Saturday, January 24, 2015

Target home decor

Target always seems to hit a home run with me. I love cartwheel and love the amazing prices they have on some truly amazing and stylish home decor. 

I recently have begun updating my girls bedrooms along with our guest bath which is also the kids bath, my bedding and added some new pillows and decor to our living room. All projects I started before the holidays but once the tree came out and all the decor had to put the updates on the back burner along with the spending to make sure the holidays were amazing for my kids. 

I got all new bathroom stuff, going with yellow and gray, with bushes nickel accents. 

Also got myself a new comforter in white with pintuck style stitching. Many high end stores have the same set got double or triple what I paid at target. The set was on sale and had a coupon. Make sure to upload the cartwheel app if you don't have it already amazing. You can scan the items as you add then to your cart and it will tell you deals or promos for each item. Love it. 

Also got my little one a pink shabby chic bedding set. It's a duvet cover because we all love our down comforters and duvet covers. We also all love our upholstered headboards lol, my little one will be getting a new gray, wingback tufted headboard in the next couple weeks I found online for an amazing price and will be posting. My oldest is taking her black leather, tufted headboard which I found on Craigslist for under 100. It ended up not firing the full size bed frame so my oldest decided she wanted it. 

I found amazing curtains to match the comforter set for my little one and a cute rug. Also got these super cute pillows for my living room. Homegoods is next door to my target so ran in and without even having the new pillows with me, which I usually bring them in but was crunched for time and forgot. I managed to find two pillows that match perfect to use to accent them. Now just need to find two aqua blue pillows and looking for a multi blue pillow to tie all the shades of blue together. 

Enjoy my photos below of my shopping trips from Friday and the week before. Make sure to stop in target and get that cartwheel app. I have saved hundreds already and just started using it every trip right before Christmas. Amazing deals and I love that. I am a bargain hunter 

A trip to one of the many targets in my area is always fun but I like to go to this one cause I have a Homegoods right next door to hit if I need any accessories I couldn't find. 
Saw these a couple weeks ago and was eyeing them, happy I waited went on sale from 24.99 to 19.99 then had a 25 off 100 and 10 off 50 bed and bath coupon I used for bedding and a 15% off home deal from Target.  
Had to get one of these cute Foo dogs to bring navy blue into my already aqua and teal blue Asian, Moroccan living room design. Only 12.99
Couldn't pass up this sale and they have an extra percentage off clearance items also on cartwheel app. Matches my new living room and have a aqua one from clearance before the holidays. Hoping to go back and get the navy throw before sale ends. 
 They look amazing, actually removed the pillows that came with the sofa and only have two left out of the ten that came with it lol. My hubby doesn't like pillows but we compromise cause I love them. 
Here is a close up of the two from target and then the two from home goods to show I didn't do bad matching them. Just need two lighter aqua blue shade pillows and one multi blue ombré maybe style to tie all the shades together, then want a red or orange one I saw at Target to tie in the shades of glass from my Moroccan  lanterns. 
This is the bedding I got for my bed on the left and on the right is similar to the style below I got for my daughter both from target. Both under $100 for the duvet and two shams. My set was after coupons 50 for a King and my little ones pink set after coupon an cartwheel was 60 for a full queen. 
Her bedding on the bed, she loves it and so does everyone who has seen it. Perfect shade of pink. Waiting on her gray wingback headboard then painting the green accent wall gray. 
These curtains match perfect and can't wait to put them up after I paint that wall. Also from target of course. 24.99 but check for coupons and promos. 
Our guest bath stuff. Also have some more items not in picture, another set of towels from target that are yellow with white floral, and a rug that matches. Curved shower curtain rod for that larger shower feel and some other misc accent items. 
These are from before Christmas my oldest decided to take her birthday money and gift cards to re do her room. We found this duvet set and sheets all in sale, amazing rugs, pillow and more. I also got her a chair in gray for Christmas, record player, throw blanket, another shag style gray rug for other side of bed and a marquee much up sign. We are also painting her room soon. Will be light gray. 
Photos of the bedding and rug 
The throw at end of bed I found at Marshall's 
Quick side note ladies, I scored shoes and boots for myself and my girls at 50% off then an additional 40% off that price with cartwheel promo. Got these boots which were 39.99 and another pair in black different style, marked to 19.98 and then 40% off that. Got two pairs or converse for my little one $3.48 each after sales and boots for 5 amazing. Also got some flannels, cardigans, dresses and other hot items from winter for all under 10. Amazing check it out. 
Feather art I found at Homegoods Friday hoping it fits over my bed. Love this and the colors are perfect. 

