Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dupe or fake Triangl Bikinis

Hello, happy almost Friday and July 4th weekend. I have gotten a huge response from my review I posted yesterday on the Traingl bikinis, so many questions and I will be doing my best to answer as many of them as possible. I am going to try to add on to yesterday's review some more details, answers to as many questions as I can answer and I am going to add some photos today also. 

One big question I have seen a lot of here on the blog, emails, on my twitter and then on instagram is about fake or dupe bikinis. Yes there are a ton of them out there. When I was researching this bikini I came across many reviews and YouTube videos on the fakes as well as listings for the fake suits. I also saw a bunch on ebay. Since last summer when these suits really started to get popular a lot of people even some stores have come out with styles that are similar. Target has a few that look like the triangl, and even Victoria Secret has some styles as well. I know we all love to save money, I will be the first person to tell you that I am always looking for a good way to save but when it came to this suit I wanted a Triangl and none of the knock off or dupes were going to fulfill my want or needs. Sure VS makes a good quality suit I have many suits by them but it still wasn't a Triangl. Then looking at the fakes out there, being larger busted I couldn't even consider these because they are made cheap, most are not even neoprene, then a lot of them only come in the option of ordering S-L or if they do have a XL it has padding or is for a D cup and is larger around. I don't like padding and love the Triangl Brigette and Poppy for the bra like support. 

Below I am going to show you some of the many popular dupes. If you want to read more reviews check out YouTube there are some ladies who did some amazing reviews. I did see one girl who ordered three styles from a site similar to eBay and the suits were the solid color bra style suits, I have to say they looked pretty spot on and were priced at 15 each I believe but then you pay a good amount for shipping. I don't recommend buying a fake because again you won't have the high quality luxe neoprene material that made these suits popular and the fit won't be as good, but I do understand that some want the look without breaking the bank. I get it, I am guilty I have done it many times and usually it is with a shirt, kimono or some jeans that are a no brand name but you always get what you pay for in the end and sometimes some things seem to good to be true. 

Okay let's start with the ones that look just like the real deal. 

Above suit is from site, it is the Milly-SantaRosa. As you can see it is a lovely bright blue with black trim. These suits are made of a very thick wet suit material, neoprene. When you receive the suit you will see right away the bottoms are a thick material. They also look just like th photo, they aren't these large brief looking bottoms. 

The above photo is from EBay. (Not my photo using only for comparison) This shows you how close the dupes are and can be to looking just like the real deal. But when it arrives it does not look always look like the photo. I have ordered many items off eBay that they will use a photo of the original item and send you a cheap knock off that looks nothing like the photo. Be cautious of ads with photos of models wearing the suit usually taken from IG or blogs, and ones that look just like the photo from the real website. You want to look like photos like the one below that show the suit alone and usually you will be able to tell then the difference from the other shots. 

Above is what the suit really looks like. A great example of how they take several photos of the real suit then luckily some have the actual suit like this seller. Like I mentioned above a lot of  sellers, mostly from over seas will take photos from other sites or the actual real site and use them on their ad. That's why you always have to be aware and prepared that when it arrives it most likely isn't going to look just like the photo. As you can see this suit is not neoprene. It is made of a Lycra and spandex mix material. When you are purchasing and a suit only costs $5-20 bucks then you have to realize it isn't going to be made of the same high end material as the original is. 

Above is the Poppy by Triangl in flamingo fling. This suit has a mesh like material over the cups and sides of the bottoms. 

This is the dupe for the above style and as you can see it is made of a thin martial and the cups are flimsy. The detachable strap, I have read a lot of reviews about and they weren't good. A lot of people said it was made cheap and the clasp broke off or was just hanging when they received it. I know again it can be tempting to want to purchase one of these suits but honestly you are getting what you pay for, I can't stress that enough. Think about, these fake suits are cheaper then a suit from Walmart, so the material and make of them is for sure nothing even close to being the quality of even a Walmart or cheap no name brand suit. The material must be thin. Possibly even see thru and the cups probably are flimsy and not supportive. 

Above is another Triangle suit from their website, this is the Poppy in Pink Lemonade, which I hope to order one of these soon. Love the bright colors. This suit retails for $89 and is made of a high quality luxe neoprene. The top has no padding or lining then the bottoms have the side color block detail which all their suits have, unless it is solid or solid with a black trim. 

Here is a knock off seller from eBay, the bottom again are the first sign of a fake, they are not neoprene and then they don't have the black inside which depending on the color all Triangl suits have unless your suit is white or some of the solid color suits have the color inside. I have seen some knockoffs that are a thicker material on another site similar to eBay called Alibaba, I am not 100% what material it is have been asking around but it has the neoprene look but it isn't the real deal. Also the ones with mesh I have seen some that don't have mesh when you zoom in on the actual suit instead it has a texture to the material to look like it has mesh. I pay a lot of attention to detail and always zoom in to get a closer look. 

