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Makeup and Beauty Favorites

Makeup and Beauty Faves

If you have been following my blog for some time, since it started almost 7 years ago then you know I started out reviewing beauty, hair and nail products.  I also use to do weekly style steals and fashion find posts for some of the popular shows at the time or magazines finding outfits or pieces worn by Celebs, Reality TV personalities and more, sharing where you could find the clothing and then I did my Style Steal where I would find something similar or that could be styled for a similar look for way less.  I have never been a big makeup wearer, I grew up with a mom who rarely wore makeup so it wasn't in my house and when I was in my early teens I would wear some but went through a huge gothic stage in my mid tees with the colored hair (like I wear now at almost 40) black liner, vamp dark red nails and lips then pale skin.  Around 19-21 I was bartending so I liked to wear light makeup but just some liner, mascara, lip gloss and on Friday and Saturday maybe I would have some of the girls at work do my eye makeup, they use to beg me to let them do a smokey eye or some glitter because I have always had pretty skin, with minimal breakouts and didn't need foundation or cover up.  I have two daughters and my oldest is a huge makeup junkie, she started as young as 3-4 stealing her Mima's makeup and playing with it when they watched her.  I let her buy makeup but she goes to a private type of school where she wears uniforms and at that age makeup wasn't allowed.  She would sneak it but always get caught lol, she always says she gets caught anytime she tries to do anything that most of the other kids do and don't get caught lol.  Anyway, around 14 and the start of high school she went from her middle school wing eyeliner and gloss to wearing a full face of makeup, some days even false lashes, contour, highlight, glow, bronzer, foundation, powder, liner, lips, brows you name it.  I think she is very lucky because I buy her top of the line stuff, I got my friend who has worked for MAC, Nars, and other high end cosmetic brands then also has her own business doing makeup for shoots, weddings and events, as well as doing makeup classes.  I got her a makeup lesson because she had the natural talent just wanted her to get tips, learn the tricks of the trade and also have someone help her with matching her foundation, concealer and other things that you need to match your skin color or tone.  Also being blonde she struggled with finding the perfect brow color, we both use NYX micro brow pencil in Ash Brown it is amazing.  I buy 4 of them every two weeks because she draws in or pencils in her brows daily and I do if I am going out.  Blondes sadly have no brows my hair is so light they are invisible.  

This is the Urban Decay Limited Edition Pulp Fiction eye shadow Palette, lip liner and lip stick.  These colors are amazing and look so good on.  The red lip color is not too bright and not to light just right.  I got this off eBay for under $40

Pat McGrath Flesh lip stick, and then my daughter has the 3 pack of different shades with glitter for amazing glitter bold lips and then they have a nude color, Flesh like mine but she has the 02 I believe and mine is the 01.  Love how Sephora sends all these beauty samples love to try new products always, if you are reading this and have a line or product make sure to email me because I am always happy to send you my rate card, you can have an ad with link, get a blog post feature with links to all social media and your site with photos or many other options available.  I am very flexible and I will let you know that I am a huge supporter of the small business owner and female entrepreneurs so if you have a new business or website please email, let me know the details and most likely I will be willing to do a blog feature and review along with social media share on all my social media pages in exchange of a product or piece from your collection to feature or review.  

This passed week I took my daughter to The Makeup Club in Hollywood, Fl.  They sell Morphe Brushes and we love them so had to stop in and see what they had in stock then which brands they carry,  It is a cute store and they have a lot of brands you don't see at Sephora or Ulta, also their pricing is pretty much retail on the online sites and other stores.  My daughter got these colorful NYX liners and the suede lip colors vault that was sold out online, we got the Lorac 3 Pro Palette which keeps selling out every time they get them in and is a must have.  In eye shadow I have to say Urban Decay and Lorac are my faves and then Kylie Cosmetics is pretty awesome.  You can see here some Kylie Lip singles and I have two kits not in pic, got the KourtK purple for me to match my hair, Spice, Pumpkin and Trick.  

Incendio Beauty is a new line launched by a friend of mine's makeup artist that she uses from time to time when she is in LA.  I was so excited to get some products for my daughter to try because she always loves to have brands or new stuff her friends don't have or other makeup lovers so she can share with them.  This is the Incendio Beauty lip colors in Allure, the raspberry inner color, the outer top color is Empress and then the pod is pigment called Aura in pink with a gold shimmer, my daughter loves it cause it is a pale pretty pink with a really pretty iridescent gold shimmer.  Her products are priced really good and everything we used above is amazing, the pigment is really good. Lip colors aren't streaky and go on nice, smell good and last really long.  My daughter used the pigment on her eyes and then as a highlight she said when using as a highlight she used a product she got that is similar to a glue, but isn't really glue glue, anyway it helps with shimmer and glitter staying in place versus some highlight and glow kits you end up with a pretty mess on your shirt or counter.  I will share the name of the product she uses tomorrow.  Promise to add the name of the product when she wakes up.

