Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Target Maxi skirt also worn as a dress..

Quickly wanted to share this with my blog readers, I posted this on my Instagram earlier today and loved it so much I had to post it here. I purchased this cute maxi skirt at Target by Mossimo on sale for $16, also have it in black and have several other styles similar. A year ago I found this amazing silk tie dye maxi skirt by a high end brand but it was so long I decided to wear it to the beach one day as a dress. It honestly is a super cute idea and is a great way to get extra wear out of your maxi skirts during the spring and summer. Simply add a belt or not, it looks cute both ways. You can even have the belt right under the bust or at your waist for two different looks. This is also great for shorter ladies that maxi skirts are hard to find that don't drag on the floor and you struggle with finding mid length dresses as well. Now this cute $16 skirt can be worn several different ways for a few different looks. Love it. Hope you enjoy. ✌️❤️ 

I used a thin braided belt that can be tied but also have thicker belts and love the elastic style belts for this also. 

Looks amazing and got so many compliments today, everyone asked me where I found this cute dress and they couldn't believe it was a skirt. It is always fun to be adventurous with our wardrobe. 

Pinterest is a great spot for ideas like cutting sleeves off your old sweaters to make boot cuffs and leg warmers, cutting a hole in a old pair of leggings to make a 80's cropped top, and more. Would love to hear some of your ideas or tricks for multi purposing and recycling your clothes. Please leave comments below. ❤️

My Favorite brand denim shorts

Summer is almost here and for us South floridians it is basically summer here . The temperatures are already in the 80-90's daily and I have been wearing my shorts and tank tops pretty much daily. I have a few brands I have loved for many years. Miss Me and Silver denim are two of my favorites. I also love True Religion, Seven, Hudson, Lucky Brand, Rock Revival, Rag & Bone and many others. If you want some extra bling Miss Me is perfect. If you are looking for an excellent fit I love the way True Religion and Silver jeans look. The stitching and pocket placement is amazing. All these brands keep their shape throughout the day and don't get that stretched out look after several hours of wearing. I like when my jeans have a little stretch to them but not a lot. 

I will have several reviews coming up of not just brands, but cut, stitching, styles and shades. By the end of my reviews you should be able to find yourself the perfect pair of shorts for the summer, not just fit but I will go over the different cuts and what styles look best on which body types. My first review will be on boyfriend style denim shorts. I will be reviewing many brands and from low end to high end so you will have many choices when it comes to price. Thank you for stopping by and look forward to sharing my first review this week. I will be starting with a pair of BKE black boyfriend jeans from buckle. Hope everyone is having a great week and only two more days till Friday! Whoot Whoot! 

A couple of my current favorites I own: 

Miss Me frayed stretch denim from $82.99

Above are the first pair I will be reviewing from BKE and they are the BKE Black boyfriend shorts from Buckle. They retail for $72.95. I got mine at half off and had to try a pair since I had read so many reviews comparing them to Moss Me, and Big Star denim which are two of the brands I own a lot of shorts and jeans from.  Boyfriend shorts are tricky to find the right fit and I don't recommend ordering them online because they are meant to fit baggy and they run all kinds of different ways when it comes to sizing. I have one pair that is a size 3 and have a pair that are a size 9/10. This brand I ordered a 28 waist and it was huge. Also the boyfriend style doesn't look good on all body types. I will go over more of this in my review. Enjoy some styles and brands I selected below from Polyvore.

My Favorite brand denim shorts

Monday, April 13, 2015

Waist Training

As I mentioned in a post late last week I will be trying out the newest trend, waist training. I have several friends who have been trying this and rave about the results. I did a lot of research and then was on a mission to find my first waist cincher. I didn't want to invest a lot of money because I have never been a fan of tight fitting clothing or anything that constricts my stomach area. I have never been able to wear high waisted jeans that are tight. Then after having my second daughter I invested in spanx to help control my stomach while I was getting back into shape after child birth, spanx were very hard for me to wear. One thing I really didn't like was the rolling down of the garment but I did find a spanx garment that attached to my bra and wouldn't roll down. Even after that I was very uncomfortable in a tight undergarment even with the benefit of fitting in pants two sizes smaller. 