Again, I know there are may people who don't have $140 to spend on a swim suit, I know I didn't have it had to have my boss reimburse me for the suit because I just don't have that kind of money to spend. At the same time I know a lot of ladies are going to want to get that same trendy look all the while saving a few bucks. I just want to show you that their is really no comparison with these suits others than just the look at first glance with the color. They are made totally different, the cut is different, the material is different and they fit totally different. I mostly am doing this post to make buyers aware of what they are really purchasing and to show you that the real deal Triangl bikinis are expensive for a reason. They are made of an expensive high end material that you really don't see on bathing suits. Also the construction of the Triangl suits is amazing. They are so well made, they are super figure flattering because the material molds to your body, hugging all your curves and accentuating your body. 

One last dupe for the day that was very popular on Amazon and EBay is this suit 

As you can see from the above photos it is not an exact replica of the Triangl, it is made totally different. It isn't a knock off of a older style from last season it is just a look alike style. They took the bright colors and black trim, trying to pass I todd for a Triangl style suit. 

It does not have the signature black trim around the edges of the top only on the cup, then it has the waist band one solid color with black trim then a solid bottom in a different color. Again this suit is not made of neoprene, it is a lined Lycra spandex mix. You can find this style all over the web for as low as $4.50 and as high as $24 depending on where you order it. It has the padded push up material in the cups and is nothing like a real triangl bikini. 

I hope this will help many of you when looking for a suit. I know I had a lot of people who thought that they could find the same style bikini for way less but as you can see from above, yes you can find one that looks the same as far as the colors and look but it won't be made of the neoprene material, the quality isn't even close, fit isn't comparable and I just don't recommend these suits if you really want one of the Triangl suits. It's like buying a knock off purse, first off it is illegal to even sell a knock off because it's like stealing a photo or copyright of someone else's work, but also if you have ever seen a fake purse it looks the same to the eye but it's made of plastic and cheaper material. Usually they fall apart within in weeks and just don't last. Sometimes you will even spend a gold amount of money on a fake for the look of the original only to be let down in the end by lack of quality. 

Please just be careful when ordering and if you have any concerns or questions you can go to the Traingl site, they have a live chat where you can ask questions about anything and everything to do with the site, they will be able to tell you if a suit is a original Triangl or a fake. I am almost tempted to purchase a few of these styles since some are as cheap as $4-10 but feel guilty it's like stealing to some people. I don't want to do anything to make the Triangl company upset but there is a part of me that wants to get a closer look to review and show the differences also to see how they are made and what materials for sure. It would be solely for research. But we will see, I have written down a few sites from videos I watched that looked pretty on point but again I would feel guilty. I will see when I return from vacation. Off to bed wanted to update and change some things since I posted so quick this am. Tomorrow will add links to the suits pictured above for the Triangl site and some other links for reference. Nighty night. 

Happy shopping and hope everyone has a great July 4th ����✌️❤️

Also wanted to add a side note a lot of people who read my blog with my bargain eBay finds may say wait a minute she buys stuff off eBay all the time, here is the deal I don't internionally ever buy fake items, I usually am buying the same item you are buying from a online shop or boutique but from the wholesaler for less. My kimono for example I found on eBay for $5, it is the exact same one that many people get off online shops just I am buying it from one of the sites that sells wholesale to those shops. Or I may buy a item from a seller that found the item on sale and is auctioning it for less cause it pre worn or could be a clearance item they found or store sample that is being sold for less. I am not a fan of buying fakes or replicas. Like buying my tanks recently from Wet Seal I don't consider that buying a fake because it's made by and carried in a high end retail store, it's just similar to the one made by a higher end designer or carried in a high end online boutique that marks up the price to make make money. 

I support many small businesses online that sell original and authentic designs made by them. I believe in supporting those who create their own one of a kind designs and styles. I shop on etsy all the time and have many shops I have found on Instagram that I support. Just wanted to throw that in. I am a bargain hunter for sure and like to save money on some items so I can splurge on some luxury higher end items. When it comes to shirts and tanks or some items I don't mind buying something less expensive if I can, but there are some items I like to splurge on like my jeans, shoes and purses.   Just wanted to show some people the difference in quality and how you get what you are paying for. I am always looking for a bargain and maybe if I didn't love this suit and had not been dreaming of one for awhile, like if it was one I just kind of liked maybe I might have not thought twice about scooping a fake but I really wanted to try the real deal and happy I did, to me it was worth it. I have a ton of suits and this is one of the if not the best made one I have. I have some expensive suits also from 65-100 I have gotten and even two high end one of a kind that retailed for over $200 but luckily one I know the designer and the other was a sample for me to review. Thank you for reading. ✌️❤️����

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Triangl Bikini, review for larger busted ladies

  I am really excited to be able to bring this review to you today,  I have loved these neoprene Triangl bikinis since I first laid eyes on them last year.  When I first saw them they did not have a size option for a top for myself.  I am a 34DD and sometimes even a DDD, I have a hard time finding bras, swimsuits and many items due this.  One day I dream to have a reduction to make them smaller but till that day comes I have to deal with the good and the bad of being large busted. It has it's perks but also has many down sides, like making you look heavier, having to buy dresses and tops larger and have them fit huge everywhere but the chest,  and worst of all, not being able to find proper fitting comfortable bras and swim suit tops.

