Monday, March 27, 2017

Mitch Stone Lustre Hair Care Products Review

Today sharing my review on Mitch Stone hair care. I was sent this amazing package with the Lustre Shampoo, Conditioner (the hair lustre martini, or cocktail I have been calling it) because the lustre drops and Luxury Repair & Style leave in treatment, are a match made in heaven for shiny healthy hair. 

I obviously color my hair often, I started as a teen with playing with fun colors or styles as a way to express my creative and fun side. I have always loved being different and unique, having my own unique look or style to set me apart from everyone else. I have been blonde most of my life and always love being blonde proud of my blonde roots. Sometimes I get bored and want to experiment. I have been black with blonde, then added some purple to that next thing was purple ombré, then going for rainbow hair, silver, metallic and basically trying every fashion fun color and regular everyday colors also. After many years my hair has taken a lot of damage, I love long hair and lost 10-12 inches of my hair last year after going from red to silver. My hair had to be stripped several times and toned to get that white base for silver and pastels. Not long after achieving the look and having it for summer along with a metallic pastel rainbow look, I went to purple again. Purple always fades best and just looks best on me, I feel it lasts longest and needs the least amount of maintenance to stay looking nice without looking green or off. 

My hair was really lacking luster, shine, manageability and all over healthy look when I was sent the Mitch Stone products. I always like to really be able to test out the products and since I don't wash my hair daily usually going 3-6 days between washings if not longer because I don't want to have to use stripping shampoos, and heat styling products on my hair often. The Mitch Stone products are all sulfate free so I love that, it doesn't strip my hair of its natural oils, at the same time not damaging my color. 

Mitch stone Lustre conditioner is amazing, a little goes a long way for a good coverage to really work it the hair and condition it deep. I leave my conditioner in my hair 10-15 minutes. When I shower I always wet my hair with cold water, scrub shampoo into scalp mostly making sure to really work into my scalp to remove any build up or dirt around that area. I add a little extra cold water and work the shampoo into the ends then rinse. I then will squeeze all remaining water from my hair, starting at my scalp and working my way down I apply the conditioner, then work it in combing with my wide tooth comb or my fingers. 

I will then clip it up and change the water to warm for my shower. I use cold water because this helps with the fading of the color, hot water opens the hair cuticle and more color rinses out each wash, but cold water will help keep the color locked in and allows it to fade slower. Once I am done with my shower I rinse my conditioner using cold water with one last warm splash before towel drying.  I always make sure to dry my hair with the towel even after combing it out or brushing it with my wet brush that is great for detangling hair without breakage or added damage. 

My next step is to mix a few drops of the Lustre drops with the Repair and style leave in cream and apply to my hair, I usually focus on the ends and try to stay clear of my roots so they don't get greasy faster. After making sure to work the product into my hair and using my wide tooth comb to make sure it is evenly applied I will either allow my hair to air dry or some days I will wait an hour for air drying then I will blow dry for a straight look. I try to avoid long term heat styling or exposure to avoid additional damage. I'm trying to grow my hair out and get it back to a healthy condition. Mitch stone products have helped me so much. My hair was breaking, splitting. I would blow dry it and little hairs would be blowing all over now my brush has less hair in it when I clean it, less hair on the counter and when I blow dry no little hairs breaking off blowing all over. 

After I blow dry or if I run the curling iron it flat iron over some areas I use the Mitch stone Lustre drops for that added shine as well as to control any fly always or smooth any areas with more slip ends or damage. I have really loved using these products. I truly can see the transformation in the health and over all look of my hair. It has more shine, Lustre and feels super soft to touch. 

If you are looking for a new product to sample for color treated, dry, and damaged hair or even split ends this is perfect for all of the above. I really recommend the use of the Lustre drops with the styling treatment. The leave in made my hair feel so good, shine and protected it against any additional damage my blow dryer or flat iron may add, but I was really not using these styling products often. 

If you want more info on Mitch Stone Hair care you can follow them on IG @mitchstonehair and on the internet at Thank you to BXX Media for sending me these amazing products from Mitch Stone Hair. I know not only myself but both my girls, one is 9 the other 17, both enjoyed using these products also in their hair. My youngest has curly ringlet hair and I used the hair Lustre martini mix on her hair after showering and it was all she needed to keep her curls shiny and frizz free. 

Can't wait to order more products and continue to use Mitch Stone in my hair to continue the road the rebuilding and strengthening my color treated damaged hair. It is finally growing back shiny, healthy and stronger. Summer will be mostly growing out my purple and going lighter blonde to return to my roots for my 40 birthday. It's always fun to share my hair color journeys and share reviews on amazing products. 

Thanks for reading my review and be sure to check out these amazing products by Mitch Stone. Sulfate free, vitamin infused and amazing Lustre. Peace love and light always xoxo. 

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