Hope you enjoyed my target decor finds and leave me comments please on your scores or links to your blog please 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Le motto tee shirt and boho skirt

It's Friday, rocking my new Le Motto tee. Love this brand they have so many amazing tees with inspiring sayings. I literally want one of every style and saying. So many amazing choices. I went with this white tee with black, more karma less drama. Tee is super soft and fits amazing, their shipping was fast, pricing is great and again the messages are amazing. Skirt is a flowy black and white boho style with silver embellishments. Paired it with my strappy  chain and rhinestone sandals, from Kohls by Candies. Added some bohemian inspired jewelry to match the skirt style and done. Fun flirty fashion with a positive message. 

Hope you enjoy the tee and make sure to check out Le motto on Instagram and online at I promise you will find a shirt that inspires or touches you. Be sure to tell them Creative mamarazzi from Ig sent you. 

From Lemotto Instagram page, this is my purchase saving up and hope to be able to purchase a few. They also have a sale section that has amazing prices. Something for every budget and every type of woman. 

We are all cool kids for sure, doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, what matters is what we feel and know. Be yourself and do what makes you happy. There will always be haters, fakers and so on but you have to do like the Taylor Swift song, Shake it off. Again this is from the LeMotto IG page. Picked a couple of my favorites but again I could post one of every shirt. Check them out for yourself. 

Collage of my outfit of the day from Friday, the shirt really inspired me along with the amazing weather to dress it up and be fun. Love this boho style skirt I purchased several years ago. It's fun and flirty with cute little silver round embellishments that dangle off. 
Dressed it up with some bangles from many different brands, like Coach, Tory Burch, Alex and Ani and some other fun ones. A cute Rock and Republic necklace with chains and rhinestones to match my cute ankle wrap style sandlas by Candies. Necklace is also from Kohls along with the shoes. 
Earrings are some long dangling silver boho style earrings. I love bohemian style and have many amazing jewelry pieces and outfit pieces that I have gotten over the years. 
 Hope you enjoyed my ensemble and remember be you and don't worry what anyone else says or thinks. Have fun with your fashion and style. It's a way for is to express who we are and what we love. 


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hope for Humanity, amazing brand with an amazing message

I am big into tee shirts and cute fashion. I follow and find some amazing shops or stores on Instagram and Facebook. One day when I was feeling down I had searched on Instagram the words you can sit with us, instead of the mean girls quote you can't sit with us. I came across this post below: 

It was posted by Hope for Humanity, an apparel line. I followed them and began to look over their page. So many amazing items with great messages and then saw so many inspirational quotes or posts that hit home for me. I was so over being lied about, being accused of copying someone I never met before and don't even follow. This person can buy or own something I have and post it but when she posts something I posted it first then it isn't about who had it first it's about who had the original style first? I swear I have never in my life since high school felt so harassed and bullied like I do now. When I shop or post a photo of what I am wearing it has nothing to do with anyone else. I am almost forty and a mom of two, one being a teen. I am always telling her don't worry what other people say or think just be yourself. Meanwhile I find myself sick to my stomach, embarrassed, deleting posts of my outfits because I don't want to be accused of copying, meanwhile I don't care what they think so why defend myself or delete posts. I need to just be myself. So many nights I have sat here thinking what did I ever do to deserve this, what did anyone who is bullied or harassed do to deserve it, nothing. You know why because it isn't me or anyone else it is the person who is throwing the hate and trying to compete or turn it into a competition. I am not in high school anymore and I sure am not competing with anyone. I really don't understand what good comes out of hurting people this way. I said above I don't care but deep down it still hurts and is embarrassing. 

