Saturday, August 1, 2015

Return from vacation, back to reality week of ootd & armstack IG posts

Wanted to do a quick post of some of my Instagram ootd posts and armstack posts. Going to get my Instagram feed connected to the blog soon promise but for now sorry to be behind since my return from our summer road trip. Have been really spending a lot of time at the doctor working on new treatment and getting my health on track. A minor set back but my blog is still getting worked on and I hope to have it updated fully soon. For how here are some posts you missed since my return. You can go to @Cr8tiveFashionWanderlust to follow me on Instagram and GypseaWanderer for my Twitter feed, I am newer to Twitter but learning my way. All outfits have details on my Instagram page if you tap photo and I will do my best to cover below shots. 

Have a fabulous weekend and keep an eye out, have a special blog feature I am working on for two sites I found on Etsy that I love. BohoCircus and A Rosy Outlook. Excited to share this feature with you and will also have an exclusive promo code for August you can use to purchase items from their sites. I plan to work on it this weekend, had hoped to go live with the feature this evening but my husband took off a shift and we went bowling then he had to go back to work tonight. He has off tomorrow so we are hoping to spend some quality family time at the beach, I want to make sure I can sit down at my laptop and really dedicate a couple of hours to this feature so I am in no rush, this feature means a lot to me. I will have photos, lots of bohemian inspiration, and the lovely story of the ladies behind the sites and designs. Promise if you love kindred spirits, boheniam style, vintage looks, and gypsy vibes, you will love this post. 

Enjoy my photos and thank you to everyone for all your well wishes, kind words, support, encouragement and for being supportive with the new shops, brands and products I have featured recently. It means a lot to me and only promise to continue to bring you more amazing posts, products, reviews and shops I love that I hope you will also love. Have a blessed evening and dliteful weekend xoxo ✌️❤️

//Top from Forever21•Jeans Silver Jeans boyfriend cut, distressed denim•Necklace Fawninginlove from Etsy• Bracelets are a mix of Lacey Ryan from Maurices and Lokai•Purse (only partially seen in pic) Tory Burch.//

//Graphic Gypsea tee by BohoCircus•Kimono with Feather print EBay score•Necklace local artisan made from Key West, Shell charm•Bracelets are a mix of @GypsyHavenJewel on IG and Etsy, Rocksbox turquoise and silver arrowhead bangle and Lokai classic and limited edition blue.//

// All same details as above but here you can see my favorite new jeans, the boyfriend jeans by Silver Jeans Co. link in my favorite shops section on side bar. I recently became an ambassador for this brand and I am excited/honored because I have been wearing and loving this amazing brand for over a decade, I highly recommend this brand and have before becoming an Ambasssdor.//

//Graphic tank, with pin up style art from Fort Worth Stockyards in Texas•Kimono same as above from EBay•Silver Jeans Santorini cropped, distressed jeans•Fawninginlove Feather Agate necklace from Etsy•Bracelets again a mix of Lacey Ryan and Lokai.//

//Same outfit as above and all same details, note you can find links to Lacey Ryan's site, Silver jeans and working on adding my favorite EBay stores soon, on my blog site in sidebar under Favorite shops. Can't be seen on mobile site only full desk top site.  Also you can find Lacey Ryan's collab with Maurices at Any other shops I haven't listed yet but mention just leave a comment on the post or send me a email, you can find my email under contact tab, and I am always happy to share.//

//Dress from Target (last spring) love the lace racer back strap detail (can't see in photo) & pockets. The color is gorgeous and really cheerful, perfect for summer•Lace Kimono is from Pacsun clearance•Silver and turquoise shorter necklace made by Fawninginlove on Etsy (a favorite)•Long necklace I made when I sold jewelry many moons ago for fun on Etsy and Store Envy.//

\\Ring is a silver embossed, cuff style, bohochic ring from Bohemian Vibe Boutique•Bracelets are some I made that match the long necklace, Rocksbox silver and turquoise arrowhead bracelet from their inventory sale, Lacey Ryan and Lokai//

// Graphic tank, from a post a little while back, featuring style steals and is a look alike for a high end designer tank retailing for $60 found this inspired tank for under $10 at•Paired with basic fold over waist yoga pants from VS.//

