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Hello and welcome to my fun, laid back approach to blogging.  I have been a blogger for over eight years now, I started this exact blog in 2012 and I started working in the fashion business in 2014.  Not long ago I got a new lap top and was able to revamp my blog to fit the changes along with the growth I have had over the passed few years.  You can find many designers and all the latest trends, but at prices that every day women and stay at home mom's on a budget can afford.  This isn't a blog that you read and only dream about being able to dress like the photos, but believe it or not you will be amazed at how easily I can take a high end designer outfit and find you almost something identical for way less, that  will have everyone envious of you're amazing style. I love to find the newest trends and looks for less then share them with my readers.

I take pride in blogging, I am not a writer or professional blogger this is something I do for fun because I love to share photos, my favorite styles and shops, along with deals I find.  I am a bargain shopper and love to share my finds with others. Now working as a Fashion Stylist I like to look my best and wear all the latest designers and hot trends.  I usually wear a lot of black and white to jobs, this is part of the firms dress code, but when we aren't working a shoot or with a high end client we can wear whatever we like or feel good in. It is a lot of fun and I enjoy getting to express myself through my fashion.  I pride myself on doing what I love and sharing things that I enjoy and/or I am passionate about.  I believe we should always be true and  who we are despite what anyone else may think or feel.  Judging others is wrong and I like to have no 
drama, and good vibes always.

I am a 38 year old wife and mother of two.  I was a stay at home mom running my own interior design and event planning business, I also would bake cakes and desserts for clients.  My business was named Dliteful Creations and Designs.  I also worked as a Party Lite consultant and hostess for a couple years and my group name was DLites by Party Lite, that is where the Dliteful came from.  Not long ago when my youngest child started school  I decided to return to work, after trying out several fields including a great job staging homes I ended up landing a position working as an editor and curator for a local magazine in their home decor and design, then later fashion section.  That led to my job working as a full time Fashion Stylist and Curator.  I worked for an amazing company out of  Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and they had me all over working, not just as a Stylist and Curator, but doing many different types of jobs from merchandising and ordering for stores, pulling wardrobe and accessory pieces for photo shoots and events for A list clients. I was able to get a lot of experience and exposure in the almost two years I worked with them.  On my off days and in my down time I work as a Personal Stylist and Shopper,  Image Consultant and I'm a Brand Ambassador for many amazing brands and designers, I also still take interior and home design jobs when they come my way.  I recently have started a new position working for a company as a visual consultant and stylist.  I have more creative freedom then ever and it gives me more time to work on personal styling and image consulting as well as my blog and working with local designers/boutiques styling, merchandising, marketing and so much more.  I have had my hands in all forms of fashion styling, curating, consulting, marketing and have a ton of experience with social media and online marketing/promotions.  I run several social media accounts for local fashion designers and boutiques. I love because social media it has helped me grow my blog and gain more experience along with exposure.  I currently am doing a lot more free lance work on my own after recently cutting back my hours for the summer and due to my health.  I am considering a few job offers including one working for a local fashion designer helping with her social media and online sites.

What is a Professional Fashion Stylist and Curator exactly?  I know the terms Stylist and Curator are thrown around often on blogs and social media.  I do not just add that I am a Fashion Stylist or Curator to my portfolio or social media profiles for work or collaborations, this is my career. My job description in a nutshell and what some of my responsibilities as a fashion stylist/curator are: I am the creative person that collaborates with clients, photographers, art directors, makeup artists, and designers to come up with the visual style and concept of our projects.  It is my job to make the models, clothing, and accessories look their best in every shot.  I do my best to take all the roles in the Stylist and Curator field and blend them together.  I do not do hair or makeup but I have worked in Photography,  that helps me because I know what styles and poses will work best.  I also supply, and curate all the outfits, clothing, accessories and styles the models on the shoot will be wearing.  I spend hours driving around borrowing clothes from designers and boutiques we work with for all shoots, and/or videos. I am responsible for all the clothing and accessories,  I pick out all the outfits and accessories, transfer them to the shoots, then I pin the clothes, steam them, and make sure that everything is returned in the condition I borrowed it in.  I sometimes have an assistant at some of the shoots to help me, these are usually interns that are in school for fashion.  

I also work as a Personal stylist and I help shop for clients , curate my clients closets and help define or refine their wardrobe to the style or image they are looking for.   I help pick out presents and gifts for my clients when they do not have time to shop for themselves.  I take notes on what looks, styles or gifts they are looking for then do my best to curate the purchases for them.  You can always email me if you are looking to overhaul your look and update your image.  I love to transform clients and help them express their own sense of style.  I am also able to get discounts at many shops and boutiques or with many high end designers thanks to my day job.  I am a bargain shopper so it doesn't always have to be expensive to hire your own personal Stylist or Shopper.