  Before purchasing my bikini I did a lot of research, from looking at other blogs, watching youtube videos and scrolling through endless photos on Instagram to read what people had to say.  I then logged onto the Triangl website again.  My first visit I did the live chat and was told to wait because they were releasing the S++ size top.  The kind lady informed me this would be the perfect fit for me and to come back in a few weeks to see if the style I wanted was available.  I got hectic with my health issues and totally forgot till it was around Easter and I was shopping for a suit for my daughter when she found a similar look at Target.  I then came home to find that now several style suits were available in the S++.  I waited a few more weeks and started trying to find reviews or something about the new size, nothing.  Even now I have only found two ladies on youtube that have reviewed this size and both are tiny girls wearing a 32D or 34D and small bottoms.  I am a size 27-30 in jeans depending on when my last infusion was, because the steroids and cortisone along with other medications I have to take for my treatments can bloat me up for a couple weeks.  On a normal average day I am a size 5/6 and 27" waist, but I can get up to a 7/8 and even as high as a 10 depending on what is going on with my health.  It can be depressing but I have gotten use to it and don't let the weight get me down, it is only temporary and I usually return back to the smaller size within in a week or two.  I am almost 40 so at my age I honestly have gotten passed my body image issues and thinking I am over weight all the time.  I was always a size 00, to a 2 when I was a teen and in my twenties, even up until I started getting sick four to five years ago I was tiny.  I then gained like 30 lbs and didn't know why now years later being diagnosed we know it was due to my health.   My hormones were all kinds of out of whack along with many other issues.  No matter what size I am or will be I knew I wanted to try one of these suits.  I live in the swimsuit capital being that we have summer weather year round and some of the best beaches within 15-20 minutes drive from my home.  I have over 15 suits and I knew I needed to try this new hot suit for myself.

  I logged back on a few weeks ago and have since logged on several times, every time I have looked over all the photos, talked to the live chat customer service reps, which is my favorite feature of this company.  They are so helpful and kind.  Helping you with sizing tips, return questions, shipping questions and more.  I was so blown away with their customer service that even after being a bit skeptical of the suit fitting me good and the sizes being a good fit for me, I still wanted to so badly review this suit for my readers.  I really wanted to share with you how helpful these kind ladies were. My best experience was with a agent by the name of Lyn,  she was so kind, helpful, and really patient with me over the thirty minutes we talked about the suits, styles, shipping, all my concerns, duty costs and fees as well as the sizes.  I was still up late the nights before taking the plunge researching and looking for anything.  There had to be other large busted ladies who had these suits.  Maybe they just don't blog or share their opinion!?  I was really just looking for someone who was my size to review this suit and the sizes I was looking at.  The more I looked the more I worried about ordering this suit. Honestly it seemed like only young girls or super tiny ladies owned and loved these suits.  I saw a few ladies that didn't like the suits at all but before they offered the S++ and they had either ordered a large which had them spilling out the sides and top, or the XL which needed to be altered or returned because it was to large around.  These style suits like the Brigette and Poppy are not adjustable around, they have one clasp that snaps like a seat belt, only the shoulder straps are adjustable.  Also the neoprene doesn't have a lot of stretch or give to the material.  If you have ever worn a wet suit you know how tight those are, these are made of the exact same thick material.

   I was concerned it would arrive and after spending $99 for the suit and $20 for shipping then I had read many got a call from the post office or Fed Ex telling them they owed an additional $40 for the duties or customs bill.  For me to even be considering paying over $100 for a bikini is insane.  Prior to this I have spent 60-80 on a new suit from Victoria Secret or a high end swim shop, but I was able to try it on and was in love with the fit.  I was not ordering a suit I had never seen in person or touched, never tried on and was being shipped from across the planet.  I spoke to my boss at work and she was intrigued, she had also heard a lot about these suits as of recent as she is also larger busted like myself with curves.  She told she would go ahead and order the suit or  that she would reimburse me for it, that if I didn't like it we could use it as a sample for the company, or if I liked it I could review it and post my review here on the blog.  Either way I planned to review it fit or not fit, like or not like, I always like to be straight forward about all items I post about.  I also wanted so badly for someone to review this suit that I had to do a review myself.  I know there are other ladies just like myself who want to know how this fits the everyday woman who is not a size 0-2 and a 34A.

   I have lots of packages come from customs, I order a lot of items from Australia (best spot for Bohemian gems), China, Hong Kong and Thailand.  As far as I know we did  not pay any duty fees in addition to the $20 shipping fee. ( I will ask for sure). My item came wrapped nicely inside a large matte black box with Triangl in shiny black on the front.  

   I went with the Bridgette style with the denim and crochet look.  I ordered a S++ top and a XL bottom.  I was so excited to see this suit in person, it was all I imagined.  The neoprene is amazing, the crochet detail is stunning and over all the suit is made very well.  

You can see why they charge what they do for these amazing suits.  Neoprene will last forever and if taken care of correctly this suit should last you easily five or more years.  It won't fade, or get the sand stuck in between the fibers like most suits, it won't get that scratched or those little balls that most suits get from swimming in the pool.  I am just over all impressed.

