Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Recycled cookie sheet diy

Recently I updated and moved my home office around to transform it into not just my office but a craft room for my girls and I. It is a large room and was not being used to it's full potential. 

I didn't have a budget to buy new items and used a lot of items I already had in the office along with some stuff I had stored away from remodel and design projects along with a drafting table I got my oldest daughter almost three years ago and never put together due to lack of room. 

I packed away all my holiday and seasonal decor along with storing all my craft materials and sectioned off the office by moving my desk to the center. Now we have a large home office craft room for my girls and mama:).  My youngest had asked me for a new desk and a magnetic board, she currently has her easel with dry erase and chalk board then a table with two chairs for her to play and make crafts on. I had a board I made her with fabric and ribbon like a corkboard kind of for displaying photos but she wanted a magnetic board. I planned to buy her one one of these days from ikea like my oldest daughter has in her room above her desk but again haven't had the money and did this update with no budget.

Today I spray painted two old cookie sheets I was going to throw away then used contact paper I got a couple years ago for the off or that match the colors we painted the walls. I let her pick out some cute accessories like magnets and a cute pen holder and basket from target dollar section. All I have left to do is hot glue a blue ribbon to the back and tie a bow so I have something to hang it from:). She told me she loved it and best of all mama made it with love, so cute. Below are photos of the finished and in progress diy and more to come of other repurposed and recycled items I used to redo the office and make it somewhere I can enjoy with my girls. Since I did this we spend so much more time together all of us, when I am working on my laptop or business stuff my girls are drawing or doing homework right beside me best idea ever:). 


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