First shirt I got was a gift, I had told my friend about this site and she told me you have to get that tee. At the time my hubby had just had emergency surgery and I was worried about shopping for my daughter's upcoming birthday and. Christmas. I got home after a day of tests at the hospital, for Ms and auto immune disorders, and found a envelope. My girl from Kentucky had ordered it as a early Christmas gift, my hubby called her from the hospital and they had talked, he told her he was going to order me the shirt and she went ahead to order it. I loved it. Posted it on my ig account and guess what, the same girl who always claims I copy her posts 3 to  4 weeks later,  the same tee! The company actually reposted it and when I saw it in my feed I had to comment, since she always comments about me being a copycat and how she originated everything. I swear she is so original she started every fashion trend and even the flat lay outfit shots that everyone posts on FB, IG and blogs. My daughter loved the tee so much I ordered her a tank for Christmas. The guidance counselor at her school saw it and I told her about the site. She loved it and has since asked me to ask them if it would be okay to print some of their posts and quotes to post on the boards around the school along with in the peer counseling room. 
 My tee is a ladies classic tee with a almost vneck in athletic gray. Love the saying because usually those who bully and copy, or try to bring others down laugh first and then they copy or bully people. Being mean is not cool it never was. Just because in the 90's they made a movie about, I think if I remember the morale of the story was that mean girls finish last, it is always better to remain true to yourself. I have to stop myself from stooping to that level, usually it is to defend myself or show I am not copying by posting a older shot but then I usually delete it because I don't want drama and it isn't who I am. 
 This is the black tank top and it fits amazing. My daughter and I wear basically the same size so we share items. 

There are so many amazing quotes on their FB, IG and website you have to check it out for yourself. On fb you can find them under and on Instagram they are under HFHApparel. 

I will post a link to the website below. I am placing  a order, waiting to hear back about sizing because on my iPhone I could not find a size chart but was told on their regular site there is a size chart for all items. I have used the mobile site twice now and have not seen sizing but emailed them at sales and they responded right away. Will be contacting someone about using the prints at my daughter's school and am a huge supporter of the brand. Being someone who was bullied as a child and now as an adult I have had some very unpleasant experiences most of which have been on social media. I believe if you are going to be someone who is on social media you have to have a strong back bone, be able to let things roll of your back and not let things get to you. Even the strongest of us still have feelings and when someone lies about you, turns strangers against you, has other people bullying and harassing you, stalks you or makes you feel bad about yourself with mean comments it is hard to not let it bother you. I had a photo featured during Nov for a grateful challenge and when my photo was featured I was so excited, I go to read the comments and see this girl who has done nothing but lie about me, turn people against me by lying and playing a victim, bullying me, stalking me, harassing me and now putting down, right on my featured photo my talent and work, suggesting someone else posted a photo similar that was more original. My photo was a old photo I reposted for that prompt so it was original and I had posted it before the other person she mentioned, also no disrespect to the person she mentions photo but mine was a clear and good macro, not blurry and bad contrast, but she is the one who had to compare the photos I would have never done so if she didn't write something so awful on my shot. My friends saw it and were enraged. My hubby couldn't even believe his eyes, and reassured me she was just showing how jealous she is and that it showed how immature she was. It was so upsetting because she isn't suppose to even write anything about me or have any form of contact with me so for her to do that was embarrassing. I figured maybe people would see she has issues but instead I requested the page remove it along with my own friends comments defending me but lashing out at her, because that is the type of person I usually am, kind and I don't want drama. It hurt me deeply, here I have a moment to be happy about and she kills it.  This is why my 15 year old daughter does not have FB and I allow her to have a IG account but it is private and I monitor it, because social media is a cruel place sometimes. People write mean, rude and crude comments on photos because there is no one to stop them and no consequences for it. 