   I plan to keep the box it came in to store it in my closet on the top shelf so it doesn't get wrinkled or the wire doesn't get bent in the drawer.  I read online that once it gets messed up or creased it is hard to get that back to normal, so these are for sure something that you should store, and wash with care.  I recommend of course hand wash and rinse then laying flat to dry. I am happy we have a salt water pool and not chlorine because as much as this suit cost I wouldn't want to be worried lol, but from what I have read it is super strong and heavy duty material, it should last the test of time and all the elements.  I took the suit out of the box and removed it from the plastic, again at first sight it is gorgeous, but I was worried because it looked so small on the top and so large on the bottom from just first glance. 

   I ended up taking the advice of the live chat lady and ordering my Brigette top in the S++ and the bottom in a XL, she was between the large and extra large but I would rather it be loose than too tight any day lol.  Plus I can always wear a black bottom with it if I gain or lose weight in between.  The bottoms fit perfect, they are fitted for sure and if you have love handles or a booty it will dig in some, but for me they fit rather nice.  I am a size 27-30 usually, right now I just had two treatments in a row usually I have them once every two weeks but we are going out of town so had to have two back to back, so I am currently wearing my size 28 in Silver jeans. 

    Out of the box the top looked really small to me, I was kind of disappointed and started thinking of all the reasons why I hate shopping online especially if it is a new store or brand that I don't already know my size.  I went to try it on and was amazed honestly.  It fits around perfectly and actually seems to have a little stretch to it which I was told it didn't.  I had to adjust the straps several times before I liked the look but it does fit me and I am a large DD pretty much almost a DDD like I mentioned before I can go from a 32-34DD-DDD and a 34-36DD.  It all depends on the bra.  I can not wear anything with a padding or push up, luckily my boobs don't hang (I had a lift after my second daughter, I have always had larger bust).  Wish I would have made them smaller but didn't lol.  Was worried the lift would make them smaller but it didn't lol.  Okay so the top doesn't cover me perfectly, it fits like a demi bra.  It is not a full coverage style bra, it shows a lot of skin and cleavage but it is a bikini.  It makes my chest look very nice and accentuates my curves nicely.  I really love the color blue so that is why I went with this style and color, but wish now I would have ordered on of the Poppy in one of the coral and orange shades, because that really makes my tan and blonde hair pop.

If you are larger busted or you wear over a 34 normally around I would not recommend this top, it just barely fits me and luckily I am a little over weight right now so hopefully in two weeks I will be back down to my regular size and it will fit even nicer. 

Hope that this has been helpful and when I am feeling better and not retaining fluids from my infusion I will be sure to post photos of the suit on. Hoping to take the plunge now that I know how it fits and order another suit. I have also considerd ordering a dupe mostly to use for my other post on the many duplicate and fakes out there, most are honest and tell you they are fake but wanted to be able to show you the difference and also see upclose for myself so that no one is ripped off or scammed. It is amazing how many items they make fakes of. Had no idea that the bikinis were the same till I hit blogs and YouTube researching for size references. It is amazing and some are pretty spot on. Check out my post following this one that I posted earlier Thursday for some comparisons I leaned from watching the videos and be sure to check out YouTube yourself for some videos. Deep down I always have my fingers crossed that I will get lucky and be gifted one of these amazing suits for myself without having to involve my boss. As of right now saving up for the Poppy in a Pink Lemonade and also love the Miami Flamingo, I think that is the name have to look tomorrow am. Off to bed and tomorrow will update this post with a link to my suit on the site as well as one for the live chat if you have sizing or product questions. Also feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer any questions I can. Have a lovely holiday weekend and please be sure to check out my new fashion IG page @cr8tivefashionwanderlust and follow if you like, since it's a new page working to build up my followers to 1k like my old page has. Have a safe and fun July 4th to all. Xoxo ����✌️❤️

Monday, June 29, 2015

Night out on the town, Vegas Style

A couple outfit ideas and inspiration for a night out on the
town in Las Vegas.  First up I put together a sexy little white
and red number perfect for a hot summer night in Las Vegas.
There are so many places to go and things to see while in
Las Vegas.  Be sure to check out Nightclubs in Las Vegas for
more details on some of the hottest clubs and lounges in 
Las Vegas.


I was asked to put together a few looks or options
for Las Vegas. I decided to do a night out on
the town in Sin City. I know when I go to Vegas
I like to dress up whether going to the casino,
lounging by the pool, hitting the hottest nightclubs in Vegas
or going to dinner at some of the best restaurants in town.
This outfit you could wear to a nice dinner then take off
the kimono for that sexy evening look,  perfect for hitting 
the club.

I love to layer and kimonos are super trendy
right now. Perfect for that elegant look, but 
make the transition to sexy simple. I added 
lots of gold and silver jewelry, red lips, white
mani/pedi and a classic Chanel bag. 

Next up a little Black and White ensemble perfect for taking
in a Vegas show or hitting the casino floor for some
gambling fun.  I love simple lines and classic stripes.  White
is one of my favorites for the summer time.  It shows of the
great summer tan and just has such a fresh look and feel.

