Wish List

I am currently accepting submissions for new brands, designers and boutiques to work with for Fall/Winter 2016 and Spring 2017.  Looking for anything from graphic tops, jewelry, accessories, skirts, pants, and have spots open for both paid and sample promotions.  I am also opening up several spaces on my blog for advertising if you are interested in advertising for your brand or online shop/site.  Please email me for rates and all other inquiries.  Email is dlitefulcreations@ymail.  I am always happy to trade products for amazing photos, blog feature and weekly social media posts with tags, links to your sites and social media etc.  I will style all pieces and post 3-4 times guaranteed in a month, and some items will be posted even more.  Below is an older wish list of items but have updated some.

Wish list for my blog

Below is a list of some of my favorite stores and items.  I am always looking for new items to review or for new content to post about here on my blog.  I love fashion, home decor, fitness, health, photography, nature, traveling, monthly subscription boxes, crafts, cooking, baking and bargain shopping.  I would love to receive more items to review and promote for my blog.  I am always looking for graphic tees and tank designers to work with, a large part of my wardrobe is graphic tees and tanks that I style with bohemian and gypsy style accessories.  If you have a new or cool line of tee shirts please contact me dlitefulcreations@ymail.com to discuss a collaboration.  I will not only post on my blog but my multiple social media accounts and all photos I take you are welcome to use for your own social media and websites.  I also have open but limited spaces on side bar, between posts and bottom of blog for advertising, rates are reasonable and will send a full report of unique viewers and daily, weekly and monthly stats for my blog.  This blog is a high traffic blog and have a lot of success with affiliate links.  Great spot to promote and advertise your brand or products.

I really enjoy and look forward to new stores, shops, designers, and creative people who make their own items by hand.  Hand made items are a favorite of mine and I love to support local, or small owned businesses.  I am happy to receive any and all items, samples and products to show to my readers.  I am not limited really to certain content because my blog is a lifestyle blog, not just a fashion or home decor blog, I do not limit my posts to fashion and home decor.  I love nature, photography items, craft products and more.  I have done posts on kick boxing, botox for migraines, paint brands, sports, children's products, hair care, nail polish, clothing, shoes, ceiling fans, and much more.  Therefore if you have an item you are looking to get exposure for and get out there do hesitate contacting me and running your product or shop by me, I may surprise you.  I have even reviewed candy.  lol.  I am very open and laid back, because of my laid back style of blogging I believe that my readers are also laid back and very open as well.  I love DIY projects and love all tools and products used for home renovations and remodeling also.  I love landscaping and planting flowers, gardening and decorating not just the inside but outside of my home as well.

I really want to bring the widest variety of products and brands to my readers.  If there is something as a reader or follower you are interested in or want to see on the blog please email me and let me know.  I am open to all suggestions and recommendations as well.

I also am always looking for unique home design and other fashion items I can use to style my home or a room, my outfits of the day and wardrobe for daily social media posts.  I am very open and beyond grateful to any and all companies that are interested in working with me.  I can send blog stats to anyone inquiring and interested in how many daily, weekly or monthly views my blog gets.  I will not release any information on endorsements, or money made or generated by my blog that is my personal information.

My Favorite stores for the home:

Z Gallerie
Crate and Barrel
Pottery Barn
West Elm
Home Decorator's Collection
Home Depot
Urban Outfitters (Home)

My Favorite stores for fashion:

Silver Jeans Co
Spell and the Gypsy
Matte the Label
Wildfox Couture
Chaser Brand
Sand Cloud Apparel
TJ Maxx
Michael Kors
White House Black Market
Tory Burch
True Religion
Juicy Couture
Lord and Taylor
Nordstroms off the Rack
Urban Outiftters
Love Culture
J Crew

Just to name top favorites I like many, many more...

Would love to win a shopping spree to all of these, or to sample items from any of these retailers to showcase their items would be a dream come true.  Love to get gift cards to show my bargain shopping skills and how I can make my money go far while showing readers or followers bargain shopping tips.  

If you have a new brand of clothing, or a new boutique and would like a rep to help get word out please contact me.  I post daily outfits and pieces on all my social media accounts along with here on my blog. I love to wear teeshirts and unique pieces along with show off new companies.  

Some of my favorite items are:

I love and am obsessed with graphic tee shirts and tanks.

Anything and everything boho chic, bohemian style and gypsy inspired.

I love brands that support kindness, being yourself and anti bullying.

Bohemian, gypsy and hippie style clothing and jewelry is my favorite style, next to jeans and a graphic tee or rocker, ripped jeans and band tees this is my fashion style.  I am not limited to this style but it is what I mostly own and gravitate to.  I do also enjoy dressing preppy and wearing pencil skirts, blazers, heels and blouses when working.  

I love dying my hair fun, bright colors and use Pravana hair dye.  Do to over dying my hair can tend to get damaged, I am always looking for new products for styling, protecting, repairing, prolonging color, adding shine, making styling easier and love cool hair ties and clips.

I am not a huge make up girl, I do however wear some items often or daily.  I like moisturizers, anti aging creams, I do not wear foundation or heavy makeup.  I like a light loose powder, bronzer, I am blonde so my eyebrows are transparent so I do like eyebrow definer, tweezers, lip liner, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, and love to whiten my teeth.  Always looking for new at home, teeth whitening systems and creams but that won't harm sensitive teeth.  

I love to try hair extensions, clips and then hair styling tools.  I love flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers and any items that makes styling my hair easy and less damaging on my hair.

I am obsessed with scents, I love home fragrances from candles, oils, sprays plug in scent warmers, wax burners and more.  

I love body fragrances also but have a skin sensitivity so have to be careful what products I spray on my skin, I love perfumes, body sprays and scented body washes. My favorite smells are fruity, clean and light scents nothing musky or heavy.  I suffer from chronic migraines and some strong scents aggravate or trigger migraines.

Home decor and design has always been a passion of mine before fashion, I love art work, pillows, rugs, bedding, bath decor and challenges for redecorating a room on a budget.  I can take $100 and do a quick simple update on any room.  I also love the thrift store challenges also.

I love shoes, handbags and jewelry, only item I have to be cautious of are earrings because I have sensitive skin all earring posts must be surgical steel grade.  


  1. Thanks for sharing this post. This is informative post. Home Decorators Collection in USA

    1. Thank you this is just a wish list on my blog of items or companies I would love to collab with. Please be sure to check out some of my posts also. I post on everything from fashion, decor, deals and more. Thank you for dropping by. Your comment is appreciated xoxo ✌️❤️

  2. You have amazing taste and style can't wait to see what else you post has been a pleasure to watch your blog grow and continue to get to know you. Such a huge inspiration and a kindred soul. Best wishes

    1. Awe thank you so much for the kind words, it makes me smile every time I read comments especially when someone really does enjoy my blog. This is something I have done for years for fun and I love to hear that others like it. Have a great weekend and week, thank you again for your kind comment. XOXO