it. Super creative idea. Have to give it to Julep they always have a way of impressing me around a holiday. Loved my October box.

I also had over 2000 maven points so cashed them in for a five polish gift box but that has not arrived yet. I'm going to post photos as soon as it comes though:). I picked the It girl again this month I have every month. It is the first one I got when I took my quiz and every month those colors end up being my favorite:). I got Harper which says American Beauty on it and is a green jelly looking polish with glitter. I haven't sampled any yet but will tonight I'm sure.

I also got Vivien which also says American Beauty and is a gold polish with small sparkle then large holo glitter. Last of all Ivy which says It Girl and is a blue polish that has a holographic look and purple sheen when moved around in light. From looking at bottles Ivy looks like my favorite of the three:).

I'm glad I didn't cancel my subscription cause I had a bad experience with my trick or treat mystery box but they sent me a replacement box and gave me some credits. I am looking forward to my gift box with five new polishes I don't have and I got a professional style polish remover bottle using my credits.

Excited cause Birchbox should be coming soon too and the Ipsy box too. Love boxes. I also got my ornaments today, since 1995 when I met my hubby I have ordered or purchased personalized ornaments. Started I got them at craft shows from people who made them from wood and would write your names and year on them. The guy and his wife weren't there after 2000 so I went to the mall and got one from the kiosk in mall, was made so cheap and fell apart was sad so looked again ended up finding a great site online! I have ordered from them every year since 2002 I get a family ornament then each kid one. Cat is even on some and now our bearded dragon too lol. Love personalized ornaments. Our tree in living room is all family ornaments either personalized, ones kids made, or photo ornaments of our family, then I have a tree in family room that has all the pretty glass ornaments. All made in Poland where my family is from:). I actually bought the tree and most of the ornaments at Dillard's past two years after Christmas on clearance. I'm Christmas crazy we have two 7.5 foot trees a 4.5ft tree, 3.5 ft tree and a 3 ft tree in house plus two topiary trees shaped like Christmas trees in front porch and a lawn light up holographic tree out front in my garden lol. If I could I would paint my yard white for Christmas if it wouldn't kill the grass lol. I know I'm crazy, been decorating since thanksgiving and still have more to do. Hoping to be done tomorrow or Monday. I usually finish earlier but with both kids in school, my husband's work schedule always changing and he works ALOT! Plus I go to the gym Monday-Friday now for alteast an hour a day. I almost went today cause yesterday I did a two hour boot camp class which was amazing. Made crossfit look like a cake walk. I also am registering for the color run. Trying to decide if I should do the original one in Miami in Feb or there is another one I think called color splash 5k in Ft Lauderdale. Trying to get a team together of four people. I can't wait looks so fun. Haven't done a 5k in 3 years. Before I had my youngest daughter I did the walk for leukemia every year cause we lost my dad to leukemia 10 years ago:(. There is one that a friend I met did where you get enough sponsors you can do a hike in the grand canyon. That's my dream.

Okay I rambled on lol, sorry was writing about the julep December box. I love it and the colors look gorgeous. I will paint my nails tonight then post some photos for sure. Also have a post I wrote need to edit then will post on washing your workout clothes. I was talking to my primary doctor and she told me a lot of people don't realize how bad your work out gear can be if you don't wash and handle properly so I figured I would write up a post to share what she told me:). It is very interesting so stay tuned if you are into fitness and workout daily or even if you workout a couple days a week cause a lot of people will go to gym come home then throw clothes in hamper not a good idea you should alteast rinse them in hot water then hang to dry in laundry room till you do laundry, don't infect all your other clothes with the germs from your gym clothes. More to come on that along with tips for cleaning boxing wraps, keeping your gloves smelling clean and fresh then disinfecting equipment. I am a neat freak and a little OCD lol so I am always cleaning stuff. Specially after my doctor told me about staff infection and other things people get at the gym.

Please share your julep box details with me if you subscribe and I love to follow other blogs about fashion, trends, makeup, beauty, home decor and crafts also coupons, deals and savings:). Please share your blog with me and if it is something I enjoy reading I will follow you for sure. I like to support fellow bloggers cause it isn't easy to build up a following I know. Thank you again to everyone who reads and follows my blog. Don't forget to enter the contest click link above, Joby nail art contest. Enjoy your weekend,


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