Above I paired together a cute peplum style top, with a black
and white striped pencil skirt.  Added a cute cropped blazer
then lots of cute black and white with gold accessories to
finish of the look. Details below for this outfit and the above 
outfit.  Don't forget to click on the above links for 
more details on booking a room at one of the many hotels
on the strip, reserving a show, or help finding the perfect
nightclub or poolside fun for your stay in Vegas.  Thank
you to for the amazing inspiration.

Hope you have enjoyed my Vegas looks, and remember I am going
to try to put together a couple looks from my own closet and
snap some photos to share before the end of the week.
This sure is making me want to plan a long 
weekend in Las Vegas. ✌️❤️

Be sure to visit and for more 
outfit inspiration check out the hashtag 
#ultimatevegasoutfit @vegascom on Twitter
and Instagram.  

Night out on the town

Red crop top
$10 -

White robe
$36 -

White skirt

Ankle strap shoes
$55 -

Chanel red purse

Gold jewelry

Decree bracelet bangle

White House Black Market belt

Essie nail polish
$13 -

Pool side lounging, Vegas style

My outfit inspiration for a pool side afternoon
in sunny Las Vegas. Imagine being pool side 
sipping a mojito while laying out in your cabana 
or playing black jack at a table in the water 
at the Hard Rock or one of the many other 
amazing hotels in Las vegas. Only place on
earth you can gamble while being pool side. 


I am in love with the Triangl bikinis this summer. 
This one is my personal favorites with light blue
and white crochet details. I am loving white
and blue this summer. I am sure you can tell
by my above outfit inspiration. I also love all
things bohenian, the crochet sandals are my 
favorite. A must have for me is a floppy white hat to
protect your face from aging or too much sun, 
Please be sure to check out and 
The hashtag #UltimateVegasOutfit for more 
outfit ideas. Also visit @vegascom on Twitter and IG
for places to go while you are in Las Vegas. Besides
gambling there is so much to see and do. Live shows, 
some of the best places to eat, drink and see.
Also you can't forget the amazing Vegas night
life. Stay tuned this week I will be posting a few
more of my outfit ideas and inspiration for 
a Vegas get away along with some of my 
personal favorite places in Las Vegas. 

Still have to put together my day time outfit for a day of 
sight seeing, shopping and gambling. 
Have a great week 
Xoxo ✌️❤️

Pool side lounging

Chicwish white slip

Swim suit

Summer shoes

14th Union boho necklace

Christian Dior wrap sunglasses
$520 -

White hat

Sunday, June 28, 2015

New goodies and a couple of my latest looks

      Hello there, I wanted to pass by quickly to share a couple of my new items I received this week in the mail and a few of my latest looks from my Instagram fashion account. If you haven't started following my newest account you can find it @Cr8tiveFashionWanderlust. I will be sharing all my
fashion and decor pics on that page from now on. That way it's easier and you don't have to see all my personal and nature photos.

     This week I received many items, I shared earlier in the week my new top and graphic tees, and some gorgeous jewelry from the talented Adam Rabbit Jewelry  on Etsy. I am so in love with my raw Citrine stone necklace.  It has such a great energy to it and looks amazing.

    Since those items arrived I also received some other lovely items, I have been working with a lady for many years, started out she had a boutique right by my house in the publix shopping center. One day I decided to stop in to check out the new boutique and we got to talking, she had just opened and wanted to decorate the shop with a more glamourous feel. At the time I had my own event planning business and was taking interior design, and home staging jobs whenever the opportunity arouse. After chatting and telling her my ideas for the space she asked me to help and after several weeks we transformed a plain white shop into a glamourous space with our exact vision coming to life. I also helped her plan a grand reopening after the remodel, and several other ladies shopping nights. I would set up a table with decorations, candy and handmade desserts and we would have networking events with ladies who had businesses of their own or sold items like Partylite and pampered chef, along with nights for regular customers that shopped at the boutique. Years later you fast forward and she has since closed that boutique and has her original shop she opened with her best friend from college in Delray Beach, a shop she opened before the one I helped with in Weston and her newest adventure in my aree,  out west in Pines. I have helped with decor and buying, then since I started working as a stylist and curator she was my first client I got on my own for my firm.  I helped her set up and curate a online website for her shops with a mix of styles and brands she carries at all her boutiques. She never had a online site and has been excited to launch this site. We are still working out the kinks and currently restocking a lot of the items that sold out within a week of the launch. She is actually looking for a warehouse space now because she was selling items solely from her shops, but is seeing now that there is a larger demand online. She has decided that setting up a warehouse is the best solution for this.

    Now that I have caught you up on my connection to this amazing client and friend, that way you understand why she sends me samples and free goodies. I am blessed she sends me items all the time as a thank you for my help whether with decorating, styling, curating or helping with shopping or selecting styles for the stores. She sent me several lovely pieces from some high end surf and sun lines, with maxi dresses, sundresses, kimonos, sandals and bags. This week I received many tee shirts and tanks. I am always super thankful and grateful when someone sends me items or samples for my blog or Instagram. It can be expensive being a fashion blogger, trying to keep up with the latest trends and keep new styles coming in so you aren't posting the same old styles over and over again. Honestly I couldn't be more thankful for all the amazing ladies, companies and shops that have sent me items. Every item means so much to me, I haven't been sent an item yet I don't love and wear often. I always try my best to make sure to wear everything and post them all. If you have sent me an item recently and haven't seen it yet no worries,  I am leaving for a two week vacation next week and my entire suitcase is filled with lots of new styles I am saving for my trip. I can't wait to share with everyone. 