I ended up finding a seller who sent me my first cincher for free to try out. The name of the company that sells them is Global Market. They sell tons of different varieties and styles of cinchers. I went with this company because not only did they offer me the garment for free but also guaranteed the comfort and that they would send me multiple garments to try in different stages of my review. 

My first and only requirements were color and comfort. I wanted to be able to wear this garment under my clothes since I have read the longer you wear it the better the results. Also I don't want to be uncomfortable at first, gradually I need to ease into this if I am going ton stick with it. The seller selected one of their beginner garments and lower price point garments to begin with. It is available in black and nude. It has four steel bones that are the support of the garment and then has two more around the enclosure area. The enclosure is the same as a bra, it has the metal clasps and there are four rows to adjust. 

I had to have my mom measure my waist for me because this seller is from Hong Kong and Asian sizes are different then US sizes. Also it is very important you get the correct measurement or you can end up with a garment that is either to tight or to loose. I measured the thinnest and most narrow area of my waist which is just above my belly button. When standing straight it is around the area your elbows fall when standing with arms hanging at your side. I then sent my waist size to the seller and he suggested to start with a size large. He told me to start at the most comfortable size when I received it and not to go to the tighest clasp at first. He told me a lot of women receive their cincher and want to see results right away so they tend to wear it at the tightest setting and that all that would end up doing is making me uncomfortable along with stretching the garment out faster. 

I received my cincher this morning early and was already dressed for work but wanted to get the maximum use out of it today so went ahead and put it on. I was happy with the nude color I picked it matches my nude bra which I wear often because it is less visible under my clothes and the cincher was not visible under my outfit also. I wore a long maxi style skirt and white tee to work today, I asked several people if they noticed anything under my tee and thankfully it was not visible. My cincher does not have the laces like some have only the four steel bones and then two on the front on each side of the metal clasps. My corset didn't have a tag on the inside so wasn't sure which was the top or bottom but assumed the curves were the top because they fit under my breasts perfectly. My cincher is not the short or long style it actually is a perfect length, it sits right below my breasts and goes down where I can wear my underwear right over the bottom of it. 

Right away my posture felt better and some of the pressure I always have in my lower back was relieved. I was amazed how quickly I felt confident wearing it. I didn't notice a big difference in how my skirt fit or my waist looked but I wore the cincher on the second set of clasps. Mid day I adjusted in the bathroom after lunch to the third row and wore it this way the rest of the day. After work I came home and changed into a pair of shorts, then went for a quick walk around my block before heading to get my youngest from school. At no point was I uncomfortable while sitting or standing at work. 

After I got my youngest from school we went to the library and I started to feel it more. I forgot I had actually tightened it mid day but I was noticing that bending and sitting was starting to feel more uncomfortable then earlier in the day. I wore this garment for a total of nine hours and when it was time to remove it I felt amazing after releasing the last of the clasps. I was amazed the only marks left from the cincher were on the front where the clasps sit. I had two lines from the front bones and the clasp enclosure area. 
Other than that no lines or creases. 

Overall my first day was a success. I did not finish my salad at lunch because I felt full quickly and made sure to drink plenty of water, something I do daily either way do to my illness and struggles with Sjorgen's and MS. My back felt amazing all day and didn't bother me from standing like it normally would.  I felt my posture was better than ever and was amazed when I removed the garment how good I felt. I am excited to continue to use this and see the results. The seller contacted me today by email asking how I felt about the garment then how my first wear went or to let him know when I planned to start wearing it. I emailed him and let him know I wore it all day along with telling him that I wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought I would be and that it made my back feel a lot better. He told me he would be sending me the next style with eight bones, same nude tone and a size medium which I will switch over to in a few weeks. He told me is should start to see a reduction in my waist if I continue to wear it daily for 6/8 hours in a week to two weeks, by then I will have my new garment and he recommends that I get to the fourth clasp comfortably for a few days before changing over to the next one. He said the new one he is sending is not only made with more bones but has a stomach band for extra firming of the stomach area below the belly button and it is made of a stronger material. 