//Killin' it graphic tank was a eBay score for $10•Kimono from Forever21 with white embroidering and lace trim•Silver Jeans cropped style•Necklaces, short rhinestone feather charm found on EBay, long horn necklace from Lacey Ryan at Maurice's collection. Love the chain has a rhinestone detail and silver beads•Bracelets appear to be all three Lokai bracelets, the classic, limited edition blue and the camo WWF.\\

//Sharing a morning Coke since I am not a coffee drinker, we were heading home from vacation and our last stop Tallahassee Florida by my favorite, FSU.\\

//Graphic feather tank with " Happiness is free, Be Happy", from Love the back of this tank also it has the slit open look•Lace Kimono by Pacsun clearance•Feather necklace from eBay and Lacey Ryan from horn necklace•Jeans are JCrew boyfriend distressed denim•Bracelets Lokai triple stack.\\

                   Arm party shots 

//Silver embossed, bohemian ring from Bohemian Vibe Boutique, in my favorite shops and prior posts•Beaded bracelets are some turquoise ones I made awhile back to sell and found recently when cleaning my office, Alex and Ani Feather silver bangle and the rest are Lacey Ryan.//

\\Some of the same bracelets I made in turquoise and green, a silver hamsa with turquoise beads from a local arts and crafts show, attend any I see or hear about, love to support local artists. More Lacey Ryan, you will see that name a lot I love her line and she is such a kind and inspiring woman. I own a lot of her bracelets sets, hand chains and necklaces. Again you see the silver snd turquoise arrowhead bangle by Rocksbox I bought from their inventory sale•Rings are my wedding ring and band, a turquoise hand made piece, the arrow midi ring I purchased on sale from Macys.\\

//Classic Lokai paired with some Lacey Ryan bracelets. My favorite thing about her line is that all her pieces can be mixed and matched, they are fantastic for stacking like I love to do. Check out my tag on Instagram with some of my favorite armstacks or armparty shots #melissasarmstack.\\

\\Silver jeans below•Rocksbox turquoise and silver arrowhead bangle•Gypsy Haven Jewel from Etsy Buddha beaded bracelet•Lokai classic and limited edition blue•Bohemian Vibe Boutique silver, embossed cuff style ring and my wedding bling.\\

//Lacey Ryan mix and matched bracelets, love the blue drops with blue beads, tassel and cork beaded bracelet, and gold beaded with red and blue decorative stone from maurices•Lokai classic clear bracelet.\\

It's late so tomorrow I will be sure to read over, proof and make sure I didn't mix any details up or leave any out. Have a great weekend xoxo 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Planet Love Life Bracelets

Planet Love Life's line of products are Eco-friendly! Their bracelets are made from 100% recycled nautical rope. Through organized clean ups, they salvage & recycle marine rope debris that has washed onto the beach. The rope goes through a mild cleaning process to remove the salt & sand with organic soap. I think you will love these bracelets and that proceeds from your purchase are used to clean up beaches and shorelines all over. Click the below link and check out their site. I am proud to be a part of their team. Hope you find something you like and be sure to read up about all the amazing work they do for beaches. I was impressed for sure and knew this would be a brand that my readers and followers would really enjoy as well as appreciate the good cause behind the brand and bracelets. ✌️❤️

Use code LiveLifeFree for free shipping 

Would love to hear your feed back on the site and the brand. 

*brand ambassador/affiliate program

Looking for Back to school supplies, teacher's fashion, and fall fashion/decor for blog.

        Back to school and fall search 

Attention all designers, brands, boutiques and shops I am so happy with the summer products I have received, I am still looking for a few items to feature and review for summer, but I am now gearing up to start working on some back to school fashion. I am interested in the hottest trends for school age kids ages 6-18 I have a 8 year old and 15 year old. Back packs, sneakers, closed toe shoes, trendy cute socks, hair accesories, jewlery, stationary, pens and school supplies are all items I am very interested in. My girls wear uniforms but do have weekly dress down days, they are not allowed to wear shorts, spaghetti straps or open toe shoes. I will be featuring photos of their back to school supplies, bags, shoes, fashion and other products along with reviewing products. 

  Also interested in items for teachers, I have a lot of friends who are teachers and I am sure I have a lot of followers or readers that are also teachers, they also love back to school fashion, supplies and accessories. What better way to show off some hot career wear trends, shoes, bags and stationary or office supplies. I hope to have a post dedicated to teachers returning to work, with fashion trends, comfortable shoes, cool accesoried like whistle necklaces and lanyard straps, stationary and office supplies and anything else you can think of that teachers would be interested in for the upcoming school year. 