I received this lovely O'Neill tank from Mandy along with three graphic tanks from O'Neill and billabong. I paired it with a lace crochet style, lined shark bite style white skirt, this short sleeve, crochet back, flowing front white cardigan and gold feather lariat style necklace by Lacey Ryan (a favorite of mine) are all from The crystal necklace is from Tilly's. They always have their bogo sale on accessories. I got this gorgeous piece for $3. 


The hand chain is a spine gold hand chain bracelet by Lacey Ryan and paired it with some random gold bangles I own and my Alex and Ani Love bangle. Wearing my white Mia sandals also sent to me awhile back by Mandy. 


Above is one of the three graphic tees she sent me. One is black and has a eye, triangle, crescent moon like dream catcher, with feathers by Billabong, and a white tank by O'Neill with different style and color feathers, she knows my love for all things with feathers and moons. Then she sent me the floral tank all the way at the top and this cute tank by O'Neill with Wanderer on it. I paired it with a black cami tank, JCrew boyfriend destroyed denim jeans, and the billabong kimono she sent me with the dresses awhile back. Love every single piece she has sent me. They are all perfect for my style and look. The dream catcher bronze necklace is from Tilly's for $3.50. (Bogo deal retails for 6-7.90 when buying one), I always get two to save. 


I received this lovely Wanderlust definition tee in the mail and then purchased this beaded bracelet set by Lacey Ryan to add to my collection, from Love the metallic colors, with turquoise and orange then the tassel bracelet is my favorite. I love how all her pieces can be mixed and matched, stacked and combined to make unique looks every time. I am so happy I found out about Maurices online, we don't have a shop near by but I have gotten so many cute items from their site. Just got a cute anchor and a cherry romper can't wait to receive along with some other cute items I will be sharing soon. 


The visionary shirt and antique gold Turkish coin style, turquoise necklace are favorites of mine. I love a cool graphic tee and always love new necklaces or bracelets to dress up my tees and tanks. Love tribal designs and styles. Just found a cute indian headpiece necklace at wetseal for $3.50 on sale can't wait to wear it. Have a silver ring I discovered at 

     Off to get ready for my Sunday, we got a brand new mattress this weekend. Something we have been wanting for some time. We ruined our mattress when we got my new bed not using the proper support but since purchased low profile, bunkie style board mattress support and then we really could feel how damaged our bed was, we got this hybrid iselect honoree serta super plush pillow top bed with memory foam, cooling gel and more on clearance from $2199.99 for 1000 was awesome. Slept amazing last night not to mention our new foam and gel pillows that are amazing. First morning I didn't wake up in severe pain in my hip, lower back and shoulder. Spent the am just laying here in bed since my hubby went with my oldest daughter to the gun show. Figured it was the perfect time to catch up on my blog posts. Can't wait to be start changing things up on my new laptop later this week. 

    Till then sorry for any typos I will go back over later this evening to proof read both posts from today and some previous ones. I have noticed even when I go back and correct things it will still change them back, think it is my phones auto correct it has a mind of it's own lol. (Actually got my new MacBook yesterday 6/29 and am going through now to edit and add links that you can just click on and be directed to the website).  You will be noticing a difference in my blog now.  Super excited to be able to type my posts on a computer now and not on my small iPhone, but I think I have done good for six or eight months keeping the blog up with only using my iPad and iPhone.  Thank you to everyone for baring with me and sorry for the issues with my typos.  it was really my phone the auto correct has a mind of it's own, I would come on to proof read and correct any typos, then after retyping a post I would hit save then read it over only to find the same or even worse, sometimes more typos.  Lol.  It isn't easy and I read many blogs, no one is perfect and haven't read one yet that doesn't have one or two.  I always say I have never claimed to be a writer, just a regular woman who loves fashion, bargain shopping and sharing my love for creating.  

Enjoy your Sunday and can't wait only a week and four days till we leave on vacation. Yay.  
Xoxo ✌️❤️

Hot summer looks for less

Summer looks for Less..

     I have always loved to share bargains and deals with my readers. I know my favorite part of shopping is saving money. Who doesn't love to save money?  I love to save money on any items I can so I can splurge on others. I am always seeing cute pieces I love and have always made sure instead of ordering on impulse as soon as I find a cute style or look, instead to take the time to surf the web and look around for similar or same styles for less. My first spot I hit is always eBay. I have found some of the best deals ever on eBay. Usually the items are brand new but on occasion I have found lightly used items for way less than new. Usually 50-75% or more savings.

   I use to do a weekly post taking tv shows or soaps I watched then posting some of my favorite fashions from those shows and trying finding the same items or  something comparable for a everyday person like myself who doesn't have tons of money or unlimited budgets. I always like to call those fashion finds, designer deals, looks for less or style steals. You can find some old posts here on my blog. 