Can't wait to document my experience with this garment over the next few weeks to a month maybe even longer. With bikini season almost here this is the best time to get my waist in shape and been needing to shed a few pounds I gained on vacation a few weeks ago lol! Keep in mind I am watching what I eat, drinking lots of fluids and getting at least 20-40 minutes of cardio a day. I weighed myself and measured myself before starting this, along with taking before photos and photos of it on the first day. For now only going to share a few shots of the garment. If you are interested in ordering I can send you a direct link to the sellers site. My garment retails for $10.95 plus shipping. Again it isn't the top of the line but for a beginner I think it is made well and fits amazing. I highly recommend for a beginner that isn't sure if this is something you can do for the long run and don't want to invest $40-60 on something you may end up throwing in the lingerie drawer after a few days. 

I feel pretty good about this and think I will make it through the trial period. Looking forward to tomorrow and the next week to see if there are any results I notice other then my lower back feeling better, which for me that is a perk for sure. Please be sure to google and do some research on the good/bad of waist training. There are some bad things about it, some garments that are too tight can cause problems breathing due to the bottom portion of the lung being restricted, as well as organs being pushed into the abdomen and causing gastro issues. Just be sure to read up and be cautious. Don't try to wear something to small or tight, try to be patient just like dieting and exercise it takes time. 

Here are my photos of my garment and will have an update in a few days with more photos. Hope everyone had an amazing Monday. XOXO ✌️❤️

Garment laid out flat after a full day of wearing it. 

My garment after I opened it before wearing for 8-9 hours today. 

This is a photo from the sellers website of my garment. The above photo is the same garment from his website in black. 

Happy waist training and can't wait to see if this new trend really is all that it's been cracked up to be. 

Weekend fun

I am having Coachella envy. I have been loving all the photos of the outfits from the festival. Would love to go and one year I will, it's on my bucket list. We are going to Rockville, a two day music festival here in Jacksonville Florida in less than two weeks. Super excited. All weekend I have been checking out outfit photos online and blogs, have some of my favorites saved for a post in the next couple of days highlighting my favorites from Coachella. Nicole Richie is the queen of boho chic style and you know she will be rocking some amazing stuff, saw a floral romper I love. 

For now wanted to take a moment to pop in since I am up late and post a quick outifts of the day post from the weekend. If you follow my IG feed you probably have seen these but wanted to share with those who don't follow IG or maybe don't have it. These are a few of my favorites from the passed few days. Hope you enjoy. 

Hope y'all had an amazing weekend and here's to a great week! Xoxo ✌️❤️

Pebby Forevee old post from 5-6 weeks ago with my eBay score Turkish coin necklace. Love these tee shirts can't get enough. Expecting two more this week and I had my little one pick her two favorites for her summer wardrobe. Of course she picked two like mama. Love that girl. Going to place the order this week. 

Of course I either have a skirt or some ripped jeans. Boyfriend style jeans are my new favorite but these were some machine denim ripped jeans. They have rips all the way down. Hard to put on but my favorite, for me you can't ever have enough destruction the more the better. For sure my style. 

Another Pebby Forevee tee and my favorite tee by her. Love this design. The skirt is from EBay and is a floor length chiffon white with black polka dot style. I have seen this selling in shops online for $50-79 I paid under $10, eBay ladies if you see something you love check eBay first. I was so mad one time when I bought a tee for $20 and then found it two weeks after for $1.99 on eBay. Never again. When I shop I take screen shots then hit eBay and search first, almost always I find the same exact or almost identical item for more then half the price difference. That is how I afford to save money to purchase my tees and higher end pieces I want. The tee was not made by someone it was a basic printed graohic style tee but had seen it all over IG and loved it. Could have bought 10 for the price of one don't like that feeling lol. 

Check out Pebby Forevee at www.mypebbyforevee for these cute tees. You can pick from so many cute designs, then you pick the color and then have three choices either off the shoulder tee, crew neck or muscle tank. I have all three styles and off the shoulder is my personal favorite but they all rock. Can't go wrong. 

Can't wait to style this skirt with so many pieces. Also ordered a pale pink, and a aqua blue for summer. Has an elastic waist and can be worn high waisted, low waist to sweep the floor, has such a romantic feel and I have seen on eBay ipictured as a strapless dress. Going to try that this week with a belt. It has a lining in it but think you may need a extra slip if worn as a dress. I will keep you posted. The colored ones have more layers of chiffon so may work better. Going to get on that this week.