I have been trained over the last year to work as an Image Consultant, which means I am certified and trained in not just Styling, Curating and Marketing but I am also well trained in Image consulting, which means I know what colors and styles look best on everyone.  What will clash with your hair color or skin tone, what will look best and compliment your own unique body shape, along with your sense of style. I can help bring your attitude and personality into your daily look so that you can express who you are and show you own amazing style through your fashion.  I can also help you if you have acquired a new job and need a more professional looking wardrobe.  I can help shop for one event or for multiple looks.  I have been working hard to learn as much as I can and take advantage of as much training as provided to me.  I have been trained to work in Marketing and Social media marketing as well.  I have lots of great insider tips from some of the best Social media and Marketing reps here in South Florida.  I love working with designers and clients marketing their brand or boutique.  Social media has taken over so much that it is so important to be trained well in marketing for social media so you can really get a good loyal following.  This can take a new designer or boutique up many notches and help improve your sales if done correctly. It is also important to work with respected models, bloggers and social media reps or ambassadors to help promote your clothing or brand. 

 I really have enjoyed this passed year learning more about the fashion business.  I plan to one day take my love for photography and hopefully turn that into a business, I was working on that for a couple of years but really wanted to learn as much as I could about all aspects of photography not just one area, or one form of photography.  I learned quickly I loved shooting film, and I also wasn't into the wedding and event photography.  I enjoy nature, lifestyle and free lance work.  I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease last year and have to undergo numerous painful treatments that set me back sometimes for days recovering and really want to be able to work from home or for myself in the long run setting my own hours, but for now my job works with me on my hours and really is fun, flexible and its fashion who would not love that. 

Enjoy my blog and love to hear from my readers and followers.  Please if you have issues or something negative don't post on my blog posts, please email me or contact me privately.  I don't like negativity or drama.  All my comments must be approved before they are posted due to some rude comments and spam comments I was receiving. I am available anytime for events or for a wardrobe overhaul if you are interested you can email me at Dlitefulcreations@ymail.com.  If you are interested in collaborating, need a brand rep, or ambassador, someone to help spread the word of your designs or shop please contact me.  I love to work with and support all creative peeps.  I have been featured on many social media pages and online sites wearing many different boutiques brands and designers clothing.  I will always do my best to make sure that I can help anyone who reaches out to me to the best of my ability, whether just wearing and sharing your products, to marketing and posting them.  I am always excited to work with designers and boutiques, I take all collaborations seriously and handle with professionalism at all times.  

Thank for passing by and for more details or information on myself or my blog please feel free to contact me anytime.  Hope everyone finds amazing deals, outfits, styles, trends, home decor and more through my blog.  I want to share as much as I can and help everyone feel confident.  


I want to quickly note that I do not list the company I work/worked for due to issues with an online social media stalker I have somehow gotten, a person who does not know me and lives on the other side of the country, she has decided to attack me personally and professionally for no reason.  I do not need to advertise who I work for they have contracts with some of the top designers and stores in this area. It is personally an embarrassing story and I don't like to talk about it.  In my defense this person has lied, spread horrible rumors and continues to steal content, ideas, and ambassador deals also as of now. I have an attorney who is monitoring her and the craziness for me and I make sure to make all companies I work with aware of this situation, it is sad and it has been really hard for me but I have some amazing support and she has really exposed herself as of recently with some of her copying and stealing of ideas, content and brands she is working with.  Imitation is not flattering when it is done in a way to hurt you to gain exposure and sympathy for themselves. I have had many negative comments left here and all have been traced back to this person so they have been removed.  If you are here to start drama please keep moving because I have a zero tolerance for it and all my content is protected my the National Digital Copyright Association and my blog domaine knows of this person and false accusations.  If you are looking for a personal stylist or curator you can email me at dlitefulcreations@ymail.com and I will be happy to send photos of some of my work, along with my portfolio, references and more.  Thank you.


  1. Amazing you are so talented and inspiring thank you for sharing. I love the blog and the changes you have made. I have followed you from week one and watched you grow, so happy for you with all your success and wish you much more success in the future kisses ��

    1. Thank you so much, sorry for the late response just saw your comment. It is so kind of you to leave such a kind and supportive comment. I am happy to hear you like the changes I have made, have had a mixed review from readers about the changes, I am only trying to make it easier to navigate and improve my content for my amazing readers and followers. I am so grateful for all and any support. It means the world to me. Thanks you again xoxo