Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Let the new adventures begin

I'm currently here in Daytona Beach these photos are of the bridge and area leading to the beach. Love the area so much and enjoying the amazing views, less traffic and congestion, and love our amazing property here with over an acre of land. 

Spent a few hours out looking at vintage 1970/80's Airstream RV's and then looked at a newer model today. Love the vintage ones and love the possibilities of designing my own from scratch using some of the vintage elements of the older styles but infusing some features of the newer models. We also have been looking into cabin styles for building a 2/2 cabin in NC close to my cousin. We have found a few models we love and for sure have decided to have an unfinished basement that we can add on with at least one more bedroom possibly two and one more bathroom. I'm so excited about all the amazing new adventures we are undertaking and it's nice to be settling in. Selling our home was very emotional and hard, especially after losing our cat we had for 16 years last week but I can say with the way things have just fallen into place it really makes us feel assured we have made the right choices. Now to get my oldest daughter through her senior year and off to college so we can have one less house lol. We have more homes then ever right now but the interior designer in me has had a great time decorating them and making them all feel like home. 

I have told both my girls, home is where your heart and family is, it is so true. You can take any place and make it feel like home, you always will have the memories of your passed homes and photos. Letting go was hard but now I must admit that renting temporarily is a huge relief since we don't have to worry about things breaking or any maintenance lol. Kept a lot of our larger and my favorite furniture, decor and accent pieces then we donated a ton of stuff to several local charities. We also had a huge garage sale, sold some larger items on Craigslist and now have the remainder spread out between our 2/2 rental in south Florida and then our 2/1 rental in northern Florida.

I kept the worldly wanderlust boho chic style in the house down south. I love pieces that are from all over the world from Morocco, Indonesia, Africa, France, and Asian countries. I love bohemian fashion and home decor. I purchased some of the most amazing linens and bedding from Pottery Barn for my bed and bath, then got some really fun and unique/eclectic pieces to make it feel cozy. For the rental in northern Florida we went 100% beach themed. It's so funny I have been to Big Lots many times back home but never found much stuff I loved. I went to check out a bed frame for the spare bedroom for my girls and left with tons of decor, rugs, bedding and more. I even got the cutest lighthouse that is solar powered for the front entry in the garden in front of the porch. I also got 2 chairs and a small table for the front porch for under $35 which to me was a bargain. 

Walmart, Target, Kirklands, Homegoods. Bath and Body Works, White Barn candle, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Z Galleries, and the Container  Store were all places we have gone to purchase some new items. We got new mattresses, a new sofa is ordered from Crate and Barrel, and I can't wait to share all my items with you all. I hope everyone is having an amazing summer and keep an eye out I am going to start posting photos of my fashion pieces I have gotten the last few weeks starting this weekend. I have a lot of land here in northern Florida as well as the most gorgeous beach and lots of beautiful places here that I have found I am going to be taking photos wearing my newest styles from tomorrow on. 

Everyone have a lovely end to your week, sending lots of peace, love and light always xoxo. 


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