    This week I was looking to finish up my summer shopping with adding a few more cute graphic tops, tees or tanks for my upcoming trip to New Orleans and Texas, some cute boyfriend or destroyed denim shorts or cropped jeans, cute skirts and some peasant style dresses. I started my hunt on eBay and found several items I loved. Including a few peasant dresses from $5-18, was super excited to find a chicwish peasant style dress I have seen on other blogs this week for $30 in my size, I had tried to order direct because they had a great sale and their prices are usually awesome but they were sold out of my size. 

Photo from

    The above dress was $10 with shipping made by Forever 21. Can't wait to wear this on vacation. It is similar to the chicwish dress I ordered. Only difference is the style of the dress, this is more of a peasant style dress and the Chicwish dress was more of a babydoll cut dress.  I also found a cute cropped cardigan in blue that matches a lot of these white gauze style dresses with the blue stitching. The dress above stitching looks more navy blue than the porcelain blue I have seen on a lot of the embroidered pieces I have purchased but I have some navy cardigans I am sure lol. 

      I also have been eyeing a pretty kimono that was retailing for $27-35 on some online shops and found it on eBay for $4.99 can't wait to receive it, the colors are gorgeous and great for summer. This can be worn many ways, as a beach coverup, over tanks and tees or over a pretty summer dress. 

Photo from listing

Fashion Finds and Style Steals..

     We all know I love graphic tees and tanks, I occasionally will splurge and spend a little extra money on a cute tee if it's something unique and one of a kind but I always look around for the same designer on eBay discounted or a lot of times you can find the exact same tee or tank maybe the style is slightly different or the graphic is a little different but same idea for way less. 

                 Above photo is from           

    A great example is this cute white tank by Rebecca Minkoff that retails for over $50. I love beach saying graphic tanks and tee shirts for the summer, I broke down and bought this tank but returned it after receiving it because it was a little big and was having buyers remorse. I loved the saying and had to take a look online to see if a similar style was being sold online. Sure enough... 


I found the above tank on and on sale for $15 plus had a promo code to get free shipping and 10% off my first online purchase. Sure the style of the tank is different, the Rebecca tank was longer in length and more of a muscle cut tank, but the graphic is the same.  To me that was what attracted me to the tank to begin with, when shopping for fun summer graphic tees and tanks I wanted ones with cute beach sayings or quotes.  I will update once this items arrives or have a new post featuring all these items.  All I know is that by returning that one tank I was refunded over $60 with shipping and tax, with that money I was able to go from buying one tank to three tops, two Machine jean shorts, a pair of jeans, pencil skirts and some accessories.  To me that was way worth the savings and the tank hopefully will fit good, it has the same exact graphic so it should be a perfect replacement.  Stay tuned..

    I found several items on their site that are comparable to and the same as many items I had wanted for way less. 


I had seen this, "Go climb a cactus" tank on several sites for $20-30 and I paid $6.40 after sale price and discount. I also got the machine denim jean shorts in white and blue for $10 and $15 plus 10% off. I got a cute skirt (popular white and black skirt) and a stylish dress also. Once everything arrives next week I will be sure to post on my new Instagram fashion page I started @Cr8tiveFashionWanderlust. Be sure to follow for my daily ootd posts and finds. 


Tank photo from Ebay listing.

I found this awesome white muscle style tank for $10 on eBay. These have been retailing for $20-35 online in boutiques and shops. With eBay if you see an item I found that you are interested in purchasing yourself please comment below or message me on Instagram I will send you a link for the shop if it's an item they stock regularly, sometimes it's a one item bid and if I win it they don't have more, like the dress I won above, but this tank is something they stock in all sizes. 

I also have some other items I am bidding on now I will share later in the week, along with my Wetseal purchase, JCrew purchase and ordered several cute pieces from Forever 21 online because I had found a couple items in store but they didn't have my size. When this happens I just order online. I am done with summer shopping, once my final bids on eBay end and my items arrive, I think I said that before but this time I mean it. Got myself and my daughters a lot of super cute stuff for our vacation and the rest of the summer. I will be taking a break from shopping since my closet is bursting at the seams and won't be buying anymore new items till august for the fall and winter. 

I can't wait to share all the new cute items I ordered along with some cute pieces I am receiving from some of my favorite online shops, I have a few shops sending me pieces to review for my blog and post on my social media to share with my readers and followers. Excited because a couple are surprises I don't know for sure what they are sending and that is always exciting. I had shared a bohemian definition tee a couple weeks ago from Boho Circus and the lovely ladies contacted me when responding to a question I had sent them on etsy along with a photo of how I styled their tee and they informed me they would be sending me a tee or tank, I can't wait should arrive this week. Also met a lovely lady on etsy who makes her own tee shirts and has some amazing and super cute styles that is going to be sending me some new styles to share with all my readers as well. 