Moving on, it just shows that in social media people can do awful things and hide behind their computer or mobile device harming others. Things like that really have had an affect on me but for the new year I have let it all go, started fresh and pray that these people can do the same. Just because someone has the same dress, or shoes doesn't mean they copied you it means they have the same taste, or shop at the same store and if you are going to be a fashion blogger or post your #ootd (outfitoftheday) on social media expect to see that style copied or someone inspired by it. Life isn't about who did it first or had it first, it's all about being you, being true, being original and not being afraid to do what makes you happy. Everyone who has Pinterest or IG has seen a photo of a outfit or something that they like, that inspires them when they are shopping. It's like looking at a shop online or a catalog, every time one of my favorite stores sends me a email, posts something on IG or send me a catalog I look through it and find inspiration for outfits or styles I love. I don't copy the store or the girl in the magazine or post. I simply buy the items I like, because guess what life isn't a competition. I don't want to be someone else, I want to be me and I enjoy sharing my style and taste with others. Same way so many others enjoy it. That is why I have had this blog for years now. I love sharing my style, finding deals and sharing it with others, finding new brands or styles and enjoying them with others to inspire others. I have written about outfits seen on tv or online and finding similar styles at a price stay at home or average moms can afford. It is something I enjoy. I love to dress nice, have a nice home and nice things but on a budget I can afford, I also enjoy sharing that with others. 

Back to my order and can't wait to post about it when the items arrive. 

I am want to order the eco fleece jogger pants shown below with the Hope for humanity logo and a worry less dream more ladies sweatshirt, then I also am ordering  their confidence and intelligence tee in same style as my tee pictured above. Once the items arrive I will take photos with my daughter to post in a new blog post. I have decided this year I want t show off my photography skills as much as my fashion finds, bargains and home design finds or projects. I am hoping to be able to take my own photos of my daughter and friends in the outfits, then as good as I can take selfies of myself in the clothes. 

Below is the items I have in my cart right now, the pants are $60 and the sweatshirt is $50 then tee shirts are $40. My cart with the sweat suit and two shirts is at $200 before shipping so think I will have to take some items off. I would love to win the lotto or a shopping spree because I honestly want one of every item they have but being a stay at home mom, and my hubby being out of work for six weeks due to emergency surgery right before Christmas we are on a budget and I usually am bargain shopping. I found some cute joggers that are similar but don't have their logo at target for $19.99. I do however really want these pants lol. For now probably going to go on my wish list and I will order the two tops I want. Winter is almost over and we do live in Florida. Maybe they will have a sale at the end of the season, fingers crossed. 

Photo above from @hfhapparel ig and fb page. Not mine. 

Check out their shop and site at  I promise you will find many items you love and a lot of inspiration. I don't find many brands that inspire me and touch me so personally but this one hit home. It was hard to have drama related to it do to social media bullies but it has passed. I will support the brand and wear it with pride no matter who else owns it because I know I had it first and ordered it because I liked it and it had personal meaning to me. That's all that matters. 

Remember ladies and girls, always be true to yourself, be original, be you and don't let anyone ever make you feel bad for doing that. �� 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year, winter style shots

Happy new year to all. Sorry been gone for a couple months took a break to spend some time with my family and prepare for the holidays. Even though I have taken a brief break from then blog still been busy finding some cute fashion deals and enjoying playing with some different style for the winter season. 

