Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Moroccan oil

This passed weekend I finally took the plunge and purchased the Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner along with the light oil. Was a investment but after one use I already see a huge difference in my hair. Usually my hair tangles awful because I color my hair a lot and have bleached it many times, I had no issue combing it after my shower and then after towel drying applied a small drop to the ends of my hair with nothing else, it dryer amazing and feels so soft. Not to mention the amazing smell. 

I haven't posted in awhile because I have been very busy with volunteering at my daughters school and working on photography. We are also in the process of doing some work to our home. I can't wait to share all the photos when we are done. I have almost finished the dining room, my bedroom is complete just have to finish my closet update and organizing. Then we are redoing our living room with all new furniture, decor and rugs, painting, family room is getting a mini makeover with new rug, curtains, decor and more, guest bathroom will be gutted in a few weeks and totally redone and our kitchen is getting a mini update because we have to fix a cabinet with our garbage can that the track broke, also awhile back my youngest daughter spilled nail polish remover and it messed up the wood on our island plus from people sitting at the stools it got messed up so we are adding some stone and sanding down then staining it. I also remodeled my home office with stuff I already had and some diy projects to make it a office and craft room for my girls and I. I am updating entry way and much more. I will have lots of before and after photos along with some amazing deals I have found while shopping. Still hunting for rugs and some small items. We were excited to finally find a fabric sectional that customizable also. It is a huge change. We have always had leather but I wanted something comfy and not cold that my pillows don't slide off of. 

Stay tuned and promise I will be posting lots of new photos and work I have done with my photography in weeks to come. Fashion finds, home decor as remodeling pics and some more on my Moroccan oil experience. Thursday I have a hair appointment and my now orchid, purple ombré that has been worn for passed six months will be blonde with multi colored ombré ends and orchid underneath, spicing it up for the summer. 

Also excited for the summer. We are renting an apartment on the beach this weekend for Memorial Day weekend, going to Washington, D.C. for forth of July and hubby's birthday, surprising him! Then we are renting for a week in the keys again, same house we rented last summer. It is going to be a fun filled and memory filled summer for sure. 

Again stay tuned for the home renovation photos and posts. Have had a lot of contractors here from garage door guys, patio guys, outdoor kitchen, windows and new doors, paint, kitchen, bathroom, and more. Excited to share our journey and show my brown basic neutral home brighten up and come alive with lots of color and inspiration from the beach, and morrocan design. Hope everyone is doing great. I couldn't be busier or better since my Botox treatment things have been life changing. I had my third treatment last week and doing amazing. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend 

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