Excited styling my first shoot for the magazine and worked hard to pull clothes, shoes, and accesories. Can't wait to share. Going to sneak some photos to post. It's for our summer issue, had a lot of luck with swimsuit designers, coverups and bags. Also found some amazing beauty products, beach accessories, and cool stuff to add for a section I ran by my editor and boss as beach bag essentials, and she loved the idea. Kind of like a what's inside my beach bag section. Reached out to some brands and shops I love but didn't get a good response like I had hoped,  on them sending items to use. Hoping once I get my first shoot done they will see what a great chance it is. Now that I am working for this magazine not only do my clothes get seen by followers and readers or on my social media but also at work by fashion editors, then when we meet with boutique and shop owners to borrow clothes for shoots they see my clothes, so many have asked about my tees and some of my other pieces. It is great exposure. I know my blog isn't this totally professional blog but I read a lot of blogs and I think it's pretty good. I would be flattered to have my products featured. Minus my typos here and there it is great exposure. I am proud to say I get hundreds of views a day and weekly over in the thousands. Lots of comments and feed back also. Always looking for brands to feature and I post all my outfits on social media. Now when I am reaching out it isn't really for me only it is for styling a shoot. When we style a shoot we have boutiques and shops that send items or we borrow items from the shops or designer. Just in case someone reading has a product or line and they want to get exposure,  I love to rep brands and will not only feature photos but an entire blog post on your line. I also have links in my favorite shops section on the side bar that readers can click and go direct to site. On occasion when I have free time I go on my computer and add links in the posts directly to products and websites also. If you are new to my blog I post 98% of my posts from my iPhone on my back patio when I can't sleep or have free time. I do this blog to share my love of many things, from fashion, bargains, style finds, trends, interior design, diy, art, crafts, photography, traveling, health, product samples, fitness, tv shows and yes I am guilty lol, General hospital gossip lol. I also love to show outfits worn on some fave tv shows or in magazines then show you almost identical items and where to find for less. That's what I refer to as style steals or dress for less tips. I have always loved to read blogs myself and follow many fashion accounts on IG, I love to see regular everday people like myself and other moms fashion and style. I get a lot of inspiration online from blogs as well as magazines and television. 

This skirt is amazing. Has a mermaid feel with a tight fit at top and flowy bottom. Had to have as soon as I tried it on. Got a small cause the medium was loose around my upper thighs and really liked the fitted feel. The top I have in a coral color and grabbed this blue because it's my favorite color also it was on clearance. Also got some lace and crochet shoes earlier this week. I think I posted earlier, had some gift cards from promos and figured why not. Trying to add more then sandals and flip flops to my shoe collection. I don't wear my heels unless it's a special occasion. I think it's because I am tall already. 

Above is my spring outfit of the day. Got my tan started and wanted to wear my new Target denim shorts. Did a huge shopping trip to Target twice this week for myself and the family. Stocking up on swimwear, tanks, shorts and other cute stuff. These shorts usually aren't my style, I am more of a longer length short kind of girl don't like to wear shorts like my teen daughter but these are so cute and comfy. They have an elastic waist band and cute lace detail on sides. Also got a floral pair with lace crochet style trim. Super cute and like I always say, "Target does it again". Cartwheel had a deal also for 15% off all ladies wear. The week before swimwear was all buy one get one half off also. Then lots of new markdowns. I am hooked lately more then before, I now have the red card so save 5% every purchase almost as good as my 10% discount at walmart from my mom. Then cartwheel and the text coupons, got a ton of gift cards from the $50 groceries and $20 Easter purchases. Love Target. Got some cute decor also, Nate Berkus had this aweome knit wall hanging that reminds me of macrame I snatched up, and some other cool pieces like a fringe basket! Love. 

Wearing a cute floral spring top with ruffle detail, this is a older top I got at Kohl's and is made by Candie's. I paired it with my new Target denim shorts. Barefoot here lol, but paired with some Lauren Conrad coral bow sandals also from Kohls and from two years ago. 

Gladiator sandals by Mia and from Pacsun. Dress I featured previously from eBay and is a bohemian inspired tunic. They now have them at Fashion Junkee in a sleeveless version, will be ordering in navy. 