I recently have purchased many new items online and in stores on sale. Old Navy, H&M , Urban Outfitters and Anthro to name a few of my favorite stores have had some amazing after holiday sales. I was super excited to finally find an amazing quilted puffer jacket with fur trimmed hoodie for $20 from H&M, scooped up some J Crew quilted vests in pin strip, and camo, had the herringbone but sold it recently on eBay. Got a few cute sweaters, a jacket, vest and other cute items on sale from Old Navy. Target had some super cute boots I got back in the fall on sale for $24.99 in cognac, they lace up and have a mid heel. I also found a tall black pair with buckles on sale for 24 this passed week. All the stores are starting to mark down boots and winter clothes here. My mom got my little one the cutest pair of black boots for $10 at walmart. They have a little heel and super cute straps with buckle. 

Also added some new cute graphic tees to my collection, rocked some older flannels and sweaters, some new jeans I love by Machine denim. Of course my regular  favorites by Vigoss, Miss Me, Hudson and lucky brand to name a few. Love layering and wish I had cooler weather where I live but we have yet to have many cool fronts this season. As I type this the temperature is dropping here but not suppose to get that cold. 

Quickly going to post a few photo collages of some of my outfits from the month of November and December, along with some recent purchases either I ordered online or scooped up in store while returning items from the holidays. Found a super cute lace trim sweater online from Utban Outiftrers in black and olive green then found a similar one at Marshall's for $19.99, it is a cable knit sweater with lace trim and grabbed that in cream first then found a pink color this week. 

Enjoy the photos and I will update this post tomorrow with all the details for the photos, for what I am wearing, brands, stores to find them and deals. Hope everyone had an amazing holiday and New Years. I am excited to be updating the look of the blog, plus I will have more winter styles, deals and spring finds coming soon. 

Wish the best for everyone in 2015,

Some cute graphic tees I have been wearing. Like to layer for the cooler months with cardigan, button down chambray or flannel tops and kimono style, open front tops. 
Top left is from Target and is my first spring purchase, it's a cute long romper that is strapless and I layered with a yellow cardigan also from target.  Next to it was my Christmas Eve outfit, kept it comfortable and simple with a Marshall's sweater and leggings, the bottom left is a simple black tee from Old Navy and this cute Lucky Brand Aztec style cardigan, my mom purchased me for Christmas. Love it. Then next to that is my eBay find tassel, kimono that I got for &10. 
Been wearing sweaters when ever the weather drops the slightest, some u have had for awhile. The top left and bottom left sweater is a loose knit, off the shoulder white sweater I have from Kohls and purchased last winter, I paired it with Machine ripped jeans and a simple white tank top. I got a lot of comments and likes on my Instagram for this outfit. Very comfy and not to warm for those Florida winter days. Top right was the lace and cream sweater I mentioned in my post above, I found this at Marshall's and was only $19.98 , paired with lucky brand jeans also from Marshall's. Bottom right is another old sweater I got last winter from Marshall's and paired with some skinny jeans by Seven denim. I have been wearing a lot of leg warmers and talk socks with boots this season also. I will post a entry soon with my socks, leg warmers, leggings and boots. 
Top left and right along with bottom left is a outfit I threw together for holiday shopping and a end of the school year party before Christmas break. The sweater is a cable knit Michael Kors sweater I purchased on eBay last winter, paired with Vigoss jeans, cream lace trim leg warmers and talk, brown leather, Guess boots. In the evening it was a little cold here so grabbed out my Tory Burch brown leather jacket to keep warm.  Bottom right is a simple pair of holiday leggings, and a warm oversized, black sweatshirt. Both items purchased from a online boutique I follow on Facebook called 2Chicksandacause. They donate some of the proceeds to a set foundation or fund every month. Love when some of my money goes to a good cause. 

