Sunday, November 6, 2016

End of October start of November outfit posts

Halloween week was hectic and the next couple of weeks are hectic but wanted to share some of my fave outfit inspiration and posts from social media for those who do not have IG, Twitter or FB.  I am sorry for falling behind but I will promise you some giveaways, contests, new collaborations and brands I am working with along with new exciting announcements for brands I have already been working with.  One announcement is so big for me that I am having a really hard time keeping it to myself but don't want anyone trying to copy or steal anything with drama, sadly.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and have a great weekend, don't forget if you have not voted in the early voting to make sure you enjoy your right as an American to vote for the next president.  What a crazy race and election this one has been, I normally will vote early some passed elections but this year I am going on election day since my daughter volunteered this year for the primary election and presidential election.  Want to see her in action, it is always an emotional moment as her mom.

I will be back during the week to add details on all outfits and will have where to buy links, for now you can visit my social media, links in the side bar or you can see my IG feed if you scroll down on your right side.  Have a great week and make sure to make your vote count Tuesday.  XOXO

Peace love and light always 

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