Friday, August 26, 2016

Whiskey & Bone Jewelry

Whiskey + Bone

So excited to share this amazing line with everyone. I met this amazing designer on Instagram and am so excited to be able to style her amazing creations into my daily outfits.

My birthday is tomorrow so bad such a fun time opening each package and revealing each piece. Made my day and was just in time for my birthday. 

Whiskey & Bone has tons of amazing handmade jewelry. Each piece is unique and made with the highest quality materials. You can follow her on IG @Whiskeyandbone. 

I love every piece from the quartz bullet casing necklace, tusk necklace, Rose quartz earrings, African turquoise bracelet, leather fringe purse clip or keychain, my personalized cuff bracelet that says Wanderlust then has P❤️P engraved on the inside (you can have any message custom engraved), Druzy studs and of course the drop earrings are also a fave. I can't pick one favorite because they are all amazing and each piece is unique. I'm so excited to style all these pieces with my new fall styles and everyday ootd posts. 

Hope everyone had a great first week of school and have an amazing weekend. Next week I will have more fall fashion posts, some birthday gift reveals, new Alex and Ani for fall, reveal for my new entry wall with an adventure travel theme, my new hair color reveal, some Ettika piece and much more. Going to try to do a week round up post of my weekly outfit posts from social media Sunday but with it being my birthday weekend may spend the entire weekend with the family. Good night all and head over now to check out Whiskey & Bone's site, I love everything. 

Peace, love and light always xoxo 

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Rainbow Swirl Tapestry by Sand Cloud

WANDERLUST25 for 25% off

Everyone who follows me knows I'm an ambassador for Sand cloud towels, I have been for almost two years now. I love the brand and am totally obsessed with their towels, bags, and merchandise. I own every style and color along with their tee, water bottle, necklace and my family owns the phone case and other products also. 

**Photo belongs to not taken by me.

They recently have released many new styles the newest is the Rainbow Swirl wall tapestry. It is amazing and can't wait to have it to show you it in person with my own photos. Above photo was from their IG page.

**Photo belongs to not taken by me.

I grabbed this shot off their website at You can use my code WANDERLUST25 for 25% off your purchase. 

*Photo taken by Me, copyrighted and can not be used without written consent and must give photo credit or acknowledgement 

A peek at some of my collection. Love the tie dye collection, bohemian mandala design, acid wash, Baja beach blanket and the the towel bag. I also loved the pillow towels but they don't carry them anymore. Wish they would bring those back. I also love the round towel, they just released the Round wanderlust towel that is a rainbow tie dye like the wanderlust towel and XL beach blanket. I own them all and a couple of the regular beach towel. No two are ever a like and I love that have one that is more pastel tones and a couple that are brighter. 

*Photo taken by me can not use or repost without prior written consent

The Seafoam pocket towel, that had a zipper pocket for storing your keys or items at the beach. 

Be sure to check out their site and remember that every order you place they donate 10% to protecting and saving marine life. Gotta love that. 

Thanks for passing by and have an amazing Friday, hope everyone had a great first week of school. Peace love and light always xoxo

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WANDERLUST25 for 25% off and 10% off proceeds from each sale donated to saving/protecting marine life.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Target Peep toe ankle boots

Everyone loves Target and I have been spending a lot of time at the local Target stores trying to find some clearance or sale items for my home that I'm currently changing up some of the decor. I make a point of always browsing the clothing and shoes of course then checking my Cartwheel app, coupons and I also have the red card. I saw these cute Peep Toe perforated ankle booties on sale for $32.99 I had a 15% off and got an additional 5% with my red card. I scooped them up around $28 and love them. I had a similar pair I got over a year ago at Macy's in a grayish taupe tone but they are ready for replacing and had seen the new Toms version of this style but for the price decided to go with these. They run true to size and are very comfy. These are perfect for me living in South Florida where it is hot all year round because they are a cool version of boots. I love how you get a lot of air and don't have to wear socks. These are my new faves. 

I also grabbed this ottoman I took the picture of the shoes on, a marble top table, leather fold out accent table or ottoman and a globe for my house then for our camper. I can't wait to show you all my new decor and designs once in completed with them. My entry accent wall is coming along amazing, received my Wanderlust wall sign made by Earth and Ash on etsy. It is everything I had envisioned and then some. 

Bracelet is my Wanderer bracelet use my code MELISSA10 for 10% off

Hope everyone has had an amazing week, I know I'm totally run down from all the running around with school, work and my kids after school sports or activities. My birthday is Saturday and football season is starting, my girls both have started their seasons cheering and can't wait for the FSU VS UM game, we have season tickets to the UM games this year and being an FSU fan I'm really only excited about the one game. Today ordered some cute graphic tops for the other games with football or tailgating sayings, then also got tickets to see the Prophets of Rage. If you haven't heard about them yet it is the original band from Rage Against the Machine with the singer from Cypress Hill and Public Enemy. Can't wait for that show been a huge Rage against the machine fan since I was a teen and seen them many times with their signer Zak, will miss him but excited to see the band play some of their old jams. Off to bed have a great night and make sure you look for these super cute boots for fall next time you visit Target. If you don't have a red card make sure to get one you don't need good credit it is linked to your bank and used just like your debit card. 