More graphic tees I love, top left was my Good Vibes only tee from Mulberry Press Co, next to it a new tee I got in October from Pebby Forevee. Love it and worn it several times, has a off the shoulder cut look and love the saying, it's a John Muir quote, "The mountains are calling and I must go". Excited because the mountains have been calling and we are going. Bottom left is from Be Still Clothing and is my camo be still and know tee. I believe I have posted this before. One of t favorites, love the camo print tee with white font.  Bottom right is a tee I found from a shop on eBay that makes tons of cute graphic tees and tops, it is a forest green unisex tee with, check your ego amigo. Saw it and had to order. 
Top two sweaters are old sweaters I have had for awhile, both are from Express. I love stripes every time I look through my closet I laugh and tell myself no more stripes. The bottom left is a outfit from Old Navy, a simple white tee, flannel and jeans. Bottom right is from the FB boutique mentioned above, 2chicksandacause and it's a vest, with Aztec print. Their prices are great. Ordered a sherpa jacket, this vest, oversized cream sweater with a black heart, some leggings, black sweatshirts, boot cuffs and Aztec legwarmers all from them and was an amazing price. All the items fit amazing, super cute and well made. Highly recommend.

Aztec brown and cream leg warmers, and cream lace trim leg warmers. The Aztec ones I got from the FB boutique, then got the cream ones off eBay, also got my little one a pair, and grabbed myself several colors since the price was so amazing. When ever I see something super cute online but it isn't priced kind of high, I always check eBay. The leggings, leg warmers, boot cuffs, fingerless gloves, scarves and even kimonos have all been found on eBay for a fraction of the cost in online boutiques. I love to support small businesses and independtly owned businesses with an original or handmade item but sometimes being a stay at home mom that has her own small business, I need to look for a deal or bargain.  Then bottom right is my old navy haul, just a glimpse. I got four sweaters, three tank tops, button down plaid shirt, striped quilted vest and navy coat. Amazing sale after Christmas. 

Last of all another glimpse of my John Muir quoted tee from Pebby Forevee, love the cut and style of this tee. Machine jeans and then Marshall's sweater in pink with lace trim. 

I will update and edit this post tomorrow. Sorry for any typos but been wanting to post all week, been under the weather due to flu season. A lot of new things to come in home decor and design. In the process of remodeling kids rooms. Got the paint and bedding along with some accents an decor pieces. Will have before and after shots hopefully but will have after photos for sure. Also painting bathroom and hallway, hangjng chandeliers and art so lots to come. Again hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and holiday along with a very happy new year! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Be still & know

Be still and know camo tee paired with Vigoss jeans, fossil belt, and the army green vest is from target as well as the brown boots. 
Love this tee so much, the camo goes with everything and love my target vest and boots. Both were on sale. The vigoss jeans are the tomboy Thompson in destroyed medium denim. 
Here I have on the Be Still and Know company, Jesus loves this hot mess tee. Paired with vigoss boyfriend jeans and Steve Madden boots I found at TJ Maxx. 

Found this amazing shirt shop online from a friend I follow that makes some amazing scrubs. She posted this cute tee a little while back and the shirt had been sold out every time I went to order. A few weeks ago they restocked and I was able to order two shirts I had wanted for awhile. Still want to get a few more but so happy I was able to get these two.

The name of the store is Be Still and know clothing. I found them on Instagram. I ordered the camo tee with the Be still and know phrase, which for anyone that doesn't know is a verse from the bible. Psalms 46:10, He says, Be still and know that I am God.  I grew up with a very religious up bringing, my grandmother married the minister of her church, he also was the minister that married my mother and father. He went on to retire and became a deacon. From a very young age, before they were married my father's family was catholic and my mom's family Protestant, but when we moved to Florida my grandmother was married to the preacher who was my grandfather, being that they had been married before I was born. I spent every Sunday all day at church and many nights a week in the church for bible studies and my grandmother ran the church choir so I also sang a couple nights a week. 

I was enrolled in Christian school my entire life and have read the bible, studied the bible and even briefly studied religion my first year of college. I got into the study of religion because being part catholic and Protestant, then going to a Presbyterian, Catholic and Baptist school I was always curious about the different religions. As an adult I don't go to church every Sunday like I did as a child, we do still go for the holidays, and I have been looking into finding a church that I like. I have been between the type of church I would like to take my children to. I know I want them to go and I have always read them the bible. My oldest daughter went to baptist school for two years in preschool and for a couple of years my husband and I had found a church we liked but we moved, fell out of it and have since talked about going back but haven't found one we like. 

