Sunday, January 12, 2014

Florida keys inspired beach dining room

Over the summer we were lucky enough to get to spend a week in an amazing friend of the family's waterfront beach home in the Florida Keys. This home was gorgeous, a three level home, waterfront, with beach access, an elevator and decorated amazing. The owner is a surgeon and had it decorated with art sculptures done by local keys artists, lots of bright and happy colors along with some cool stuff. 

Our upstairs master suite was painted this gorgeous aqua/turquoise color that at first sight I was thinking maybe too much but after two days of waking up to the color I loved it. When I returned home I had already started my master bedroom update and had some turquoise and pink with my gray and white room but ended up going for more turquoise and less pink. Pink is one of accents but very little, the walls are gray and trim is white, I had white hotel bedding with gray trim and then accent pillows and decor in turquoise with pink here and there. I had already decorated my dining room a fun summer beach theme with shells, bright summer colors, flip flops, beach chairs and fun stuff like that but decided when summer ended I wanted to paint a aqua/turquoise color and make it modern classy beach themed dining room.

Wanted to put my own little interior design mind and my own creativity, style and edge into this room. I don't like boat style decor, lighthouse and stuff that looks like shell store souvenirs, however I do collect shells when we travel or visit the local beach. My girls and I always go snorkel tin around the shore for shells and when we travel to the west coast beaches we love to go shelling, and also they have amazing starfish and lots of sand dollars in Captiva and Sanibel Islands. 

It all started with a paint color that inspired me in the keys rental, then I went to Homegoods and found these two white fish on sale, then that was the beginning. It's was fun cause stuff just kind of came to me, even when I wasn't looking. I was at Z Galleries buying bedding when I found these amazing Moroccan trellis design turquoise and white placemats, then at homegood shopping for  puppy toys I found a candle holder in white with shells that was similar look as my fish I had gotten earlier, they only had one and wanted two but couldn't resist it. 

Little by little more and more things came to me, a lot from Homegoods and when I was shopping for another room or just looking for inspiration for clients homes or for portfolio presentation ideas, inspiration boards and for fun. Then the holidays came quickly, I decorate my home for every holiday and some seasons it depends, I have a garage full of bins and boxes of lamps, curtains, rugs, accents, pillows, blankets, baskets and even some furniture pieces I have picked up and refinished that I can use on a staging project or for a photo shoot. I did sell some stuff on eBay but it was kind of ging out of style but selling for good amount since Ralph Lauren discontinued a poplar bedding and bath line. 

I decided to wait till after the new year and all the holiday decor changes I had coming, but I had lots of time to shop and pick up little things here and there. This was a budgeted update, already had the furniture and set my budget at $250-350. I needed accents and decorative pieces for the table and buffet, vases, dishes, placemats, rugs, curtains, new mirror, napkins, napkin rings, and paint.

I slowly got things here and there not even sure what would go and wouldn't, I always keep tags on, in the bag with receipt in bag, that way when I go to set up a room and decorate it or stage it I can play with different fun pieces till I get the look I want and return the rest or sometimes exchange for something I didn't get or see before. I had lines, plates, accents, table runners, mirror, paint, curtains and more. Only things I am still in search for are a rug, preferably a Moroccan trellis or quarterfoil pattern in turquoise and white for under the table, and want a new white or crystal chandelier, would move this one into entry or family room cause I love it. I also am looking for art, and ordered a print of a couple photos I took myself at the beach. One is a canvas and the other a poster size cause I have a frame their now with a Italian wine theme and want to use the frame if I decide to put the canvas piece in my room or hallway. 

If I do decide to change the bronze chandelier to something more beachy or white even crystal then I will paint the candle wall sconces white instead of leaving bronze and the curtain rods. Right now a lot of my house is bronze and iron stuff I have a thing for the gates and iron scroll art wall pieces. I hate to paint them and my chandelier isn't old, I loved that and saved for it then got lucky found it on overstock, twin to famous big name home decor store and I got mine for almost 300 less. Anyways, it is excellent but my home is older built in 1978-79 and has the lower ceilings. I can hang over the ottoman in family room cause we have a fan with light in there we never use. Hate to redo a room and have to part with pieces you love that no longer work with your decor that isn't me, I like to reuse or turn into something different but used for the home.

Below are my before and after shots of my dining room enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to ask.  My paint is Benjamin Moore, Jamaican Aqua in eggshell finish, white high gloss trim on base boards, marble stone top dinning table and buffet with six leather and wood dining chairs are from Haverty's furniture.  In the after the blue ombré curtains are from Target, placemats are from ZGalerrie, wall candle sconces are older and from Kirklands, most the decor, accessories, plates, vases and glass pieces, modern white fish, shells and candle holder, battery operated candle, she'll potpourri, fish net, and round gas bowl with rope detail were all finds from HomeGoods, even the awesome white antiqued mirror and was under budget. 

Just looking out at homegoods every shipment day for a rug. I have seen similar or different color but I know from their style they will have my dream rug they have to soon:). Fingers crossed that will complete this design along with my fish net and starfish over the mirror.

Sorry for a late post had a busy but amazing holiday. Spent time with my girls and family, friends and had a lot of great moments. We got a puppy for our daughters which has been the best puppy I have ever had, cute, sweet, loving, Playful and just amazing plus she is smart and learns her tricks and commands. She really is a blessing and housebroken in just a day or two. Blessing she has been. Also I was a god girl this year and wants rewarded me and then some. I got my dream camera, battery grip, back up batteries, software and more. I will be going more into that  when our vacation is closer. We are spending springbreak in my place, the mountains. Can't wait:). 

Enjoy my dining room makeover and more photos to come.

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