Friday, July 21, 2017

DIY Small Dining table make over

Our new small rental is a 2/2 with a formal dining and then non formal dining area, I wanted to find an inexpensive table and chairs for this area mostly for not hitting the chandelier walking under it and also so we could have a nice place to eat together.  I went to the Salvation Army and found this solid wood, unfinished table and four chairs for $100. 

The house we moved into is all gray which to me is a little gloomy but being an interior designer at heart and it's my passion it was nothing I couldn't take on.  I painted some accent walls using Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua and Galapagos Teal to add some color, then mixed in a Sand off white wall here and there.We have a beach theme and world traveled theme using lots of maps, globes, and accents from many different countries like Morocco, Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia, and Greece.

The plain wood table and chairs were an easy fix using a small can of gray stain.  I simply lightly sanded the pieces, wiped clean and applied the stain.  First coat I left on for 20 minutes and wiped off but didn't like how light it was then had a weird tone to it so I applied a thick coat that appeared blue before wiping.  I left this thicker coat on for 45 minutes and then used a damp cloth with some mineral spirits to lightly wipe it off.  I believe I got the perfect weathered washed gray perfect for a beach cottage feel.  I am still settling in and I don't plan to unpack a lot but slowly hanging some accents then added some aqua blue cushions from Target, and have placemats for quick dining and a cute checkered white and aqua round table cloth for more special occasions or visitors.

Below is a dark terrible photo and will be posting a few more photos of the rental house once I get the empty boxes dumped and my hubby's boxes out of here.  I will be away till August 1 vacationing in our new home town while helping my husband settle in, then leaving again Aug 5 to spend the rest of the summer there, but I will share photos of the transformation from both of our rentals.  We have another 2 bedroom home we are renting where he is working that was built in 1940 on an acre+ of land.  Can't wait for that challenge but going with a more vintage vibe there and a then a mix of pieces we need to store and items we didn't sell or donate in the moving process.

Stay tuned and can't wait to share my home decor diy projects and finds.  Trust me no matter what your budget I can show you ways to make your needs and wants come true for your own home.  Remember too that no matter how expensive, large, new, etc your home is that home is where the heart is and you can make every space cozy with a little love.  I know it has been hard for me to go from a 4/2 home with a bonus room, living and family room, that I got to renovate and design after gutting it.  Lake view and pool in my back yard etc but I am so happy to be here with my girls.  This is a special experience being done just so my oldest can graduate with her friends.

Off to bed and wanted to post this because I had 2 posts that needed some content other then photos, proofing and to be posted live.  Have a wonderful weekend and hope everyone is having an amazing summer.

Peace, love and light always,

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