Friday, August 4, 2017

New Home Shopping Adventure

We sold our home in July and are currently renting two homes one in northern Florida the other in south Florida. We are currently shopping around to sign a contract on a brand new home to be built and ready for move in May/June 2018. My dream has always been to have a northern design inspired home like the craftsman style homes. I love the exterior siding, stone accents, and craftsman style posts that the design is known for. We have found two models by one builder and I'm returning after a week there last week, to stay the rest of the summer and we will be looking at a few more new areas that are breaking ground or in early phases of construction. I'm so excited and by the time I return for the girls to start school we should be under contract and I will have photos of the exact design we picked. We are looking for a 4/2 but have found a few 3/2 models with what they call a Flex room or bonus room that is like a bedroom without a closet and some have an arch opening with no door but can be closed in. We would use the room as guest room/home office. 

Can't wait to find our future dream home and I have plans to go with a very historical old Florida coastal design for the interior. Lots of gray, blues, white, sand (off white/ivory) and coral tones. I leave tomorrow mid day and Saturday we will be out looking at homes all day. Ready for the next chapter in our lives and with how well the sale of our home went, sold after only 4-5 showings and less then a few days on the market, we had multiple offers on the same day and went with the best offer with a strong back up offer. The buyers skipped the home inspection which saved us a lot of money, and we closed in under 30 days. We literally went to check the area my husband was looking to relocate for work the end of May, came home called our realtor, listed the home a week or two later, sold it that next week and closed less then a month after that. It's been such an amazing experience but also very emotional, we lost our cat of 16 years to kidney failure, and then have had a lot of stress with living 4 hours apart but I wanted my oldest daughter to finish her senior year in the school she has gone to since she was 6. 

Hope that life continues to bless us, they always say good things happen when you put good out there and do good to others. Ready for a new beginning and a year full of road trips, adventure and milestones as my oldest turns 18, I turn 40 and she will be going away to college this time next year. Savor every second with your children cause it flies by, and really be sure to push them to work hard and do their best because my daughters both have been in the high achieving or gifted programs with levels grades above the grade they are in. My youngest is going into the 4 grade but reads on a high school level and is on a 8 grade math level. My oldest is going to graduate with Honors and has been in the junior and high school honor society, volunteers for the city, is a police explorer, and coaches youth cheer. I couldn't be prouder of them both. Life really is beautiful. Peace love and light always xoxo  

Update we went today and secured our lot, now we are looking at the two bedroom will know for sure after doing loan paper work and going to design center so we can calculate cost with upgrades, elevation changes, and a few extra things. Either way we will be moving into a 1 story coastal or craftsman style 4/2 or 5/3 home. So excited and was so fun to chose the lot really excited to pick the exterior colors, lights, stone work, siding, roofing, then inside cabinets, stone counters, back splash, wood tiles, accent tile in bath, siltstone for bathroom, and more. Peace and light with lots of extra good vibes.  

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