Some items will be donated to a local charity that supplies items for children in need of back to school supplies once the items are reviewed, shared, and photographed. Great way to help children in need in our area. Also I can host a contest or giveaway on my blog connected to all social media accounts for items as well. Feel free to contact to me to discuss more. 

Next up is the fall season. I am looking for fall fashion, home decor, Holiday decor, seasonal trends and more. I love samples for everything from makeup, beauty products for recovering our hair and skin from the summer sun damage, and pool water damage, which can be drying, and cause lots of skin issues from dark spots, sun spots, discoloration of skin and hair, dry hair, and so on. Also looking for unique new trends for the fall season. Love fall colors, pants, long skirts, ankle booties, fall bags, and more. 

For the home I would love some samples of fall fragrances for the home, decor, wreaths, floral arrangements, hand made crafts, Halloween decor, thanksgiving and holiday decor, gardening items and outside decor, holiday event decor from plates, platters, bowls, dishes and more. Anything unique and fall themed. All items will be featured not only on my blog but all my social media,  from Pinterest, (yes I also post my photos on Pinterest with links to your website and social media accounts, Facebook, twitter and of course Instagram).  I am working on connecting or linking my IG feed to my blog this weekend. Hoping it will work now. I have had some issues because my blog is older and some of the features have not been working for me but google has worked with me to help update my features and links as well as my ads. Hoping to have this all resolved shortly. 

If you have items like mentioned above please send me an email at and I can talk more with you about your product or items, then we can come to a agreement on how you want to work with me. I love to promote items, review items and I can always just feature items in styled photos like ootd posts, home decor and holiday decor features on blog, social media then of course clothing on what I am wearing segments. For the back to school season I will have two models,( my children, I won't be posting their faces for privacy reasons)  they will be modeling clothing, shoes, backpacks, and school supplies. Once I post the items, any items sent to be reviewed or promoted will either be used by my children if needed or if it is something they don't need, or won't be able to use, I will either have a contest, or donate items to children who do need them. I donate every year uniforms, supplies, shoes and giftcards to walmart to children at their school and locally that can not afford new items or to back to school shop. (As mentioned above) 

My plans are to cover summer for the next two weeks but start next week with back to school shopping tips, deals, bargains, and trends for all the moms getting ready to get the kiddos ready for school. Also all the amazing teachers and aids returning to work. I am sad summer is almost over and it is that time again. Wish summer was six months long lol. 

Then after back to school I have my birthday, yay. I am a virgo yes. Then my little one will be 8 Sept 2, yes she is also a virgo and my mini me personality wise. Once my birthday passes I will be working on researching through work all the new trends for fall. I am hoping that the fall trends this year are as awesome as the spring and summer trends have been. Have loved the bohemian vibe and hippie styles that have been back in style and hoping it carries over into the fall and winter fashion collections in some forms. I will be sure to do my research and find my favorite styles and some of the top trends to share with you as soon as I can. That way you can get ahead of the game and find some pieces before they start selling out, like last years JCrew padded vests, who didn't own a herringbone vest?, lol. I did, lol, guilty but wore it once and sold it on eBay to get solid colors, plaid and camo since those are more my taste. (never been  a huge herringbone fan.) Can't wait to see what's going to be the must have pieces. I know I have some suede and fringe pieces, lots of boots and ankle booties, long skirts, cool scarves, layering necklaces, thick head wraps are bands, lots of long socks, brown and green jeans, sweater tanks and tops since we don't have cold weather here and lots of kimonos and cute open front, drappy cardigans. Loving leggings, Aztec prints, fringe, tribal inspired pieces, bohemian and gypsy inspired pieces, vintage finds and of course great graphic tees. Love my graphic tees lol. Can never have enough tee shirts, jeans and socks. Just like stationary I can never have enough notebooks, planners, pens, markers and clips. 

