Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Boho Vibes, Hippy Heart and Fun Styles

Sorry I have been not posting as much was out of town for the weekend with my girls and then been sick since I got back.  Here are a few pics from last week and will be shorty adding some new styles with links where to buy Friday.  Above is a pair of black Silver jeans, Tuesday low ankle jeans paired with my Wishyouwerenorthwest Wander Forever tank, and the cute chain ankle boots are from Forever21 under $40.

Spell and the Gypsy Folktown graphic tee paired with the Oracle lilac skirt, also wearing my Charged Jewelry Bracelets in Rose quartz and Amazonite.  If you have pre ordered your order should be shipping soon if it hasn't already.  Also check out my link on social media and will add below along with in my fave shops links to get $5 off your order at ChargedJewelry.com.

Doing some early Christmas shopping for my girls and got myself a choker, bell sleeve top and boots.  Can never find too many cute and affordable styles at Forever21.com.

Check out my armstack last week, recently joined the Lotus and Luna ambassador program, you can use my code MELISSAS20 for 20% off www.lotusandluna.com, then wearing two new styles by www.wandererbracelets.com use the code MELISSA20 for 20% off your purchase with Wanderer Bracelets and help support local Bali artisans.

Last up ordered this super cute hand made tee from my friend @my_hippy_heart on instagram, she has an amazing etsy shop and is where I got this cute tee, the shirt is amazing it is white with silver threads so has a pretty sparkle, she also designed my custom jean jacket I won on IG.  Paired it with my Revolver skirt by Spell and the Gypsy Collective and the Lotus and Luna wrap bracelets that can also be worn as chokers and anklets too.  

Happy shopping and have an amazing week, peace love and light always xoxo.

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  1. Always the best teeshirts your collection is a dream. Have you ever counted how many shirts or tanks you have total? Love them all and have found so many amazing new shops from your posts. Thank you for sharing and always being such a positive person your support is awesome