Peace love and light always xoxo 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wanderlust Map Sign


For a couple of months I have been looking all over for the perfect unique pieces to design my entry art wall. I had a red entry wall for many years with a mirror and some art on each side, when we changed our living room and dining room I decided I needed to change my accent wall to a shade of blue. I picked out a medium turquoise or teal blue shade, then started looking for unique pieces to display our families love for travel, adventure and wanderlust. 

I had been looking for a map that I could then glue a sign or wooden letters that would read Wanderlust but was having no luck and was so busy over the summer I never had the time to look for everything or when I did couldn't find what I wanted. One day one of the shops I follow on Instagram has posted a wooden slice with the word Wanderlust in a gorgeous cursive font with blue lettering on her page. I went to the shops page that she had ordered from and fell in love with their cute and awesome designs. I sent them a custom request asking if they could use a map on the wood slice then paint the word Wanderlust in a blue ombré. My living room is all shades of blue and dining room is a lighter aqua blue, Jamaican aqua by Benjamin Moore. I instantly was responded to by the owner of the shop and then waited for them to order some maps. I was so excited when they sent me the photos of the finished project. It was everything I had envisioned for a long time and more. 

I love the color of slice of wood and then the map matches perfectly. They mounted the map perfectly and the word really looks amazing on top of the map. I couldn't have wished for or made anything better myself. It is for sure a hit I know since I shared it on my social media I have received several emails and direct messages from people wanting to purchase my sign. I'm excited everyone loves it, it makes me happy to know my idea I had envisioned for so long was brought to light by an amazing designer and shop that specializes in custom handmade wooden signs. You can order something similar or design your own custom sign by visiting
and you can follow them @earthandash on social media. If you decide to contact them to place an order, request my same sign or request a custom sign of your own please be sure to mention Melissa  @cr8tivewanderlust recommended you or that you saw my sign. 

Hope this helps answer all the questions and emails I have received. Today I'm doing my best to answer everyone back and to send you a link to the Etsy shop. Be sure to check out Earth and Ash Etsy shop they have so many adorable and unique handmade wooden signs, I love the Happy Camper sign with the VW style bus, and all their other amazing designs. Hope to order more soon. Etsy truly is an amazing place to find so many smaller shops owned by some really creative people that design some of the coolest things. Anytime I am looking for a unique piece of jewelry, new graphic tees or tops and some different designs for my home I always like to check out Etsy. Instagram is also another great place to find some amazing and talented designers or artists that make amazing handmade creations. 

Have a fabulous hump day, Peace love and light always, xoxo 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Penh Lane, Supporting Cambodian Artisans

So excited to share this amazing brand with all my followers. They sell these amazing handmade creations from jewelry to accessories. The best part is that all their items are unique, eclectic pieces that go with many styles. 

Pen Lane sells contemporary designs, all fair trade and empowering people through sustainable business. I try to find amazing brands and shops to work with that not only carry awesome products that are unique and quality but also love all businesses that are also doing good. Pehn Lane designs and ethically trades jewelry and accessories in partnership with social businesses in Cambodia. They are committed to fair trade as a means of  reducing poverty. Every artisan they work with will receive wages that will reflect their work, as well as education, and social support, enabling them to pursue careers in supportive and safe sustainable materials. I'm excited to work with Pehn Lane and help support as well as empower Cambodian artisans. Penh Lane reinvests 100% of profits from their sales to Khmer Creations Jewellery Studio of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

For more details or information you can email them at You can shop online at and don't forget to use my code CR8TIVE30 to save 30% off your order, remember that you will be helping support and empower Cambodian Artisans. Love, love, love this. 

Love the packaging and all the pieces are so creative and unique, they are really amazing pieces that can be worn so many ways with so many different styles. I have a true love for jewelry and accessories being a stylist, for me accessorizing is like the icing on the cake. I feel naked without accessories and it is a way to personalize your everyday looks with your own unique, eclectic style or vibe. 

Blue is my favorite color so I totally love my spoon necklace, blue and white accent double necklace, crochet style arm or wrist band, and of course this gorgeous clutch. The clutch is made by Watthan Artisans Cambodia and is designed then created by Cambodian's with disabilities. This brand really is amazing and does so much good for the Cambodian people. 

Be sure to check out their site and see the many amazing accessories they have available. You will be sure to find many designs or styles you will love. You can follow then on social media @PenhLane. 

Peace, love and lights always,


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