I am always looking for tee shirt designers, if you have a line of graphic tee shirts please contact me, I am looking for at least two to three really great companies to work with that design graphic tees, for me to use for styling outfits. Not only will I do a blog post on your brand and feature often on social media but I will provide you with great photos which you can use on your website, etsy or online shop amd/or social media. All you have to do is tag me or mention my blog in return. I will also do a review if you have a new line and need product reviews to help promote your business or products. I review everything from start to finish, website, ease of navigating website (there are a few online sites I can not easily navigate their site, this just ends up frustrating me and then I don't order), photos of products, description, sizing details, sizing accuracy once item arrives, quality, shipping, customer service, packaging and of course the item. I review the quality of the item, tee shirt quality, graphic design, print, ink, cut (if tees are hand cut or hand made), care instructions, how they fit, wear and wash. I like to cover all the bases when doing a review. So please make sure to let me know when contacting me, do you want me to do more of a brand rep post, collaboration, review your product, promote it, takes photos of and style it, and so on. There are many options and I am pretty laid back, cool and creative I like to have fun plus I am open to ideas. Let's have some fun. You tell me your ideas or hopes for use of your product or site. 

I am really psyched with my blogs stats and numbers lately, all the feed back and amazing inquiries I am getting from brands, people, companies, boutiques, other bloggers, stylist and marketing companies. Big things are coming and is want to share that with everyone. Not just my readers but I really would love to get some smaller businesses and larger companies or designers on board for the end of summer and fall because really big, good and cool things are happening, sorry I can't say more but we are staying really hush about things right now so it isn't done or duplicated before we have the chance to get it launched. I just want to say thank you to all of you for making it happen. I know I write the posts, take the photos and post mad crazy on social media but you all are helped get my numbers up and get me noticed by some major companies, brands, celebrities, marketers and it is going to really help me develop something awesome for all of you in return. Thank you and off to bed. Sorry for any typos and please email me, I am looking forward to some new collabs, and meeting some new talented and inspiring people hopefully to works with in the weeks and months ahead. Remember positivity and good vibes, live every day and moment to the fullest and always be kind. Peace and love peeps. XOXO ✌️❤️✨

*All graphics were taken from my MacBook photo and clip art, except the home decor shot which was taken from Pinterest and didn't have a link but looks like it could be a old Kirklands catalog shot. None of the photos are taken by myself. I do however crop, and add text myself. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lusting for a Triangl bikini, not wanting or able to spend the $$, read this..

  //Have you been lusting after all those amazing Traingl bikinis this summer that you are seeing all over social media and every blog? I know I saw them back last summer and didn't think they were anything special but then I saw the newer designs and all the hot color combos this season, I couldn't help myself I had to have one. Especially once I started seeing them all over the blogs and social media. When I saw the price and heard that it cost $20 for shipping and that some ladies were having to pay $20/40 duty fees depending on where they lived I wasn't sure. My biggest hesitation was buying something I never have tried on or even seen in person. I dread bathing suit shopping because I usually have to try on many before I find one I love, being big busted is a mission then it's so hard to find suits that are flattering for a larger busted gal. I broke down and thanks to my boss ordered a real Triangl bikini paid for by my company for blogging and reviewing purposes, I loved it so much I went ahead and took the plunge to order the Poppy in Pink Lemonade. I had ordered the Brigette in moondance which had a light and darker denim look with crochet paneling on the side, when my company offered to pay, this suit was the most expensive of the line at $99.  However, I wanted something more colorful for our Costa Rica trip and I also had ordered the S++ in the Bridgette but felt a XL may fit better in the cup and then I had ordered a XL bottom with my first order, which fit but when I get it wet it feels looser, so wanted to try the size large. I was super excited when my mom called while we were away on our road trip to tell me two Triangl orders arrived, I only ordered one? Weird. When she opened them one was the pink lemonade poppy I ordered, XL top L bottom ( I am a size 27-29 waist and a 6-8 bottom) the other was a XL top and bottom in the Cola pop, black yellow and white bikini. Still not sure if this was a mistake or a gift from the Triangl company but I love the colors and I am not complaining.  Also my daughter can wear the same size so we share them, now we have many color options.

  //I also hit eBay and won the Poppy in Peach soda for $50 and then another Poppy suit with the mesh over the neoprene in Yellow Marshmallow for $45, my daughter wears this one mostly because it's a XL with medium bottom. We honestly don't see a huge difference in the sizing between the medium to extra large bottoms it's a slight difference, also we felt the suits had more stretch then others had said in blogs or youtube reviews.  Everywhere we read that the neoprene was super tight and didn't have much stretch but we feel opposite, we think they do have stretch and honestly my only complaint was the XL wet started to feel saggy in the back but it doesn't look bad, just feels heavy due to the material. 

