Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bearded Dragon

We have a smooth scaleless bearded dragon I got for my daughter's last Christmas. He is like another member of our family, my then 4 year old named him Buddy before we even bought him when we went to the local pet store and she would see him or hold him. We had two but they didn't get along after awhile. His name was Spike and he was a red leather back bearded dragon, he now lives with my best friend we had to give him to them so they wouldn't fit.

I put a little tree in his cage then have a little stocking for him. I made this photo on insta collage. Too cute wanted to share


  1. Sooo cute and Merry Christmas buddy :D

  2. Merry Christmas :)
    Have Fuuuun :D

  3. Merry Christmas to you both:) Hope everyone has a great holiday. Been so hectic have lots of photos to post and have to announce winners for the Joby nail art contest still. Between holiday shopping and some bad migraines been crazy. Promise that after the New Year will be back to posting and some more contests