Elephant tee from Riot Society at Pacsun.  Love all the animal tees. Found a cute elephant tee with pocket at target and a elephant tank at Marshall's this week. Also ordered a buffalo tank from Urban Ourfitters. It's getting late now have to head to bed. Hopefully not to many typos. Did my best to double check as I typed. Have to be awake in four hours. Monday how I dress thee but excited for a new week. Have some goodies coming this week in the mail and some awesome pieces that are being sent to me to try. I am so grateful to everyone who does reach out and offers to send me products or give me a discount on products to share. Keep an eye out because I will have lots of fun stuff to post. 

If you are into subscription boxes excited to announce I have a few new ones I signed up for to try out to review. I use to get Ipsy beauty bag, Birchbox, Julep Maven, bark box, and some other cool ones I tried out. As of recent we were down to only the Julep box but now we decided to cancel, we being my 15 year old daughter and I. I have been wanting to try the Hazel Lane box, if you haven't seen this box it's s curated box with several price options, and they feature a different city every month. This box had been around for some time and I got one as a gift last year in February 2014 from another blogger friend, the LA box then got the Nashville box from my friend for my birthday. Believe it arrived in September or October. Both they gifted it to me have tried the different sizes and told me that no nater what price point you kick you won't be disappointed.  My bestie sent me photos of her Arizona box and I was jealous. She is sending me a item I wanted lol, and she sent me an awesome necklace with amethyst from another box, she had a subscription box review blog and always sends me goodies she doesn't want or use. Then my fellow blogger buddy I met my first week blogging was so kind to gift me a box since I have sent her many julep polishes I don't need or have doubles of. Enough rambling, excited to get my first box to review and have a couple others I am found to try. 

Off to bed for real now lol, have good one and thank you for stooping by. Xoxo

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Palm trees, beach vibes and Friday I'm in love

End of the week outfits from IG

This amazing weather had me inspired to wear this cute muscle tank from Love Culture and a pair of JCrew boyfriend jeans rolled up for a cropped capri look. Threw a black sweater short sleeve open front cardigan style top over it and some sandals, good to go. 

This super cute, Friday I'm in love tee is by Everfitte. Found this shop on Etsy and just made another purchase today. Got the same style hanky tee but in gray that says no ones likes a shady beach.  Love the soft material and cut of this tee. Necklace is from Wet Seal and was on sale for $6 and my purse is the Louis Vuitton Demair azure speedy. Have had this bag for a couple years now and matching wallet just broke it out for spring. During the spring and summer like this bag and then like the ebony or classic logo monogram brown for fall and winter. I have a speedy in the brown and then my classic monogram is the neverfull. 

Paired it with a cute silky jogging pant that is cropped from Old Navy last spring

Will add some more photos of some stuff I purchased this week at the mall, Target and some online purchase that arrived in the mail. Excited to see all the cute outfits this weekend from the kickoff of Coachella. Love festival season and want to go to coachella one year. Instead we have Rockville, a two day music festival with a ton of amazing rock bands in Jacksonville. I can't wait to go this year and taking my 15 year old daughter. I'm very excited because a lot of the bands are some of my favorites but most of all I can't wait to see Slipknot it has been several years since they played down this way. Love their live show and can't wait for my hubby and daughter to see them in concert. Have a fabulous weekend and happy shopping ✌️❤️

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Catching up..

Hello everyone and sorry it has been awhile since my last entry. Vacation was amazing and exactly what I needed before starting my new job. 

Before I left I was hired as an assistant editor for a magazine locally, and I also am assisting the head of the fashion section along with one of the lead stylist for the magazine. It is super exciting and so far it has been a dream job. I don't have set days, the magazine is published  every two months and some months the fashion section isn't large. I head up the street style and everyday wear section. I work on the website posting blog entries, planning layouts for upcoming issues with a team of other writers and stylists, interviewing models, photographers, scheduling locations for upcoming shoots, running errands, pulling clothes and visiting boutiques. All in all it is a dream job for me. It pays well, I have met some amazing and talented people, gotten to try on some designer and vintage clothes, and most of all learning a lot about writing so I can only better my blog for all of you. 

