Friday, January 3, 2014

January is National Stalker Awareness month

Be informed and support this cause. This is near to me and personal. Can't go into detail due to court order but don't ever feel it's your fault. I use to think why me, what did I do to deserve this, I was just trying to be kind and compassionate. 

I allowed this person to intimidate me into changing my phone number, deleting my social media pages and when making new ones using different names so she wouldn't find me but she did. She continued  to stalk to me online and even find my new number after my lawyer sent a letter making her aware not to call, stalk, harass or slander(lie) about me anymore and she still did. She became delusional. If I was the stalker how come she called me, stalked my pages, I now have software to see everytime her or anyone else visits my social media and sites. She changes her user names over and over but my amazing lawyer keeps tabs and updates me of new names and details. 

It wasn't easy to file police reports or go to court use and file order or protection but I had to so I could have my life back. I refuse to allow her to ruin my life or dreams. I am stronger and better, The Lord, my hubby, family and friends all know the truth. That's all that matters and don't want to give her any more attention cause she loves it. I am posting this to make others aware and to share site and resources you aren't alone. It isn't always men stalking women or vice versa. Jealousy, envy, greed are all sins and they all make people do stupid or crazy things. 

I am stronger today then I was two years ago when I met her and a year ago when her drama began and lies. I will pursue my dreams harder and I have an amazing blessed wonderful life. Only people that she had an affect on are strangers or her own friends and it is sad cause she copies and stalks half of them how they don't see it is sad. 

Just to note their is no personal info or details I the person or situation this is to show support and awarness for a serous crime and offense that happens daily and is no joke 

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