  //You can find a few posts back more details on my triangl suits, photos and sizing details. Also info on what real ones I have, eBay finds and my soon to be dupe review. My dupe arrived and it is amazing, you honestly can not tell the difference looks identical and the top fits even better because the cup size is larger. I am waiting for one more suit by another company to arrive before I do my Triangl Poppy dupe/look alike full review. I have been thinking of doing a video to make it easier to show you details and to compare side by side the suits.  My daughter and I are almost the same size and build only difference is she is taller and has all blonde hair. I have a blonde, coral, orange ombre, my hair lady and I refer to it as a rose gold ombre.  I think it would be fun to have one of us wear the Triangl and the other to wear the similar look alike or dupe side by side, so you can see that they look identical, but we will see.  I make plans sometimes and can't seem to find enough hours in my day to accomplish them all. 

H&M Swimwear Line

Similar to the Triangl line bikinis

( I like to call them look alikes since they are not dupes or fakes.)

  //Now moving along to what this post is about, I know that I loved all the style suits by Triangl not just the poppy. I love the Triangl Chloe style, with triangle cups and tie back, then solid bottom with black detail. I also love the zip up bandeau style tops, the Triangl Winnie. It has the solid bottoms and the neoprene bag.  The Triangl Ollie with the mesh covered top with solid bottoms, okay let me just cut to the chase and be honest, basically every style caught my eye and I really would have loved one of each style. Back to reality, I could buy them all but honestly can not afford to. The fact I own five real Triangl bikinis is amazing to me and if not for my job purchasing me one, getting a free one in the mail and the other two I won on eBay I would only have one real authentic triangl and one dupe right now.  I can not splurge, yes I make great money at my job and my hubby has an amazing job as well, but we have two kids, a home, cars, bills, we love to travel and I just can not bring myself to spend a lot of money on one item or multiple items, especially bikinis, I usually would feel guilty and would think of all the other items I could have gotten or ways I could have used the money. I don't like to be in debt so charging is not for me, I like to pay cash for items and I love to find deals.

Since my blog is focused on finding the hottest trends and styles for less I hit google to research other companies that make suits similar to the Triangl. Believe it or not there are many smart designers and companies out there with their own styles that look very similar. Some are neoprene and some are regular Lycra spandex. Target has several styles, Victoria secret and their sister store VS Pink have a few. Many bikini and swimsuit exclusive stores like Venus swimwear have similar styles and I even found a couple similar designs/patterns on I love they have a printed version that is super cute. So there are lots of options out there for those who want the same look without that high price tag. 

One of my favorite finds was the below suits. I happened to be shopping H&M for a few items I saw while riding in the car on the boring portion of the road trip, while surfing the web, when I decided to take a look at their swimsuits. I was shocked to see they have many styles that are similar to the Triangl suits. I was so excited I had to add two tops and a bottom to my order. I was not sure what size top I would wear so I ordered a 12 and a 14 figuring if the 12 didn't fit I could return or I was sure my teen daughter wouldn't mind another new suit.  She loves when I order something and I don't like it because it is tight or short, she is always happy to take it over lol.

Okay ladies I am always very honest and straight forward, listen to me now, if you like any of these style suits I am going to tell you to hurry over to their website and order them now before they sell out. Some colors are already gone and a lot of sizes. Since I ordered my suit some styles are even no longer available, they did have a different bottom then the one I got that didn't have tie sides, and looked just like the Triangl bottoms but is now sold out. 

This is the suit I ordered 


    // Top was $12 // Bottoms $12.95 //

It fits amazing and looks stunning on. The top has the strip in the top of plastic, rubber like material to prevent slipping and this suit is just awesome.



This is the triangl version of the one I purchased from H&M as you can see it looks just like it pretty much. 


My choice for bottoms but they have many solid color options that could give you the same look as the real Triangl. I picked this bottom because I plan to order another top I am going to show below. 


                                                   // H&M Solid Bikini Bottom $12.99

They also have bright yellow and some other colors, the link may be for the neon yellow, but this gives you the option of having a solid bottom like the real Traingl has.  These are also made of a dive suit material it says in the description. Assuming that would be closer to the neoprene that the Triangl suits are made of versus a regular Lycra spandex suit. 