LiveGlam has a monthly club for makeup lovers where you get Morphe Brushes each month.  These were my first month.  Love this and Morphe brushes are amazing if you have not tried them, they are affordable and a lot of makeup artists use them.  Also quickly Walgreens had these white and pink Wet n Wild makeup brushes, and yes I know Wet n Wild is a cheaper brand but they had them in all sizes and shapes for .99 to 2.99 so I got them for my youngest, I have to say if you see these pick some up because they are amazing and I found an amazing blending brush and under eye brush for blending in concealer or foundation if you use it.  I use it for adding Laura Mercier powder.

I started purchasing Kylie Cosmetics when she launched her first time.  I only was able to get one lip kit but we were excited, ever since I buy each launch or restock if there are colors or new products we need.  We have a large collection of lip kits, singles and in Matte, Gloss and Metals.

Our Collection Includes:

Trick, Pumpkin and Spice

Love Bite, Maliboo, Ginger,

Mary Jo K, Candy K, Kourt K, 

Rosie K, Exposed, Dolce K, 

Court K, Dead of Knight, Literally

All the above are Matte or Gloss, some I have the kit and then others we have just the single lip color

Then we also have the Metals ( love these solo but I really love them layered on top of mattes and other colors I own) below:

King K, Reign and Heir

They smell amazing and have not found one yet that I don't love the pigmentation, how long it lasts and the quality.  We started loving the kits but now I buy the singles a lot if the color is available because we don't need a bunch of liners and you can find something close enough to match some for cheap in the drugstore or Walmart.  I love Kylie's line for sure and think we support her a lot with all the money we have spent so I doubt she would be mad to know we try to save some here and there lol.

When Kylie released the KyShadows and liners we had to have, I was out of town missed the first release but she did a restock very soon after and got it on the road, love this Bronze palette has some amazing colors and the pigment is amazing, the shimmers are actually really good quality also.  The liners are really good too if you like the pod with brush application, which is my favorite way to apply liner, I find it easier but it is all personal preference. 

My daughter had to have the birthday limited edition set because of the creme shadows and then got a metal at the time.  She loves the creme shadows and how the apply rose gold is our favorite.

Here are some of my daughter's finds she loves to watch makeup vlogger videos and she is always hearing about new products so she spends her allowance on makeup or beauty supplies.

Love Bite Kylie Lip Kit, this is a favorite of my daughters and mine, love the vamp reddish brown tone really is pretty on.

My last Morphe of the month of October shipment, always worth the money for sure.  In October there were only 3 brushed because they are the gunmetal instead of the regular brushes, they did this with the rose gold also.  If you have never used Morphe brushes this is a fun way to try them just visit for more details.

Last off for tonight ending this post, which is funny I have 7 posts that I have uploaded all the photos from my phone just been waiting for the time to post some words into the posts.  My life is hectic and chaotic but soon enough cheer ends for my girls and then I have a lot of exciting things coming.  Working with a lot of the same brands, designers and online shops, a couple have changed their programs and I have some fun new offers or exciting cool things to share.  Will be doing a couple of contests, announcing something really huge for me for now can only tell you that when I started my blog almost 7 years ago I dreamed of being a brand rep/ambassador for designers and labels.  I have been blessed to work with my favorite jean brand Silver Jeans Co for almost two years and can't wait to share what they have in store for 2017.  All the amazing brands, shops and designers who have reached out or accepted me to their programs are amazing, I am so grateful or for the brands that send me boxes of samples and goodies just because they like my girl next door style and authentic posts, I am always wanting to step up my blog to post full length photos using a photographer or my tripod but have people beg me not to change anything because they love the vibe my social media and blog gives.  A real woman with curves and flaws, with no fancy camera crew and wearing clothing that they too can afford to wear and find.  When I started this blog it was directed to the every day woman, the girl next door, the entrepreneur, stay at home mom's, single moms, working and career moms or ladies, then of course all my creative, artsy girl bosses out there.   I want women of all ages, races, styles and walks of life to enjoy my blog.  I want you to find the hottest or latest styles or trends here, and be like wow check this out those are just like those shoes I wanted for over $200 for only $39.99.  I want you to do the happy dance when you are done buying the items I share because you just got something you really love and have wanted but for less.

So now that I got off subject, I am ending this post with the most recent launch from Kylie Cosmetics, her Burgundy palette.  This is amazing and a must have for fall and if you love a natural neutral look or a vibrant and fun look, you can achieve both depending on how much you apply, and blend.  The shades are all amazing fall tones and love the way they all go or blend together.  Kylie nailed it again,

Off to bed have an insane weekend and two weeks ahead.  Have an amazing Sunday fun day and please excuse my next couple posts I am going to share with no writing or text with just photos.  I will sit down on Monday and edit them all the type up the details as well as where to find.  Have an amazing night and please be thinking of my little sweetie who is competing in her first ever cheerleading competition, luckily big sister is her coach.  

Peace love and light always xoxo 

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