The other shirt I ordered is a gray tee that says, "Jesus loves this hot mess", love it because from time to time I can be a bit of a mess. I swear, which I always tell myself I have to work on that. After I had my first daughter I had gotten a lot better because I became more aware of what I was saying but over the passed few years I have slipped and gotten back into the bad habit. Also no one is perfect we all have our times when we make mistakes or aren't the best version of ourselves we can be. I really just loved the shirt. I have another tee I got many years ago that say "Jesus loves me and my tattoos" at a tattoo convention because my grandma use to tell me when I was 18-21 and getting them, what would Jesus think honey. I don't think he would be upset, I would tell her lol. 

Below and above  are some photos of the shirts and make sure to check out Be Still and know on Instagram. I will post a link below to the website. 

Love it paired with this rock and republic necklace I got a couple years ago at Kohl's. Also you can see some of my new blue shades I added to my hair. 

Website is

Have a great week and hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. We have had amazing weather and got to break out some winter wear. Will have some cute fall and winter fashion stuff. I love bohemian style and have some cute twists of bohemian for fall winter style. Picture lots of fringe, booties, kimono style long sleeved tops, Aztec vests and sweaters, flowy tops and fringe scarves. For sure my own little twist of the boho look, but with my little rocker chic look thrown in. Always got to have the ripped up jeans and tees. 

Thanks for passing by 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fashion finds on a budget

Today I am posting with some recent photos of items I have had since back to school shopping and recent finds from Target. When ever I am looking for some amazing cute styles and fashion I head over to target usually for one of my first stops. I have a few other stores I have posted on the blog I enjoy shopping at and also some online boutiques for tops or accesories but when I need some new basics like cardigans, belts, shoes, dresses and tanks/tees in solid colors or cute prints I usually hit Target.

This week I have a couple cute dresses I got a little while ago but have seen in store still as recent as this past weekend and then some cute items I picked up on sale or regular price but couldn't resist cause even regular price is always such an amazing deal. I always have fun in the fitting room trying on all kinds of different things. I have a certain style of my own and taste but sometimes I try to pick up items I may not normally be drawn to but that are cute and in style at the time. Sometimes it's a hit other times it's a miss but you don't know unless you try. 

Below are some photos of my items I found this past weekend and then some items I have had. Also will do my best to have details on any items I wore with the target items as well. Hope everyone is having an amazing week. My hubby had to have emergency surgery last week and had a post about boots I was planning to finish but somehow it got deleted. I will try to get something together later this week but just had some photos of some different style I think every lady should own, like rain boots, I love Hunter rain boots and their socks, riding boots, motorcycle boots, booties and cowboy influenced boots. Also we should all have some high heeled classier boots for evening wear during the fall and winter months. Where I live we don't need snow boots. Honestly my husband thought I was insane two years ago when I got my first pair of mate black hunter rain boots lol, he laughed at them and said they look like the rubber ones they give him at work or they sell at walmart, but I explained it is not even close. I have some printed target boots and then I have my precious Burberry rain boots, you can tell a difference for sure, my hunter boots are still my favorite. I just for a moto inspired pair a few months ago I haven't shared cause over the summer they really weren't something I was wearing, but do cute. Again I will post more on those later in the week and would love to hear from some other fashion forward and lovinf ladies about their style staple boots and shoes for this fall/winter season. 

Have an amazing week. 

Dlitefully yours, 

Found this super cute gray dress with a color block look during back to school shopping and love the fit. It's super comfy and it is still a dressy look. I love to layer these with a cardigan or kimono style vest or jacket. 