As you can see the tie side bottoms I have for my zip up top look a lot like these and check out H&M 



This is why I went with the bottom I did so if I liked the fit I could try this top. Just ordered now and also ordered a solid neon bottom, black bottom then some of the below other option tops that have a similar look. The prices are just amazing and really like the quality and fit. Note these are not neoprene suits but that is fine with me I like the look and if it fits me good, then that is all I am worried about. I was excited to share this as soon as I found them but wanted to receive and see how they were made and try on first. Also I didn't know they were all sold in stores till talking to a customer service rep today, I am going to head out to H&M later today if I feel up to it to or sometime this week to try ones I was hesitant to order because of sizing concerns. 

H&M also offers this style bottom with black waist for $12.95 in their swimwear section. 


They also had this color which I am hoping to find one in store cause this is the color I really wanted but it is sold out online. 

Another style I liked from triangl. 



Love this look but was afraid how this top would fit since it isn't adjustable around the back, but now going to try the H&M version below. Super excited when I saw this...



They also have other colors but some aren't available online and sizes or limited, I would recommend checking your local store also.  I know I am going to.


Again you can find many solid print bottom options on the H&M site to match this, they have neon yellow and orange, blue and black. For sure make sure to check it out and I am sure you will find a combo you love. I went with the orange above and a pair of these.... 




  //My daughter loves the above top with solid black bottoms she feels it also has that trendy Triangl influenced look, she doesn't know yet but I ordered her this one.  Then got her a pair of black hipster bottoms with a bow in back, we both have a striped bottom with the bow back and she loved the style and how it made her rear look so she kept pointing out that style. It isn't triangl looking so not going to post but the top has that look and I love the Metallic. Also Triangl has some suits with Metallic in the top or solid metallic bottoms.//

  //Hope that this is helpful for everyone who had been either saving and realizing summer is almost over,(can't believe we have hit the half way marker and only have a month left before school starts back), now you can stop saving and grab one of these cute and great fitting suits for way less, or if you just didn't have the extra cash to splurge $100 for a bikini now you have many options. My zip front mesh top and tie side bottoms cost me $26 and was worth every dime. I just ordered the white and black mesh top with blue bottoms, and the triangl apricot top to match the bottoms I have and a pair of orange bottoms, my total was $56. That's awesome for two suits. Add my daughter's suit comes to $80 that's the cost of one of the $79 Triangl suits minus shipping. 

  //Happy bargain shopping ladies, also pretty please I would love to hear your feed back or if you own one of these share your thoughts, review or photos in the comments below. Maybe you have found an amazing suit that looks a lot like a triangl style suit please share with us. I know I am always happy to share my bargain and trendy fashion finds with everyone. Nothing I love more then saving money and looking good. ✌️❤️

Note:  All photos except the one taken by me of my suit come from either the H&M website or site.  They are being used solely for comparison and links to all items are under the photos.  Just click the tag under the photo or caption, that should direct you to the website where you can find the pictured item.  Hope this makes it easier for ordering and finding for all my readers.  Also I am in no way trying to talk anyone out of ordering from Triangl, I love my Triangl suits, I am only offering alternatives that are less expensive for my fellow bargain shoppers who like to have the latest fashion trends and styles without breaking the bank. Hope the easy clickable links make shopping and finding the items easier. A benefit of the new features I am adding as I update my blog.  Love my hubby for buying me the new MacBook love it.  Ty babe, xoxo.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Puravida Bracelets

I am excited to offer to you a company that I love and am so excited to share.

PuraVida Bracelets


                                                                   PuraVida Story
 A five week college graduation trip to Costa Rica turned into a business venture for two Southern California friends Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman. Between the beautiful sunsets and the rolling breakers, it wasn't long before these two friends began to deeply appreciate the simple Pura Vida lifestyle and the culture of the people they encountered. This is how it all began...

 I love this brand not just for the amazing line of stunning bracelets but they are so involved with charities and I love that. Having lost my father to Leukemia 14 years ago and battling MS myself, I love being involved with companies that are donating and affiliated with charities. Be sure to check their page out and click the link for Charity to see some of the charities they are or have been involved with. It warms my heart and makes me stand behind them even more as a brand rep/ambassador. My ambassador code for 10% off is MELISSASEP10, or you can just use the above link.

                                                         Photos are from

 The phrase “Pura Vida” (pu·ra vi·da) means "pure life" in Spanish. The pura vida lifestyle is embodied by the enjoyment of a life lived slowly, the celebration of good fortune, and the refusal to take anything for granted. It's about being free and living life to the fullest; it's an attitude.