Other then starting a new part time job I have been busy volunteering at the school, photographing a couple local events for the city, and getting my treatments for MS. I have been very tired and have had a couple side effects to my newest treatments but all in all I remain determined to beat this and get my self back to normal again. I can report that the shots I am receiving along with the medication is working well and other than some side effects I have been improving. 

I am excited to announce I am going to be sampling the ever popular waist training cincher or corsets that are so popular now. I have one on it's way now that was actually given to me by a seller to try for my blog. I looked at many different styles and have done a lot of reading up on this new trend, I figured what better time to get my waist in shape than bikini season. Bikini season is only a couple short months away so I will be demonstrating the use of the cincher along with documenting weekly photos of the progress. I also have some at home spray tan companies that reached out to me about sampling their products, I can't wait to share these with you. I have a couple options and one is amazing for your face only. Another of the products I have used in the passed and it is my go to at home spray tan when I need some quick color and don't have time to lay out or got to the beach. It's the perfect time for me because I am just starting to hit the beach again. 

I went with a beige nude color waist cincher with steel bone construction, and it's made of latex spandex material to promote sweating which is also great for slimming down. I wanted one I can wear under my clothes since I have read it is best to wear it for 6-8 hours a day and don't want to sleep in it. I have a couple friends who use these and sell them. I will be upgrading to one that a friend of mine sells once I sample the one I have coming and know if it is for me. Two of my friends have been doing it and one lost 4 inches from her waist another 6. That was only after one month of wearing it daily for 8 hours straight. The one who lost 6 inches wore it to the gym and for longer periods of time. She was hooked. Not only has her waist shrunk but she never had hips she had a very plain shape and now she boasts a hour glass figure that reminds me of a mermaid. Amazing. I can't wait to share this with all of you. You can find these cinchers on eBay for as low as $5 but please wait till I do my first post or google and do some research before purchasing just any cincher. There are a lot out there that don't work and are made cheap. I love to save money and refuse to pay three times the money when I can purchase the same item on eBay for what the person selling paid. I will be getting mine hopefully next week. 

I have some exciting new trends to share for the spring and summer also, I got some super hot and unique swimsuits arriving from a local artist that makes them by hand, some amazing products from the Caribbean that are also handmade by a group of friends that I met on IG and decided to collab with. They have coverups, skirts, and amazing beach totes. Then of course this tee shirt obsessed lady will have all kinds of cute graphic tanks to post from some of my personal favorites. I have gotten some really cute skirts, shorts, vests, kimonos, and jewelry to style my tops with for some upcoming posts. I have purchased a selfie stick and will be heading to some local hot spots to photograph some of my upcoming outfits for the blog. Like I mentioned above and in prior posts I am stepping up my blogging game. I blog for fun and have always been more about sharing my love for fashion, design and art along with bargains but now I am going to be really focusing on better content and photos. I never really spent hours writing a post because I don't have time and just wanted to share what was on my mind or something I came across but now I really want to make this more. I am going to be trying my best when I have free time, now that I am working along with my business and my family I don't always have a ton of free time, but when I do I promise you will start to see some changes. One will be a domain for my blog. I have been working with the web designer at my new job and he is going to make my blog exactly how I have pictured it but could never do on my own. Excited. For now sorry for my quick phone entries and selfies, I just enjoy sharing my love for fashion, interior decor and bargains. 

Stepping up my blog game means more giveaways,  I have a kimono I am going to be giving away along with a beach bag filled with some goodies that are some of my must have beauty and fashion items for the summer. I will be posting the kimono contest in the next week or so on my IG and here then I will be announcing the other contest with the beach bag once all the items have arrived. I have a few contacts I am waiting to hear back from that I am hoping will send some more items for the giveaway. All items I will be reviewing on my blog then giving away a awesome handmade tote for the beach filled with some awesome pieces. All wearable items will be one size fits most type of thing. Keep an eye out because you surely don't want to miss that giveaway. 

For now going to share a few of my IG ootd posts from the passed week or two that I haven't posted along with some new items I have received. I have been finding some amazing pieces on eBay. 