The dress has a waffle like texture on the top and then a black or dark gray waist band, at the bottom it has the waffle looking material as a band. Very move fit, I am bigger busted and this usually leads to me needing to buy large tops and even dresses which is a downer cause then it looks baggy all over everywhere else cause I wear a 4 to 6 in bottoms. This dress I was able to get in a medium with no issues, it isn't tight across the busy and te length is perfect. 
Had to throw this tank top in cause I grabbed it off the clearance rack and Pink Floyd is one my favorite bands. I love classic rock and then 80's metal, hard core metal, and 90's rock along with some amazing heaver bands that are still around and kicking. 
Found this amazing outfit last week and got to wear it to a PTA meeting this week. I had the perfect pair of shoes but forgot to snap a shot. They are black with a light pink trim and bow. Need to snap a shot to add to this post. The shoes were by Steve Madden I believe and this entire outfit is from Target also. 
The top has a peplum look, fitted on top with back zipper closure, then it flows out at the waste a little. It is a soft material and is black with white, light pink and a touch of a soft blue accents. The skirt is my favorite, it is a light pink, pleated chiffon like material with a satin feeling lining and black elastic waste. This outfit is very classy and dressy yet so comfy. I brought a black blazer with me and got so many compliments. A lot of the ladies couldn't believe I found it at target. Below is a white fur vest I tried on with it but my mom talked me out of buying. I thought it was kind of cute and stylish but didn't go with my style.
Found this super comfy black and red, buffalo style plaid flannel. Usually Hutton down tops aren't easy for me cause the buttons pull but a large fit and tucked in or pulled out doesn't look to baggy or unflattering across the waste. Love flannels for fall and winter for layering over my favorite tee shirts. In this photo I have on vigoss tomboy Thompson destroyed denim jeans and some amazing boots which I have more details on below. The boots are also from target.
This outfit is a sweater vest from target by xhilaration and cartwheel had a 25%off coupon. The shirt is from Be Still & Know clothing company and is the camo Be still and know tee, jeans are Thompson tomboy by Vigoss and the boots are the same as below from target. 
Got these amazing boots on sale in the cognac color only for $24.99 that was a ten dollar savings. Have a lot of black boots and only two brown so had to have these. 
Tried on this dress at Taeget super cute and made by Merona I believe, but ran large. I have on a medium in the photo and it was large than the small was still large in the waste and hips, wanted a more fitted look so going to keep my eye out for a XS. Super cute.
Stocked up on sweaters and cardigans because they had them all buy one get one 50% off. Love this oversized cream sweater. Again pictured with vigoss jeans. 
Grabbed this skull tank for $12.99 to match my skull leggings I got this time last year at Target. 
Hello Friday, my favorite day of the week! This cute muscle style tank was also $12.99 at Target. 
Wild at heart sweatshirt from target. 
Loved this muscle tank, the saying is great. Don't ever be basic and always be true to yourself. Don't ever let other people influence you to be who you are by bullying or harassing you. 
Grabbed two pairs of these cute vans looking slip on shoes by Mossimo. Glad j waited cause I almost got these a month or so ago but were on clearance for $11.
These are super cute didn't buy them but took a photo cause I love the gold bow. Been haunted by them and may return to buy them. Super cute and so my style but with it being fall I figured I didn't need any more sandals since my closet is full of sandals, but I know some spring I will regret not getting these. 
This is the vest I mentioned about that I tried on with the pink ruffle pleated skirt and peplum style top. I think it's cute but my mom was like "Really" so I decided not to spend the money. It is super cute on and if I lived somewhere cooler and not so hot and humid I would have probably gotten it. Looks cute with a lot of different things I tried on that day. 
Cute gray boots, I posted these and took a photo because I just ordered a cute gray shepling jacket online but waiting for it to come to see if the color is close enough. All items are from target again. 
One of my favorite purchase from august or September is this tribal dress with cobalt blue trim. Super comfy and fits amazing. I purchased a medium. 

The xhilaration vest in army green again, with my be still and know camo tee, vigoss jeans and fossil belt.