Monday, November 7, 2016

Ettika Jewelry Heavenly Desire Choker Available at

Ettika Jewelry X Lulu's
Heavenly Desire Choker By Ettika available now at and follow @Lulus on IG

for 15% off

You can order your own beautiful Rose Quartz choker by Ettika Jewelry at link below

This beautiful rose quartz, which stands for love and heart.  This delicate, dainty style gold choker with crystal accents and gorgeous large oval rose quartz stone in center.  

You can enter the Ettika Fall Jewelry contest by clicking my below link to enter, daily entries are allowed and winner will be announced via email.  Good luck to all xoxo

Have an amazing week and make sure to check out Ettika Jewelry's new sister store Charged Jewelry with one of a kind new beaded bracelets, hand made and then sent on their journey to be charged in the amazing positive vortex in Sedona and then sent to you for wearing.  I am wearing my amazonite blue stone charge your peace and then my rose quartz to match my choker that is to charge your heart.  Peace, love and light always.  Later this week will have a Dazey LA exclusive with several of her amazing graphic tops and tees, along with another exclusive preview of my fun project.  Also will have a contest for a tee shirt from an amazing group of ladies I have connected with and am collaborating with and much more on fashion, life, photography, beauty, hair and accessories.  Everyone have an amazing week, make sure if you didn't early vote to get out tomorrow and not only exercise one of our rights but one of our responsibilities also.  Make your voice heard and your vote count, bless this country and hoping for the best in the end, I don't like to talk politics so controversial but no matter who we vote for I am wishing well to all, in the end all I am about is Peace, Love and Light.  Rising by lifting others and empowering all.  xoxo 

Two last minute added photos with my Heavenly Desire choker paired with this gorgeous Spell and the Gypsy Collective Babushka cami and matching skirt, some of my faves by Spell.  The triangle opal necklace is handmade by Fawning in Love on etsy, and on Instagram @Fawninginlove.  XOXO

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