I am also due for a home design post and very excited to share my latest project which should be completed by the end of the month. My master bedroom is very gypsy bohemian chic now and can't wait to show you all my cute decor and some inexpensive diy projects. Also there are a lot of trends that are popular right now and I have some secrets to finding those items for half the price or less! Don't want to miss that post. 

Hope you all had an amazing Easter and spring break, keep checking back and thank you for your patience. Xoxo ✌️❤️

First up is a tee shirt I got while on vacation from a shop in NC called Southern Charm. 

My new favorite tee by Pebby Forevee. You can find a link to her shop on my blog favorite shop list. Her website is She just had an amazing buy two get 20% off and shipping is always free. I ordered two more tees for summer. 

I went with the off the shoulder cut on this design and it is my favorite so far of all the tees I have purchased from her site. Amazing and for sure one my top favorites. 

Found this cute tee from a couple of my IG friends I follow and ordered off etsy more details on my IG page.

Little sunny selfie before work 

I paired this awesome graphic tee with my new Urban Outiftters army green staring at the stars, side slit, pocketed skirt. Love this skirt so much ordered the black online. It's awesome and goes with everything. 

This was at work trying on this cute skirt which is an exact match to one i purchase at target a few months ago. They still carry them for $19.99 and check eBay I have seen similar styles for $5 from out of the country. 

Volunteered at the school for their spring fling and wore this cute navy crochet vest with a basic Old Navy white tee and shark bite hemmed, printed skirt from Maurice's website. The necklace is by Lacey Ryan one of my new jewlery designers. I will be featuring many styles of her pieces in upcoming posts. 

Loved this shot because it really portrays how I have been feeling.  I have been so happy and blessed that I am really feeling like it is my time to shine. 

New tee shirt designer I found on Etsy and love, Everfitte from California. 

Paired this cute tank that says "Don't be like the rest of them darling" a Coco Chanel quote with a Day Trip kimono and boyfriend shorts by Buckle Black.

eBay score was this cattle skull and feather kimono by Spell Designs for $58. Love it and I am obsessed. New they retailed for $200 and I own a lot of kimonos, I won this one, a black floral vest one and a raglan tee all for amazing prices and was amazed by the high quality. Hope to find more items in the future. 

Another new Pebby Forevee top, this is the Indian Headress muscle tank. I have wanted this for awhile and ordered before my vacation, it arrived while I was away and couldn't wait to wear it. Paired it with a maxi skirt by Mossimo from target that is black with brown feathers and cow skulls, which when I saw I had to have it. 

My eBay raglan for $19 by Spell designs. It's a large and fits me very loose but hoping to shrink it some. Super comfy and love the design. Was going to cut it to make a tank since I paid less for it but like it, the sleeves are already hand cut to a 3/4 length. 

My raglan easy rider tee with day trip kimono and some jeans. 

Music is my best friend for sure. This cute open back tank is from Pacsun, the kimono floral vest is from target and jeans are some boyfriend shorts by Buckle, BKE. 

Another shot of my music is my best friend, open back tank. Love ❤️

This tank is from Wet Seal, it is lace and cropped style. Cattle or cow skulls are a favorite of mine. Love all skulls and tribal designs.  The skirt is from Urban Outfitters and is a black with white checkered pattern and pleating in front. 

Same tank with some gray destroyed denim shorts by buckle also. Love the buckle denim and the store carries my other favorite denim brands like Miss Me, Silver, and Rock Revival. 

Muscle tank is from Pacsun, layered over a mossimo blue tank and the skirt is older I got it four years ago at Marshall's. The brand is Tryst and have a few of them different colors. Soft and love tie dye, love when styles you have been wearing for some time become the new hot trends. Saves me money having to buy the newest and hottest styles.  

Pretty bracelt my hubby gave me for no reason love him for that. Always thinking of me.

A bright day selfie. Was showing how amazing my skin looks and no it isn't from makeup, been using a new line of skin care. 

Ootd for today, bumming around the house for the day, Pacsun Jenner line tank with side slits, paired with black cropped leggings. 

Wanted to post these, picked up some shoes because I had some gift cards I got for free from target promos for Easter and groceries. I have the perforated slip ons in black, quilted in black, camo and animal print, houndstooth and now I have lace and crochet. Both are comfy. 

Hope you enjoyed my photos and have a great end of the week.