Thank you for passing by to check out my post. Please feel free if there is an item you love and you are looking for at a bargain price or deal to contact me. Either email me or send me a photo through Instagram dm or comment below leaving your contact info and I will do my best to find it for you. I don't mind helping, my best friend lives in NC and the other two are one in PA and the other in KY when ever they want to buy something they always send me photos and I search for deals for them. I have found $165 jeans for $30 on eBay like new and designer tops that retail for $60/80 online and found them for 20-30 on eBay also. Sometimes I find them new or lightly used and I also find similar looks for less, may not be the exact brand but you would never know if I didn't tell you. I am always happy to help. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and here is to happy bargain shopping and deal hunting. Xoxo ✌️❤️

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Style steals, looks for less coming Monday

I am back at it, finding you some of the cutest and most recent trends from high end designers, with a close to or exact match by a lower end designer or boutique for way less. I use to do these awhile back and it's been some time since my last post. I use to use a lot of the tv series like the Real Housewives series to find cute outfits then show you the designer or style they wore then a comparable style for less. Now I am going to just find you some of the newest trends from blogs and hot designers that are trending online from bloggers and Social media, I find these items and then spend some time searching the web for similar or almost exact looks from time to time for less. I love to do this because if you are like me and have champagne taste on a beer budget than you will love this post. I am going to try to do one monthly or atleast every season. My summer style steals will be available this week coming hopefully Monday evening. I will have some denim style steals, graohic tee looks for less and then lots of other items like skirts, dresses, and more. Stay tuned. Also please be sure to check out my new Instagram page I have created, from a old account I had used for my business and photography I wanted to have a page dedicated to fashion and home decor, check out @cr8tivefashionwanderlust and be sure to follow along. I will have ootd pics. Style steals and deals as well. Home design and decor along with diy projects, recipes and more. 

Have a fabulous weekend xoxo. 


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thank you to everyone for your comments, and some clothing shots...

Tonight I was responding to a recent comment and saw so many comments I had not seen, I am so sorry I have not gotten back or responded to so many comments. It warms my heart and makes me so happy to read every single one of the amazing comments you have left me. I am so grateful to everyone who reads and follows my blog. It really makes me smile and so happy. I am so blessed to have so many amazing readers it really is awesome. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope to be able to continue to bring you more photos and posts you will enjoy in the future. I am working to launch a new blog soon or to improve this one by the end of the summer for all my amazing readers and followers. Have a great weekend xoxo ✌️✨❤️ 

Today my hubby was off and met my cousin at the beach with her kids to enjoy this lovely summer day. The water is warm and it was really an aweome day. 

Shared this beautiful top I got at Forever 21 over on my Instagram page today, paired it with a pair of linen white shorts by Roxy, then dressed it up with a new crystal necklace I got from Tilly's from their bogo deal on accesories for $3. Wearing some Lacey Ryan beaded bracelets from her collection at Maurices and two of my Lokai bracelets. 

Love this top has such an amazing fit feels like it was made for me and for $22 it's a bargain for me. I almost got it in black too. 

Better shot so you can sorta see the shorts I have on but they are shorter length. Love Roxy and love Forever 21

Another forever 21 score the from the other day, this 3/4 length sleeve, mid length black dress with white embroidered floral design was gorgeous couldn't pass it up. Finally a medium that fit my chest. Hate having to buy a large and have it huge everywhere else. 

Necklace is from Lacey Ryan for Maurices. This is my favorite piece I own from her collection. This triple layer necklace is always on repeat. Check out and enter Lacey Ryan in the search, also check out their cute clothing I have purchased a lot from them since finding their online site thanks to the Lacey Ryan collection, I received a necklace as a gift and then went on the hunt for more piece and found them here. She also has her own site you can find her on Instagram @laceyryaninc and her link is in her profile. I will be adding that to my favorite stores soon promise. 

My arm party this day was Lacey Ryan beaded bracelets and Lokai stack, I recently got the camo wildlife bracelet to add to my collection. Check them out on Instagram @livelokai

Maxi dress was a gift from a delray beach shop I have worked for styling, curating their online shop which launched this weekend and modeling for a their social media site. The dress is made by O'Neill and then got this gorgeous lace duster from Pacsun on clearance a couple months ago. Necklace is Lacey Ryan along with a couple of her bracelets mixed with my Lokai stack. 

Another shot of this lovely dress, wish you could see the back, has a strap across where your bra strap would go mid back then open back all the way down to waist, gorgeous. Also love the lace crochet detail along the bottom of the ruffle. Has adjustable straps. Also has a high slit up the right side of skirt, gorgeous and love this maxi. 

Skull tank from last fall by Target, paired with a kimono from Forever 21. Necklace is a silver lariat style chain with crescent moon and star. Got this at Tilly's on clearance for $2 love it. 

Shorts are from and are the denim boyfriend shorts by sneak peek denim. Love these, destroyed denim is my fave. Will be working on a post for how to destroy your jeans. I know there are a lot of destroyed jeans and shorts available now because they are really trending right now but when they aren't trending I love to do some diy distressing myself. I have lots of fun tips I have learned over the years from bleach, using a cheese grater, scissors, and sand paper. I will get a old pair of jeans an do a step by step taking lots of photos even thinking of making a video to post. Will see if I have time before vacation. 

Thank you again to everyone and enjoy your upcoming Friday and weekend. Xoxo ✌️❤️