I am really over the moon about the charity bracelets those who have followed my blog for some time know about my health struggles over the passed seven years. From chronic fatigue, pain and migraines, to being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis in my joints and Sjorgen's syndrome. I get Botox treatment thanks to my insurance for my migraines and some of the pain and stiffness from the arthritis, which has been a life saver. 

In November only the day before Thansgiving I started to have extreme numbness in my right arm and leg, I collapsed on the evening before Thanskgiving and on the day of ending up hospitalized that weekend and weeks later diagnosed with MS. I have been undergoing a new treatment for six months and just received news last week that the treatment is not working how they had hoped, we are now looking into alternative treatments and medicine. That makes the below bracelet very near and dear to my heart. I will be getting several of these for myself and my family. 

Then of course in the memory of my father who passed away 14 years ago after being diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia that he battled with all his mind and heart for a year and four months after being diagnosed, knowing there was no cure and enduring chemo, being hospitalized for almost his entire illness only to spend more time with my new born daughter. I gave birth to my daughter on Thanksgiving day Nov 25, 1999, and he was diagnosed three weeks later. He passed away days before his birthday in April of 2001. I am going to order one of these for myself and my mother in his memory. My heart and prayers are with anyone that has a family member or close one diagnosed with leukemia. ❤️✌️

Be sure to head over to PuraVida's site and take a look for yourself. I am sure you will find many bracelets near to your heart, that will touch you the same way. I am so proud to be a ambassador for this amazing brand. ✌️❤️

PuraVida Cause
Here at Pura Vida Bracelets we aim to do more than just provide jobs for artisans in Costa Rica. That is how the Charity Collection was born. The Charity Collection was created to give back to charities all over the world through the sale of individual charity bracelets. In 2013 we were able to donate over $140,000 to 190+ charity organizations and we’ve only grown since then. On top of that, we’re a 1% for the Planet Member donating back to over forty 1% for the Planet non-profit partners through our Enviro-Causes Charity Collection. From the protection of our ocean habitats to cancer research, we try to support as many causes and organizations as possible.
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Sand cloud towel and I at Hollywood Beach

My lovely towel today at Hollywood Beach use the link below or I have another post a few posts back with a link also that will take you direct to the sand cloud website and you click the bottom for your 40% off coupon, then use that on your first purchase. I appreciate anyone and everyone who uses this link or my wanderlust25 code because this helps me earn points and shows that you found their site or product through my blog or social media. It means the world to me. I am super excited to have had a couple referrals already and it really does make my day. Please let me know below in comments if you do place an order or use my link/code. Also if you want to become an ambassador yourself let me know and I will let you know all about the amazing program/company.  Who doesn't want to have a gorgeous beach towel or blanket, they also have bag towels, beach blankets, pillow towels, pocket towels and iPhone cases. It's a great deal to save 40% plus they always have free shipping and 10% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to saving marine life. Love it ✌️❤️

           Sand Cloud 40% off promo


Don't forget to use my link in previous post to receive a 40% off coupon for first time orders, of you can use Wanderlust25 to receive 25% off your order plus always free shipping and they donate 10% of proceeds to save marine life. Love that. 

Love my towel and love that I can use it as a wrap or sarong when not laying out on top of it or drying off. I am obsessed with Sand Cloud. Check them out @sand_cloud on IG and at I am getting the coral pillow towel next for my Costa Rica trip will match with a lot of my suits, even considering the blue bag towel. Love their products. Xoxo

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New Boutique to check out

I have another new boutique for y'all to check out and a exclusive promo code and link for you. The name of the shop is Exalted Heights. Will add the exclusive link below. Some of my favorite items from the shop.

              Exalted Heights Promo Link

Just a few pieces I picked out from many that I like. You can use my code Ehrepmels4837 on their website or you can click on the exclusive link I am adding below to be directed to the site and then save 20% with my code. Your support is gratefully appreciated. 

Also be sure to follow them on social media their Instagram is @exalted_heights. Use above link for my exclusive discount or my code above.  Happy shopping and always please leave me feed back about any new sites I share or if you order let me know, also always be sure to use my exclusive links or promo codes so you can take advantage of my exclusive discount and so I can get credit for leading you to their site. Enjoy your Sunday Funday:). Xoxo ✌️❤️

My lap top is charging will add the link shortly Ty for your patience for now you can hand type

Thank you. Sorry for inconvenience promise once my MacBook is charged will add the easy clickable link. For how you can use my code at check out if you find something you like or enter the above link. ��✌️❤️

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